Workout with someone~ SSS wk #5 Mini-challenge

SSS Week #5 Mini Challenge- Workout With Someone!!

Well this is week #5 already in the SSS contest~ AND so many of you are really kicking tail… This week we have a bottle of REGEN PM (sleep recovery supplement) to give away to whoever posts the most about “workout buddies”– use tag #buffmother and #workoutbuddy


Our mini challenge for the week  to “workout with someone” this week. Fitness is a fun, healthy activity for you to enjoy with friends, family, husbands, kids, new acquaintances, etc….
I know many of you regularly workout with partners, but many of us often go it alone.  WELL this week I challenge all of you in the SSS to workout with someone at least once this week!!!

GET it Booked NOW and have FUN!!!


p.s. Here’s a summary of the info coming your way this week– be sure to stay connected via my blog on!!

COACHING video– BELIEVE!! (week 05 coaching topic)

  • Some of MY BELIEFS
  • Belief Quotes


**PLUS**VIDEO Chat about Boosting BIG MUSCLES

  • Pull ups
  • One arm DB lat rows
  • Pull ups
  • Bent over Rows
  • Pull ups
  • Seated Rows on bowflex- focused on rhomboids
  • and MORE Pull ups!

Where did the time go?

OH my! the week is done and I still have not started Christmas shopping…or gone shopping for Gracie’s birthday (on the 14th). BUT!! I am not worried. I will get it done!

I missed blogging yesterday, but I got in a decent FAST leg workout while the girls were at danceand today had a good workout for my upper body and intervals.  The thing that’s so amazing to me is how HORRIBLY out of aerobic shape I’m in!  I guess that’s what happens when you skip cardio for a couple months.  It’s HIGH TIME TO get it back!! :jump:

My diet has been very STELLAR- even more than normal I’ve been focusing on eating more often and loads of fruit and veggies.  I’m still doing very well with the no gluten and almost no dairy (just half and half in coffee).  I’ve been a bit low energy this month and wonder if I am having a reaction to the antibiotic I’m on for my zits?  I’ve been taking it for +3 weeks, I may go ahead and stop taking it.  My check up is on Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be a day off. I’ve invited Gracie’s friend over for the night so that’ll keep me extra busy (I need to clean!). Plus, I schedueled 5 eye exams for us- all of us except for Travis.  He had an exam a few months ago.  It’s been about 6 years since I’ve been to the eye doctor.  I have good eyes still I think??  I HOPE!?

Travis doesn’t have to go to the eye Dr. but He is now schedueled for a KNEE SCOPE- poor baby. I cring at the thought of surgery- ICK!! I sure hope it fixes him up so we can play tennis again in 2011. I miss tennis!  It sure was a fun way to get in some extra cardio!

Anyhow, I wanted to say “HI” and encourage you to keep focused on “FINISHING STRONG”…2011 is just around the corner!

Now it’s time to get get a movie for family night!

Love ya’s!!