Half-Way Done!! SSS wk 06

HALF WAY DONE in the SSS contest!! be sure to fill out the halfway done report in your Success journal– answer questions, be honest and get EXCITED to hit these final 5 weeks harder than the first 5!! Let’s do it!!

Homework for SSS week #6

  1. Halfway done report
  2. WRITE down you food intake 3 days this week(all of it!)
  3. Try on bikini Daily

… DIET!! Let’s focus hard on diet!!

p.s. Next week~ We’ll talk about ABS!!




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  1. Well, I thought I could tell a difference in my stomach and chest area. My husband took pictures of me, and then I was discouraged, because it’s not what I’d hoped. THEN we took measurements, and I’m on top of the world again, because I have lost in a few places and gained in my thighs (which I want, I’ve been doing legs hard and heavy). Can’t wait to see the end results!

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