HE created ME!

First off I wanted to share a word of wisdom for you….it will help you stop the insanity in your workouts/diet:  “MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!– do everything in your power to build muscle and you will burn the fat off your body!!”


My plan for todays is  to run hills; back, shoulders, biceps + abs…that workout will be done AFTER I get home from my Date Day with with Gunner. He earned a “DATE” with me with STRAIGHT A’s!! So proud of how smart he is!!

Last night we attended his HIGHSCHOOL orientation/registration.  He’s going to be a 9th grader, OMGoodness!!


I got in a good workout day yesterday– 22 mins fasted on bike, then last night some legs/abs/booty work.  I had to slightly modify what I did due to the fact I my legs are SORE!!  But I did still do squats, dead lifts, the PBJ and some of the SUB, plus some other items.


I also took some time to journal my eats. It looks like I was at about 1900cals total yesterday.

Here’s the breakdown:

P:eggs, beef, chicken (2), jerky

C: carrots, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, grapes

F:salad dressing, cream, meat fat, cheese

G:radishes, mushrooms, onions

All but 400 calls came in after 5pm and I ate a total of 4 meals.


My weight is still at 130, but am expecting a drop tomorrow!


GOD Created ME!! He created me for purpose…it’s a very unique one and many don’t understand, but I live to glorify GOD in mind body and spirit!!


God Created you TOO!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

2011 will be Heaven!

2011 will be Heaven!! is my motto for this year…I will be positive, I will have JOY and I will live an insanely adventerous glorious powerful life! I don’t want to look behind anymore only to the future. 

What lays ahead??  I have a vision that is enourmous

I will confidently take baby steps towards that vision daily and soon WE as a team will arrive there together!! AWESOME Adventures and LOVE awaits!!  Physically I expect all the energy I need to do the tasks at hand, God will provide the strength, wisdom and provision for all that He’s destined for me in 2011!! He’ll provide for you too!! 

My kids are at an amazing age right now- so fun and interactive and teachable! I have a huge desire to teach them, teach others and learn more myself. EDCUATION is a huge theme for me this year! 

Time to get to it!!

Early Morning!

Hey!! I’ve been slacking on my personal blogging so I thought I’d get it done first thing…actually not first thing- I’ve been up for about a half hour I’ve taken my resting heart rate- it was 50 today, drank 30oz. of HOT water, checked my e-mail, the coffee is brewing and the kids are getting ready for school 🙂

I had a really nice cycle day 5 yesterday~ and I am KILLER sore from my workout on Wednesday- so upon my hubby’s (who’s now been sick with the same flu for 2 days) wisdom I rested from my workout yesterday.  I’m very glad I did!  I would be dying today if I had worked out…thus, Legs/Booty are on tap today!

I’ve got several things I must take care of today since it’s the LAST DAY of the Month!!  WOW! can you believe it?  April isclosing down and May is on it’s way~ this year has been a blur to me until about now.  I expect the next 8 months to be VIVID!

Okay…I’ll be back to report my workout at some point- Hope you have a Fantastic VIVID FRIDAY!

Love Ya!!

Do you love yourself?
Are you in love with yourself? You need be! You have to realize that it is vital for you to treat yourself with love and respect. And that includes, feeding your body the NUTRIENTS it needs to function and allowing yourself to have proper exercise and REST!
As a mother finding the right balance is so hard, we are pulled in so many different directions. BUT I strongly believe all aspects of our lives will be BETTER and more Productive if we choose to take care of our health. Which means giving yourself permission to take an 30-60 mins a day to dedicate to your fitness, allowing yourself time to shop, cook/create and eat healthy meals. AND take time to beautify yourself…shower, dress nicely, fix your hair and wear make up! You will feel better, be more confident and your family will love you for it!!
I am going to love myself and give myself permission to go to the gym/workout, to shower and to eat well even when “I don’t have time”…
~ This weekend was nice and relaxing…I am finally over being SORE!! I worked out on Saturday- lifted chest, tri’s and ran for 12 mins–which was a struggle due to my ULTRA sore hammies…then stayed busy cleaning, taking a trip to SAMS and watching movies (American Gangster -A, SpiderMan 3 -C, and The Assassination of Jessie James -B). OH and I slept in until 10am yesterday!! It was crazy…so we missed church, which stinks because I love church!!And now after I finish this blog, I am headed out into the beautiful weather for a run! It is about 60 here~ perfect temp for a good run!!
Hope you love yourself today!!!
“A healthy life starts first and foremost with acceptance and love for self. We are all very complex beings and are a product of what we think, feel, focus our attention on, take into our bodies and bring with us on a soul level. In any discussion of healthy lifestyles, we should remember that our thoughts and feelings are often the primary directors in how we feel and choose to live our lives. To have positive thoughts and harmonious feelings allows one to make lifestyle, exercise and dietary choices that energize the body and enliven the mind and spirit.The first step begins when we acknowledge our intent to live a more positive and healthy life. Our willingness to let go of old habits sets the process in motion. The next step is to educate ourselves with the highest wisdom we can find on the subject and then put it into practical application to experience the benefits.”Quote taken from

Oh yeah – I am BACK!

Oh yeah – I am BACK!! No stomach problems for the past 2 days and I am a new woman!!(i had the flue twice over the last week) I wish I could say the same for poor little Gracie, she is a day or two behind me on the illness :(…poor thing.

So my workout today consisted of just getting to the gym- that was a struggle…I always have a hard time getting there after being off…My momentum is weaker–BUT once I got there and 2 sets in on squats- I was LOVING it!!

Here is the run down on my workout of paired circuits:

Squats- parallel
45×15 (5full)

Seated Calf raises

Barbell Lunges

Knee Extensions-not sure of the weights I used a diff machine
Plus on these I did several short motion ones at the end of each set 🙂

Smith lunges front leg under body bent over version chest to knee- really stretches the booty!!
Butt Squats- it’s amazing how much abs are worked on these

Leg curls
80×4 to die…
Rotary seated calf

That’s it…I forgot my gloves again!! so I steered clear from dead lifts and walking lunges…I’ll make sure to do them next leg wo…probably on SAT 🙂

After this we went to Burger King and the park –Now we are home so that we can watch UFC!! Unleashed is on now and Fight NIGHT tonight!! It is the BEST 🙂 This is my favorite fighter- Rich Franklin!!

Thanks for all the sweet encouragement yesterday, you MOMMIES were right–I needed the day off…thanks for the wisdom 🙂

I hope my booty will be sore tomorrow…THOSE BB lunges are GREAT for the booty- so try them if you don’t currently do them. Here is a link of how I did them today
Well have a super night- check out the fights if you are curious…on SPIKE TV 🙂