Fab Friday!

Fab Friday to you!!!

NO matter what’s going on Friday always seems to be the BEST day of the week!  I am on fire today and happy~
But my plans had to be adjusted a bit today~ DS is home sick.  Poor guy has a bad sore throat and a bit of the body flu.  He is almost never sick, so it is odd for me to have him home today.

Anyhow, since I am home bound, I’ve spent a bit more time cleaning today than I wanted and working to return some e-mails.  I figured since I’ve been answering a bunch of questions in e-mails, that I’d share a couple of those “Q and A’s” every now and then  with  you (btw- names have been altered for privacy):



I received your book and of-course I love it…but I had a questions about my situation.

I want to get a program from you in the future, I want to compete again in some physique competitions. I trained for a show for 12weeks and won my competition but I lost my period about  1 1/2 months into it. Well I have not gotten it back. I am not sure where to start on the vitamins….do I start with the buffering or the boosting? Please help me to understand a little bit more?


HI Reba,
Training the “regular” way for a contest is so very hard on a woman’s body and her hormones.
I’d suggest that you start by adding more fat into your diet- at least 30% of your calories.  And if you are doing any more that 3- 20 min sessions a week, cut back on your cardio.
Then I’d recommend trying my HT pills.  they will help support your natural hormone production.
And give your body TIME to recover…be sure to get plenty of sleep and fuel your body properly with food.

I hope that if you consider doing a contest again that you will utilize Hormonal Timing when training, I’ve trained several ladies very successfully for contest with it and now have a couple clients who are taking on theirr own training clients:
Lisa Staudt, Deb Gray and Julie Laughery.

As for starting HT now with no period, in your case I’d start with 2 weeks of boosting then 2 weeks of buffing.  Once you get your period you can adjust accordingly.  I am confident you’ll feel much better once you get your hormones regulated again.
God Bless,
p.s. for some additional insight about supplements you can take to help with your hormomes, see this article I wrote (please note the HT pill includes plenty of b-6, so don’t take any extra of it) ~ What Makes A Woman Special.

Hi Michelle! I’m truly inspired by your story, but as a mother of 3 I have to ask…no stretch marks…do you cover your c-section scar with makeup or did you at some point have to have surgical intervention just for the skin issues? I ask only because I face extensive stretchmarks and lax skin myself and wonder even if I get back into great shape if I’ll still have those to contend with. Thanks!


Hi Beth,
I’ve had no surgery on my stomach other than my c-section.
My scar is under my suit and God blessed me by sparing me from stretch marks on my tummy.
I do have a lot of lose skin, but I can’t complain at all.
God has really blessed me!

You will be amazed at how well your stomach can recover from your pregnancy.  I give a ton of focus to my stomach and that’s why it looks the way it does~!
Have you had a chance to read my book “After Baby Abs!” it holds all my secrets~

Merry Christmas,


Hope you have a fun, productive and FAB Friday like me!!
Let’s strive to be FABULOUS,
Love~ Michelle



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