“All-Star!” KQ Smith of SC and CT

“All-Star!” KQ Smith

Well Where do I begin… I had the pleasure of meeting KQ  over 5 years ago via  She’s been a member of  TEAM BuffMother~ almost since we began!
KQ is one wonderful, motivated, fun, excitable lady!!   We got to “meet” in person a little over a year ago and I knew then that this lady was truly destined for big BEAUTIFUL things in her future-and FYI- she is Strikingly Beautiful herself!!  Over the years, KQ has been on a journey…one filled with a few potholes here and there, but the one constant in her life has been her commitment to become her BEST!  and to surround herself with the BEST!   KQ is truly an “All-Star”.  Please follow her as she preps for the next stop in her journey.  the Fitness America Pageant in SC on Aug 14th!! She will be rocking the stage for SURE!  I love this lady!

Kenisha and Michelle Berger in LA Dec 2008

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KQ and Michelle Berger other TEAM BUFFMOTHER members on the set in LA Dec 2008

I’m a 33yr old mother of 1, I work 2 jobs, I have a LIFE and I STILL GET IT IN!! I work hard, I play hard & I train EVEN HARDER!!! I make NO EXCUSES and I’m not holding anything back . . NOW IS MY TIME TO LIVE MY DREAM!!!


A DREAM COME TRUE~!  KQ Competed at the Fitness America (Atlantic) in April of 2010!!

Her first show~ She is GORGEOUS!!

~~~~~~10 week SSS contest results (Fall of 2009)~~~~~~~

Name: KQ Smith
Number of children and ages:
Age: 32

Why did you enter the SSS contest by BuffMother?
I entered b/c I am a BUFFMOTHER at heart and I wanted to use this competition to help me get back on track and continue working towards my goal which is competing in my first competition along with moving towards my goal of doing fitness modeling. This challenge has really helped me get myself refocused and I was able to start a Bootcamp at home and really get my personal training going.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?
I decided I was a winner and I was tired of complaining about my weight gain and I knew I had the ability to lose the weight and get myself jump started again. I have just really been taking this time as a reevaluation period and it has been WELL WORTH IT. I also used my boyfriend as a motivation. He believes in me completely and has stayed on me hardcore when it came to some of my bad habits like my snacking. I also used his desire to get back in shape to help me to b/c I have to keep myself on track if I’m going to help him get on track. I also refocused on hormonal timing again and getting paying close attention to my cycle and weight gain. How do you feel about your success? I am truly excited and overjoyed about my success. At one point I thought I had really fallen off the wagon and I was so hard on myself about getting back on but this challenged allowed me to focus and obtain my goals.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?

During the 70 days I experienced some great highs and some terrible lows by having crazy weight gains every now and then. I struggled with my issues that I call “drive-by snacking”. It’s not that I eat bad I tend to pop in the kitchen and grab some nuts, a piece of this, a piece of that and that all adds up unfortunately. I have also been traveling a lot during these last 70days and I have really worked hard at staying focused and on track by running and doing my workouts at the house, hotel or any gym I could find.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?
You already know I am a BUFFMOTHER thru and thru and I will preach it from the roof top. As I stated earlier I have really refocused myself on hormonal timing again. So much so that I know what CD day it is just by how I feel without even looking at the calendar. That is one of the best parts about this challenge which is KNOWING YOURSELF mentally & physically!!! That has to be one of the best parts of Buffmother besides creating the bonds with the other ladies who are going thru the same things as you are. Another great thing is the challenges b/c it forces you to have a starting point and to track your numbers that way you are able to see your success first hand b/c sometimes without the numbers and pictures we would drive ourselves nuts thinking we’re not getting anywhere and that’s exactly what I had been doing in the past. Most of all I will tell the world that I LOVE BUFFMOTHER AND I LOVE MICHELLE for bringing it to us!!

STATS  beginning vs. after 10 weeks

Today’s Date:____9/14/09 11/21/09 ____ height:___5’10 still 5’10___ weight:__165 158_ age:___32 still 32___
Today’s cycle day-

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around breasts the biggest part): 34 33.5
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):33.5 33
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): accidently forgot this one in the beginning
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part): 27.5 26.5
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part): almost 27 26
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 38.5 37
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 41 1/4 40
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11.5 11
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm): 12.5 12
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 21 3/4 20.5
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap): 24 rt=23, left=23.25
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 15 15

OVER 500!! female super hero's~ WOW!

Marvel comics was just purchased by Disney~
And guess what Marvel lists over 500 women super hero on their site database~ AMAZING!!

I only thought there were a handful: Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Elektra, CatWoman, Xena, Lara Croft, GI Jane, etc….  It’s very refreshing to know that we are represented!!!

Anyhow, I have not felt like the biggest super hero recently, I’ve been dealing with a bit of the “sickies” this past week…so I’ve been rather lax regarding my workouts.   I’ve decided on a new plan of how to attack my workouts for the reminder of the week and next week~
the “Every Other DAY” workout routine 🙂

It’s nothing new to me…I’ve used it in the past a lot and taught it often to my clients.  Working out HARD at least EVERY Other day is a GREAT way to keep momentum without having to feel guilty for taking some extra days off.  The way I do it is workout hard 1 day and then don’t even let myself  “think” about working out the next….All in all it works well for me when I am very busy with other projects
(right now I am VERY busy with a website project; an upcoming CONTEST (the SSS contest starting 9/14); and prepping for the OMAHA event on the 26th&27th of this month).  It’s also a good little “break” and we all need those from time to time! That said, I did NOT workout yesterday~ so today I will!  I have upper body/abs and intervals on tap!! WHOOHOOO!!  I expect that I’ll feel like a superhero in my workout!!! 2556282orig - Copy

Which Superhero are you?

She’s a superhero”; “You’re a superhero”; “Man!! I’d love to be a Super Hero” ; “Brett Favre is a Super Hero!!”  It is cool to be a super hero!! So…  My theme for this month is “Super Hero September”!  The definition of a super hero used to be based upon fictional “super powers”…if you had a super power you were then able to claim SUPER HERO status.  I my mind this isn’t’ the case…Super Heros are all around us they are in many forms, shape, sizes and most often do not have fictional super powers!   “Super Hero September” is going to be all about anything to do with super heros!  I think it’ll be a fun theme and please comment along the way with your own thoughts and ideas about superheros and be sure to tell us about the super heros in your life!!

One thing that I know all Super Heros posses is PASSION!! they are so deeply passionate about their beliefs that no matter the obstacles or villains that stand in the way…they ALWAYS win!  It’s their PASSIONATE PASSION that makes them Super!!  I challenge you to get more passionate about your passions this month and you too can be a Super Hero!!

I have so many passions which makes it impossible to be passionate about all of them… that’s why we are so much stressed and feel so frazzled!!  We are simply pulled and  pushed into so many different directions that NOTHING seems to be SUPER about us…we just end up being Goood at a lot of things vs. SUPER at 1 or 2.

That’s why this month I am going to focus on  being extra super passionate  2 things:

#1- – my business and passion~ I founded BuffMother because  I am passionate about helping women attain their best body life and legacy!!   I am so blessed to be in the position to help others!!
#2- Love~ I LOVE people…especially my family, Hubby Travis and my 4 kids.  I want to learn more about love, exude love, give love, feel love  and become LOVE!!

In order to have a SUPER HERO month of  we need to figure out….Which Superhero are you?

My results:
You are Hulk

The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength. 

Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

Well that tells a bit to much about me, lol!!  I didn’t know I was so full of rage?? Maybe I should train to be a cage fighter after all~ LOL!!

Take the quiz it’s fast and fun!!  and please let me know your result!  I love getting to know you~