I know you may feel…

Yey ladies!! I can’t believe the final week of our 2014 SuperSTAR Success contest is already here!!

This week’s Challenge is to FINISH the contest!!

Please know that 10 weeks is a long time and I understand if you may feel you didn’t stay as intense or focused or as consistent as you had hoped, but no matter what you did progress!! Just Trying creates a lot of mental and physical changes that you need to acknowledge.  PLEASE FINISH and complete your entry.

The act of FINISHING itself is a HUGE WIN! You owe it to yourself,  you have nothing to lose and a FREE “BuffMother!” shirt to gain for your final entry submission!!  I also know that once you take stock of your results you will be surprised at how you did change in MIND, BODY and Spirit!!

This past weekend, NDSU Bison Basketball team played SanDiego State University in the March Madness Division 1 tournament.  They exceeded everyone’s expectations.  I love how well the Bison BB team did…a true testament that “Success breeds Success”!!  As their football program have been National Champs for the past 3 years.  I have all the confidence in the world that NDSU will be a GREAT Division 1 contender in all Sports as the years move forward!! GO BISON!!  It’s a great reminder that if you want to be successful surround yourself with success!!

Are you unsure of your goals, mission or purpose in life?? No worries, start attacking an interest and pray…you will be lead you to your goal, mission and purpose! God drives us to accomplish our dream, through our actions!!
“How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” -R. Buckminster

Here’s a great pic of my 3 girls from this weekend:

Gracie, Tia and Layla


My POA for the week:

*Not much UPPER BODY, due to very sore right shoulder.  I’m giving myself 2 more weeks off most upper body stuff. On a side note, my shoulder was very sore from just running even…that’s how I know I really need to baby it still.


M- run hills outside with some sprints at end and do some extra bike afterwards T- legs and possibly some steady bike

W- longer run of intervals + extra steady, about a 30 min total duration. Outside if possible. Th- try a few upper body things- stuff that isn’t heavy or use much of the shoulder– some biceps?  kids are out of school…will be very active

F- LEGS AGAIN hard!!

Sa- run @track maybe!! Acceleration work plus some fun stuff with kids, like long jump

Su- off workouts, but will do pics and stats and final entry stuff.


Here’s the log from my last run on Saturday. On treadmill…the first 20 mins were intervals ranging from 8 to 9mph with the incline of 2-3.5%, easy minutes were done at 7mph. The second 15 mins was a steady pace of 8mph, 7:30 pace at 2.5% grade.  I ran hard but felt good!


 My weight today is 128.0 and I am on cycle day 14.  Feeling good overall, but still a bit more tired than I’d like.  I learned some new info about hemoglobin and ferritin (iron) levels this past weekend plus have been doing some research on the treatment options for MTHFR gene mutation.

I’ll share more about all that with you very soon!!

My “final” contest weight goal will be 126…I don’t plan on doing any sort of dehydration or depletion for my photos. However if you’d like some “photoshoot” prep tips, look for me to post those later today in the forum.

Time for me to ATTACK my to do list!

Let’s kick it in this week,  Ellie


I believe FUN changes are in store for my body, life and legacy starting this week!!!
I am a person that thrives on change~so does my DH and so we have lived on the “wild side” at times in our life…BUT over the past 5 years we’ve been forced to “settle down” a bit, but that’s gonna change very soon and I am PUMPED about what’s to come!! I have a BIG project needing my FOCUS this week and if I do change will be eminent in my life~ SO…my POA will be a bit different this week. I WILL GET IT DONE!!!

My day so far has been great! We spent the morning outside, I read some of my Joyce Meyer book on leadership~ AWESOME stuff!! and then I just got back from a great run of intervals- I did 7 hard 1 mins- and ran for a total of 18 mins, then came in an sweat for another 10 mins of steady fat burning cardio on the stair master~ good stuff. I plan on doing some back work later, but now it is lunch time.

Wow!! What a GREAT week!! I love this consistency challenge…in my own life it makes me more accountable to sticking to a plan~ which is not the norm for me. I not a Habitual person, Heck I don’t even have a set routine about how I get dressed each day…I am very flexible when it comes to my routines…

here’s last week’s summary-

M-Ran outside 2.1 miles plus 4 sprints and workout upper body bowflex
T- Legs @ gym
W- Chest/back with travis ran intervals outside
Th-modge podge upper body wo and intervals on stairmill
F-Legs w/travis
Sa-planned:upper body with travis- run outside actual: walk outside
Sun-run outisde

Diet goal- Did better on my diet, but I didn’t hit my weight goal…Travis being “on vacation” made that harder…
Workout goal- STICK to my POA!!!!!!!!! I am proud of how well I did! Next week will be better even
Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight/strength training workouts did I complete:5
How many cardio/interval training sessions did I complete:4 plus 1 walk
How many days of the week in total did I workout: 6

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? travis on a spurr of the moment vactaion
Who did I encouraged this week? my DH, clients and TEAM BUFFMOTHER!

MY POA for week #_____5______- date:___6-4________
Plan of attack!!!!
What is my main goal this week with my workouts?maintain fitness
What is my main goal this week in my diet? be nutritious- proteins and greens–more GREEENS!!

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week-
Tuesday:lift legs and run (this is unusual for me…normally I am do no cardio on leg day)
Thursday:lift upper body and run
Saturday:lift legs

Goal number of weight workouts:3 (intense, high volume sessions)
Goal number of cardio/interval workouts:3 (intense, high volume sessions)
My goal overall is to have extra days off to WORK! NO TIME is my key obstacle this week.

Week #5- June 4- MINI CHALLENGE: workout with someone at least once this week…I plan to workout with my SIL on T and possibly Thurs~

Well, I have to bathe my babies now~ have a good night. I’d love to see a renewed vigor for the last 5 weeks of this challenge! WE are in the HOME stretch~ big changes can still be made. LET’s DO IT!!!

“One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world.”
-Hannah Senesh

Happy Saturday

Just wanted to pop in an say “hi”…
I had a wonderful night last night, my sweet MIL is here visiting and she let me and her son(my DH) go out! Whooohooo! I love going out with my baby. The picture here shows the green dress I wore last night! We had a wonderful time, stayed up too late, etc…

So I am in recovery mode today. And guess what, my buffing is going GREAT! I weighed 124 this morning! BUT, Due to Severe dehydration, YUCK!!! Real weight is more like 127. I can now see that my last bulking phase has added some more muscle to my butt! FUN!!!

I have a very busy weekend, lots of work to do and a family get together tonight. We are planning to have pizza and I think I will give myself some freedom diet wise today since I still have this week of “buffing” and I am already within 1 pound of my weight goal.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep all the great words of encouragement flowing.