Not working out makes me stiff…

Not working out makes me stiff… BUFFMOTHER My last real workout was on Friday, I had done legs. Then Saturday we did some burning, meaning […] Read More

Couple of Videos

Just uploaded this video yesterday about “Causes and Cures for Belly Fat” #bellyfat #insulin #cortisol Here’s a video of me squatting from yesterday Post […] Read More

FREE Personal Training!!

HI! I am launching a revolutionary fitness program and NEED 25 males, yes I said MALES, to participate in a 6 week FREE online personal […] Read More

Lovely GOOD Friday

Happy Good Friday!! I love days like today– such an awesome reminder of LOVE and happiness!! I’m feeling much, much better today! Thanks for all […] Read More

28 Days of Christmas: Day 8

XMAS Day 8- LEGS again!!!  Build your FAT FURNACES!!! See day 1 for workout details~ This morning I commented on a blog about slow weight […] Read More

Squatting Again!

HI Ya!! Sorry I missed posting yesterday here in the rally room…I had another busy day.  I wonder sometimes if I’m “manic”, LOL!  I go […] Read More

Legs Again!! Sizzlin' in 6~Day 23

Legs Again ~ Build your FAT Furnaces!   Day 23- “Sizzlin’ in 6″…LEGS again!!!  Build your FAT FURNACES!!! See  the week 3 and 4 workout […] Read More

Athletic SEASONS – training smart!

Athletes train in seasons- off season, pre-season, in-season, post- season… Each season has a specific goal and a unique training program. I see many clients […] Read More

"All Star" Liz of NJ

“All Star” Liz of NJ Have you ever been awe inspired by the site of very pregnant woman working out?  Well this story reflects just […] Read More