It went well

Sorry to have not blogged yesterday, it was a busy one.  Had my “Insulin and Thyroid” class/seminar last night at 5:15 so it consumed my entire day!  I have not taught a class on the topic previously so there was a lot of unknowns going in and a lot of prep that I had to do to be ready.  Overall there were about 20 people in the class, the average age of the class was 60…amazing how different the clientele is at a Dr’s office than in a gym, lol!

The speech went smoothly, next time I’ll be sure to integrate a bit more interaction and change some of the emphasis of what we discussed.  I tried to leave the audience with the message “YOU NEED TO CONTROL Blood sugars and your insulin! and YOU NEED TO BE YOUR ADVOCATE FOR YOUR HEALTH!”

Thanks so much for all your support and well wishes for the event, it means the world to me that you cheer me on!!


Here’ is a PDF of the presentation-…9/InsulinThyroid.pdf

The more interesting part of last night was how awesome it was to see the growth of Dr. Tammy’s program “Project Wellness” and getting to meet some of the new people she’s brought on board to help with her business. It’s very inspiring to see all the people she’s helping.

Today’s SUPER MOM is Susan Soares….She’s overcome a ton in the past 7 years since I’ve known her. She is now a fiction writer, check out her books on Amazon or on her site


Thursday recap…Busy day/STRESSFUL DAY!

  • 20mins fasted bike
  • PREP for seminar
  • Do seminar
  • HOME- eat roast I had prepped and put in the crockpot, LOVED IT!
  • NO LIFTING, first day that I’ve not stuck to my POA this week



  • 20mins bike
  • Visit with Grandma, she leaves back to MN tomorrow morning
  • LUNCH with Gma and Hubby- subway salads, YUM!
  • Got my business assessed and got my new tabs
  • PLUS, got some other important paperwork ALMOST DONE!! such a load off!
  • Uploaded videos of Football Game and Seminar, working on getting those posted!
  • Up NEXT…Upper body workout and maybe some running?? Not sure how much energy I have.





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Lovely GOOD Friday

Happy Good Friday!! I love days like today– such an awesome reminder of LOVE and happiness!!

I’m feeling much, much better today! Thanks for all your well wishes about my neck and business thoughts.

Today’s contest post:

MY 6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 13 all is good on the hormone front.  I feel clear minded, happy, focused, more healthy and I was hungry this morning when I woke up– Metabolism is alive!!
  2. Weight- 131.0…back down a couple pounds of water weight after getting a bit more active yesterday and staying away from the advil. I expect to be back under 130 by early next week.  This injury won’t keep me from my goals!!
  3. Sexy To do’s- I need to shave today. Also, I think I’ll go tanning again
  4. Workout- I’ll spend a little time at the gym doing some light weight training on the machines.  It’ll be a “therapy” type session
  5. Meal POA- embrace my hunger a bit….I’ve been really a big time baby about being a bit hungry.  The second I’m hungry, I’ll eat.  That’s fine most of the time, but not right now while I’ve been less active and if I want to attain my goal by VEGAS I’ll need to “embrace my hunger” a bit more!
  6. Sexy Actions- Today’s topic for the contest…I’m excited to read some of your ideas.  Hubby’s got Good Friday off, so I think I’ll be able to be a bit more flirty with him and get some “quality” time with him!!

Enjoy the day!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

A bit slow, ready to chat!

I’m a bit slow getting rolling today—I’m SCARED to move much, due to my neck.  I am doing better so far today!! YAY!!  I am going to make today another complete REST DAY, but I expect by tomorrow I’ll be able to do something again.  Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers…I can FEEL your love helping me heal fast!!

Today’s Contest POST~

S2S~ Day 24: Sexy workouts

6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- day 11…so sad that I’m missing out on my buffing– but at the same time very glad I am out now when my appetite is controlled.  If I was injured like this during boosting, I’d be eating much more!
  2. Weight-
  3. Sexy To do’s- I am going to go tanning today and give my feet a pedicure! I’ve also started to think about my wardrobe for VEGAS
  4. Workout- none today– gotta let me neck heal.
  5. Meal POA- My focus here is to be sure to eat more veggies, fruit and protein. NO GRAINS today. I’ve had pizza 2 times in the past week– bad for my belly   so far today: chicken breast (4oz), 4 big strawberries, 1 mini cucumber
  6. Sexy Actions– been “Talking” about sexy with the hubby already today- flirty talk is always fun!
Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and at the same time got Cuji in to be groomed.  Once he adjusted me (he said my c2 and c5 were both out) I did feel some relief.  It only lasted about 45 mins though…then the spasm started up again.  And I think they were at an all time WORST last night– but laying down and rest helped the pain to stop.  Now I’m at least able to sit up behind the computer in bed.
My plan for today is to move around a little but not do too much– I have some paperwork to complete and I also would like to go tanning.  I haven’t gone in a couple months and need to get a little color prior to vegas.  Plus the heat may feel nice on my neck.
I’m also getting very excited for EASTER!  I love EASTER!!  I should plan some YUMMY FOOD and activities for the kids!!  The girls all have pink dresses to wear– they are going to be so cute!!  Hope it doesn’t rain

Well…have a good one! I plan to enjoy my REST day as much as I can!!

p.s. Be sure to check out Suzi’s SEXY article!!


I’m back and ready to ROCK!!! I had a great rest day on TUESDAY which helped my lung Crud go away!!! Thanks for all the “get well” wishes and prayers…they worked!!!

Yesterday I got in a small workout (only 30 mins) of legs to get my MOJO flowin’ again and today I feel spectacular!!!
here’s my tiny workout from yesterday:

Leg Abductions paired with oblique twists
Leg Extensions paired with Leg Adductions
Leg press paired with calf raises

I’ve already got my grocery shopping done for the day and a bunch of work done~
My plan for the afternoon is to finish up some work by 2 and then get in a good boosting back, shoulders and bicep workout and 10 mins of cardio afterwards to test out the lungs smile

In other news…I am getting a big fat F on this week’s mini-challenge! I need to make up for it by starting today and doing some days next week. It’s been fun to see some of the pics this week from ya’ll!!

Well, I am off to get some eats and get more work done~
Have a GREAT day!!

A little about my eating :)

Happy Monday!
Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers. I feel much better today and am READY to Rock this WEEK!!

I know I rarely post what and when I eat…….mostly because I am not a traditional dieter, meal planning doesn’t work for me and neither does eating a set # of times each day. The way I approach it is this…I go through my day, eating when I am hungry. As I go along, I track my “portions” in my head or on the white board on my frig…most of the time aiming for around 5P-4C-3F-2+G-1T. When I eat it I FORCE myself to choose proteins and greens first. The only time I don’t is for my PRE workout meal…that’s when I choose a good complex carb- My favorite is Oatmeal.
Another KEY item about my eating is that I take into consideration my personal biorhythms…I am NOT a morning person! I don’t like eating in the morning at all, but I LOVE eating in the evening!! So instead of fighting my body I work with it. I don’t eat much early in the day and then I am able to eat more in the afternoon and evening.

Now since I am buffing these next 2 weeks…I get a bit stricter on myself. Mostly that means cutting out some CARBS and increasing my GREEN consumption. Also, I usually have to cut out a bit of FAT (I tend to overeat fat) and I like to limit my bread/grain intake and TOTALLY eliminate all Dairy (mostly I don’t have much, since I am lactose intolerant, but it tends to “sneak” into my diet sometimes)

Here are a few samples of how I eat during buffing:
7am- up drink water take supps: NO2, fish oil
8 am- coffee and atkins bar (PENUT BUTTER) PF
11 am- Veggies( asparagus stir fry) with tuna, spicy Sweet and sour sauce, a few cashews PGF
Vitamins post meal
1pm- NO2 supps
2- oatmeal C
3- workout
4:30 Boca Burger, Apple PC
6:30 Supper- Chicken tenderloins (big portion) with honey mustard sauce and Green Beans 2P C 2G
7-10 pm TEA (decaf herbal: sleepy time, tension tamer, chamomile, etc.)
Totals= 5P, 3C, 3F, 3G

7am- up supps
8 am- eggs (3 whole)PF
11 am- Brussell Sprouts- G
1pm- HUGE salad: Romain, Spinach, olives, carrot, nuts, egg, chicken, cucumbers, pickles, ranch dressing (1/2 serving, just enough to barley help flavor) 2G,P,1F,1/2C
3pm- Oatmeal C
4pm workout
5pm Burger (no bun), a tish of BBQ sauce, sweet potatoe 2P,1/2C,1C
7-10pm Beef Jerky, tea 1P

So that gives you a bit of an idea of how I am going to eat this week

I am off to get some WATER NOW!! Don’t forget to DRINK UP!!