Your husband’s a little boy- Marriage tip 1/23

“I ain’t your Mamma”….but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you!

There is a little boy inside every man (and a little girl inside every woman)…It’s easy to forget but all of us are shy, insecure, needy, helpless, mischievous, playful, annoying, stubborn, etc…. All men are little boys that grew up!

I’ve found that taking a step back to look at my husband as a little boy helps me have more patience, more sympathy and take more time to simply care for him. It’s eased the frustration that comes with thinking “you are a grown man, can’t you take care of it yourself?”

It’s particularly helpful when dealing with the lack of his ability to do basic jobs that a MOM may have once done for her “little boy”….food prep, household chores, laundry, making doctor appointments, etc… AND don’t let me forget to mention when he is sick! Men are certainly little boys when they are sick!

What do you think?

Oh and men don’t forget there  is a little girl inside your amazing wife!

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1 of 23 marriage tips on my countdown to our 23rd Anniversary



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