Fired up for the week!

First off, let me start by saying I am FIRED up to have a killer workout and WORK week! Summer is winding down a bit and I’m ready to get to business!


This weekend I did well with my “no work weekend” mantra.  I really need my weekends to be work free!

Here’s my vlog from Saturday about that:



So..on Saturday i weed whipped for 2 hours in the HOT 95+ weather– in the process Travis shot 2 big snakes, killed a small one with the machete and I killed another with the week whip!



Then on Sunday this cute little moth was on the truck window. it’s purple and gold in honor of the MN VIKINGS!!



Work this week will be full of stuff promoting the ABS August contest and working with Travis on our Retail Pro Marketing business.


I’m also going to be share some of my HOT NEWS posts–


Here are 2 that are a must see!


what is it with internet haters?? I love this story and she deserves to be praised!!…ers-can-t-get-enough



This a fun post about BAD PARENTS!…;utm_campaign=buffer


Now, my POA for workout are as follows:

M: Legs and abs

T: lift back,sh, bi and run intervals on treadmill

W: lift chest/triceps and abs

Th: run and abs

F: legs


Let’s be so On FIRE that we BURN IT DOWN this week!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

4th of July Week

I’m excited for 4th of July week!!  My husband’s most favorite holiday is the 4th…so we are taking the whole week to prep for some FUN TIMES!!


My MIND is also ready for the week #2 of my personal 10 week challenge– I’ve set some goals and have a solid POA in mind. Here’s yesterday’s vlog post about it. What do you think of this suit?? It’s very Fun and FLIRTY with the flowers!


So my POA is this:

M- morning trail run (fasted); evening LEG WORKOUT…fyi I am on cycle day 13 and weight is 134 today.

T- Back, shoulders biceps and BIKE (morning fasted; evening intervals)

W- JULY 1– I’m starting my 28 day FAB ABS challenge Chest, triceps, abs– sprints at track

Th-ABS; Just abs; off day

F- ABS; Legs and abs

Sa-ABS; Back shoulders Biceps – run intervals

Sun- ABS; Chest triceps


It’s an aggressive POA, especially with both a run and legs today…but it’s gotta be done! Typically I don’t like doing both intervals and legs on the same day, but since I didn’t get my legs done yesterday, that’s the price I’ll have to pay.


Today I have an phone interview with Carlos of the INNER CIRCLE radio show… here’s one of his videos with a fitness celebrity.…-timea-majorova.html


Hope you are fired up for the week too!!

Let’s enjoy the summer fun aheah~


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Turkey Week!

Hey all~

To wrap up last week~ did pretty good on workouts…just didn’t get in my boxing intervals.

Thursday: upper body plus a treadmill run– I was just finishing up my workout in just a sports bra and short shorts, when the mail arrived. Luckily my son had left a  t-shirt laying on the hall way floor, so I was able to “cover up” quick prior to answering the door.  Our mailman does not need a heart attack! LOL! I got some new sweet boots!! Friday: Benching and then Legs at home

And guess what showed up right as I was starting my workout??…The MAIL again~ A PRESENT from Ms. Suzi V.!! I awesome sparkly workout towel!!

Saturday: Back, Shoulder, Biceps at gym– plus hunting in evening

I actually worked at at the gym in Gravette

Sunday: cycle day 1 no workout~ a bit of hunting but holy cramps in the evening


This week is a busy one with the HOLIDAY!! I’m so excited for some “down time”


Today I’ll be doing upper body, a treadmill run and maybe some boxing intervals too!

then the rest of the week looks like this~T: ? possibly off? W: Legs Th: Back, shoulders, Biceps and run~ burn off my extra food intake!

F: Chest, Tri’s, intervals

Sa: Legs

Su: run

Then the following week is when I’ll be gearing up for a modified cleanse/”fast”..I think I’ll start the Wednesday the 4th and strive to make it a week to the 11th. No food intake means I could get deathly sore! During that time I’ll probably not do much lifting, just keep active and do some cardio.


In other news our old Bentonville house is under contract!! Please keep that in your prayers! I certainly hope we close as expected on Dec 23rd!

Happy Turkey week!! Michelle

Ready for the BIG week ahead!

I AM  rested and ready for the BIG week ahead!!!!

Over the past several months….I’ve had many requests for BuffMother! Bracelets….WELL~ thanks to our sweet Darcie….I’m so excited to announce that BuffMother Bracelets are now on sale**! The Bracelets would make a GREAT Mother’s Day gift for yourself — ask your kids or DH to order you one for Mother’s DAY!!

You may also want to get one for a friend, workout partner, sister or maybe your own mother!!!!


The bracelets are made with beautiful pink, black and white Swarovski crystals with silver letters proclaim that you are a <b>BuffMother!</b>  Wearing your BuffMother bracelet helps you to remember to make the best choices that will lead you to your goals and create your legacy ~ and look good while doing it!

**We will be taking Pre-Orders for the bracelets (cost $50 +S&H) between Monday 2/23 and Wednesday 3/4.  Bracelets will ship out about 3 weeks after the last day.

So HURRY and get yours ordered today 🙂

Feel free to e-mail Darcie with any questions~ you can reach her at: .

I have lots of BIG things happening this week…so I took a needed rest day yesterday~ and I feel ready to attack the week ahead, here’s my recap of last weeks workouts and my POA~!

Last week: 6 lifting workouts; 5 cardios; sore booty all week!! and sore abs too!!

m-fasted run; afternoon lift back

t-lift chest

w-legs; run outside

th-mish mosh lift; intervals and cardio 42 mins

f-back, sh 14 min stair master

sa-chest, run

su- off

This week’s POA (plan of ATTACK):

BOOTY focus~ start boosting today~LIFT HEAVY!! I think I’ll strive to get down to 2-3 rep range on some of my major exercises!!!

Mon- Legs and steady run

Tue-Back intervals

Wed- Chest- run intervals

Th- off or just cardio– I’ll see how I feel


Sat-upper body and run intervals- this will start my 7 day count down to vacation!!  Mojo will be HIGH~ I’ll be adding more cardio from this point on…

Sun- off

I gotta go now and ATTACK IT~!!!!  I want you to be PROUD of me!



Weekly Q! ~ Week 5, 2009

In keeping in the Spirit of LOVE for this month of LOVE! all our questions of the week this month have to do with LOVE.

Where would you LOVE to live?
I’m not sure where I’d love to live, but I have some ideas:

Colorado, for the mountains and airport (easy travel)…but it may be a bit to cold for me during the winter.
Or some other Western state like Utah, maybe Idaho, Montana, etc…
I was born in Colorado and lived there until I was 12…I didn’t know how great it was until we moved away to the tundra of MN. There are some really good things about MN too, but I wouldn’t want to “live” there for more than maybe 2-3 months a year.

I could possibly love to live in California, for the variety of climates (beaches, mountains, dessert, forests, etc…) and for the proximity to the entertainment industry.

I’d like to visit Florida a bit to see if I’d like it there, I’ve only been there once for a very quick business trip. Miami looks like a very cool place to visit, but I am not so sure about living there?

or a Tropical Island! I dream of the beach!!!

maybe I’ll have to have several homes

Do you live where you’d love where you live? OR have you lived somewhere you loved in the past? Or have you visted anywhere that you’d just LOVE to live?

I’m curious, Where would you love to live?

Weekly Q! Week 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!!  It’s Question of the WEEK time again!!

Over the past 5 years I’ve had countless of women inquire about after baby boobies and Breast Implants…so for our question of the week this week, we’ll discuss BOOBIES!!

Do you have any Breast Augmentation tips, advice, warnings, boobie stories, etc… to share?? Please do!

Here is a short Q and A:


Okay, I’m seriously thinking about getting implants. I saw a friend of mine a few weeks ago and she admitted that she had them (she has two kids). She just filled in what she had lost through pregnancy, nursing and stuff.

I used to be a D cup and now I’m barely a B. However, the skin from the D is still there like a deflated balloon. So here is my question. Where do I start? I wouldn’t even know how to find a reputable doctor and such. For those of you who have taken the plunge, how did you go about it?



“Research research research…and find a surgeon with a good reputation and that you are comfortable with. If he turns out to be more expensive than another surgeon…so what…It’s your body…be VERY protective of it because ALOT can happen and you need to make sure you’re taken care of before, during, and after the procedure.

They will run higher with a lift…but if you need a lift…get it done with the implants so that you don’t have to have them re-done later. A good honest surgeon will let you know this and you will usually save money by having them done at the same time rather than in two surgeries as well!

Go to and spend all the time that you are saving money researching, asking questions, and educating yourself.”


Hi, first I would like to say that you look awesome! I have seen in some other threads that you have talked about your implants and I was wondering if i could ask you some questions. Here goes……Did you get them over or under the muscle and why? How many cc’s did you get? And like most women do you wish you went a little bigger? I have my operation in 9 days and Im so curious as to how others feel about there own. Thanks in advance, and I hope you dont mind my questions.



Well since you asked so sweetly 🙂 I would love to answer your questions.

1. I have had 2 surgeries.

the first time over the muscle: a Big mistake in hindsight

The second under-100% better in look feel and all the way around

2. For cc’s 300 saline the first time, 600 silicone the second

3.  The first operation, i had good b’s naturally so I was happy with the size, but at times I wished I had gone bigger

for the second, after nursing 4 kids and having a much lower body fat there was no choice but to go with that size, I am very happy now with the size…not too big and not too small and silicone is SOOOO much better.

Good luck with your surgery, you are gonna love them.

Take care, Michelle

A few years ago I took some time to put together the START to a short booklet/article about how to get:

</b>” Golden rules of Spectacular Breast after Augmentation”</b>


Placement should be under the muscle especially if you are planning a family.

3)  Surgery # 2 – In 2004, I made the decision to have an augmentation revision with placement under the muscle.  Everything went according to plan and before I knew it my breast were good looking again.  I was pleased with the results but wanted to see if there was a way to make my breasts more natural looking and feeling

•             Details of surgery  This surgery took 3.5 hours  was very extensive and very painful to recover from.  I was in bed for 4 days post op and did not hardly move for 2 weeks.  By 4 weeks I was able to do light cardio and by 6 weeks was able to do some light lifting with my legs.  By 8 weeks I was cleared to start some chest / back exercise

•             Size- 600cc smooth silicone low profile implant.

•             Advantages over surgery 1- this twice as big implant did not make me look any bigger, with clothes on .  It filled out my chest cavity and the low profile prevents me from looking top heavy.

•             Placement Under the muscle-  This was very important to make the breast look as natural as possible.  I did not want to see my implant ridge or it’s ripples.

•             Advantages over surgery 1

•             Type of implant

•             Advantages over surgery 1

•             Silicone vs. Saline VERY FEW DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH!

GOLDEN RULE #2-When it comes to size, err on the large side.  You will be happier     down the road.  A larger diameter implant looks better and more natural. (low profile)

GOLDEN RULE #3-If at all possible, go with silicone.  You and your husband will be happier with the feel.

II.   How to make good breasts SPECTACULAR!

•             Spectacular breasts are full, soft and most importantly VERY NATURAL LOOKING.

•             Several factors can cause breast implants to look less than spectacular- the “ridge” caused by the top of the implant.

GOLDEN RULE #4- You must rebuild your chest muscles post operation

For me this was the breakthrough!!  I needed to rebuild the muscle on top of the implant so that the natural shape to my chest would return.

I started slowly working through the pain.  I focused on re-building my chest muscles.  Almost immediately I started seeing a huge improvement in the look and feel of my breasts:

•             They were softer

•             They were fuller

•             The ridge of the implant disappeared

•             My flexibility increased and I was able to regain good posture

The workout

I advise waiting for your doctors approval before starting any exercise program after surgery.  Every augmentation case is unique and only you and your doctor know when the time is right for you to start rebuilding your chest muscles.

This workout is simple designed for anyone to do at home all the equipment you will need are dumbbells.

Post Operation lifting Program:

Stage 1: 3 weeks post operation

Cleavage squeeze- place your hands in front of your chest like you are going to pray.  Push your hands together and squeeze hold for a count of 3.

Stage 2: 4-6 weeks post operation

Wall push ups:

Stand 2 feet away from the wall place your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and slowly lower your body towards the wall and push back up to the starting position

Dumbbell Flys: Lay on the floor or on a bench if you have one and hold 2 5-8 pound dumbbells above your chest.  Slowly lower the weight to the side as low as you can and then return the dumbbells to their starting position.

Stage 3:

You can progress to doing all of your regular chest workouts…just be aware that you need to warm up extra well, lift extra light and be in some pain due to breaking up scar tissue that has formed.  Expect full strength recovery within 6-12 months.


Hope some of this info helps you~

BTW- I love my boobies 🙂



POA~ week #6 consistency challenge

I believe in the power of REST!  In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one.  I took a couple extra days “off” of working out, but made my workout days count and It was great despite it is usually one of my roughest hormonal times of the month!!!  I am pumped about it~ I followed my own advice and RESTED more than I usually let myself REST and it keep myself HAPPY, unstressed, productive, loving, patient and healthy!  In addition to the rest I was a good girl about taking my “boosting” supplements and they always help with keeping my hormones balanced.  Soooo, I feel great! and ready to hit my LEG workout today HARD and have another super week of Boosting!!

Here is my POA for today- and I’ll be back with my POA for the week soon:
Watch Veggie Tales- ESTER movie with my girls
Workout at gym- all by myself!! KILLER LEG DAY!!
Clean house again for at least and hour
have some R&R with the Family 🙂

Fun HUH?  YES, as Philippians 2:14 says “In everything you do stay away from complaining and arguing” and I believe I will!!

Have a super SUNDAY GALS!!

Now for my RECAP and POA for week #6-
Tue- lower and run
W- off
Thurs- upper and run
F- off
S- run
Sun- legs (squats two heavy sets 175×2 plus 155×6 and CDL’s- tweaked back)

Mini-challenge: worked out twice with my SIL
obstacles- none
I encouraged my SIL

M-recover my back tweak off
T-upper and run intervals
W-Lower either today or Thurs
Thur- off
Sunday off

Diet goal- much of the same, but starting thurs I plan to enjoy my B-DAY all weekend!!

Mini-Challenge-to try on your bikini daily this week- I LOVE IT, I plan to strut around in my bikini this week!!  Yeah baby~

I am optimistic this week will bring GREAT EXCITEMENT and fun!!

Belief quote for the day:
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”-Oprah


WELL with the Quest for Consistency Challenge Starting tomorrow:
we have some major EXCITEMENT happening her in the RR!!! ~ it is going to be so much fun and we are going to have some amazing results over the next 10 weeks!!

Here is my starting picture

And measurements:

Here is my starting and progress measurements, I am VERY happy with my progress in 12 days!! I feel more like myself again. AND I overcame the flu and a cold this week~ so I was able to make progress even though I was not 100% most of the time!!! That makes me very happy and proves that DIET is crucial.

The first stats were taken the start of my buffing the second just 12 days later: Today’s Date:_____4-23-07____5-5-07 (progress in 12 days of buffing)
height:____5-6.5_________ weight:____128_126______ age:___31____
**Start of your last period date:___4-19_______
Length of last 2 cycles:26,27
Today’s cycle date: c-day 5, 17

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only):37, 37
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):
37,36 flexed/posed;34,33relaxed
Waist (the smallest part):26.5, 25.5
Hips (the largest part of your butt):35,35 built muscle, lost jiggle
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):42, 41
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):9.75, 9.5relaxed;11, 11 flexed
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):19.5,19
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):20.5,20
Calf (7” below knee joint): 13,12.75

Caliper measurements (*these are the ones I like to track on myself and use to calculate my body fat, for further info on body fat measurements here is a link
Abdomen (I do this one for kicks, since I am an apple):8,6

Weekly Consistency Report
my week in review-
Monday:no workout
Tuesday: 30 min BACK/SH/Bi workout and intervals at home on u-bike
Wednesday: Chest, Tri, Abs at home
Thursday: early morning flip flop intervals (9am, lol)
Saturday:OFF- took pics then proceeded to eat horribly
Sunday: chest/tri/abs..cleaned, groceries and washed van

How many weight workouts did I complete:4
How many intervals training sessions did I complete:2
How many days of the week did I workout:5

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? I had a cold
Who did I encourage this week? myself and a few others

I didn’t have the best week as far as workouts go…I had a bad sore throat all week and now it is in my lungs, I plan to go to the doc tomorrow. I did however do very well on my diet and saw inches and fat loss because of it!!

MY POA for week #__1_________- date:____5-7-07_______
Plan of attack!!!!
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? to boost…rest recovery and maintain
What is my main goal this week in my diet? boost my metabolism, I want to eat more often–mainly ASAP in the mornings the next 2 weeks

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week? I see more of an emphasis on convenience as I have a BIG work week, so I plan only to go to the gym for leg days–also I will probably do fewer workouts in total.

Monday:Home bound back- mainly pull ups and some shoulder work
Tuesday:Legs at the gym
Wednesday:home workout or off, play it by ear
Thursday:chest at home
Friday:just intervals and pull ups
Saturday:Legs either today or SUNDAY?

Weekly Mini Challenges:
Week #1- start May 7- Test yourself: sit ups, push ups, pull ups, broad jump, jump rope in 1 min and whatever else you want to test…also measurements, pics, stats and starting thoughts

this MINI challenge will be fun! I want to video mine…we’ll see…I will post more about it tomorrow.
I am beat and need to rest so I can kick this cold!

Good night fellow,

Week in REVIEW and POA!!

Hey Everybody…Did you miss me?  FYI, I’ve “caught up” on this blog today, and will try to do better about staying current.  I’ve been busy, more busy than ever!

I feel good today! I am at peace and excited about the progress my body has shown over these last 2 weeks! I feel that I’ve rebuilt my strength base and will be able to see some BIG results over the next 3 weeks.

My week in review:
M-Home back workout (30 min)*
T-Chest tri Intervals (1hour)
W-Legs (30 min)
Th-Back, Bi, Shoulder (1 hour)
F-Intervals on treddy (20min)
Sa-quickie chest wo (20min)
Sun-run/walk(rt vmo pain) bike 1 easy:1 hard:off bike exercise (30min)
*noted how long each workout took…just so you know It doesn’t take HOURS AND HOURS to get results- EFFICIENT EFFECTIVE EXERCISE!!

POA- 2nd week of boosting Lifting (mostly 4×10,8,6,10)
T-Chest tri intervals
W-Back Bi Shoulders
Sa-Chest tri Intervals

My eating needs a bit of work still, lol! I have been trying to eliminate Bread and dairy–however somehow Cheese has been creeping into my diet –that sneaky stuff!! So this week I’ll continue to progress and eat at maintenance levels, until buffing starts, then I will HIT IT HARD!!

Off to the movie store!
OH my review for the Illusionist….It was a bit slow and drawn out, but finished strong. So I’ll give it a B

have a great week!

My POA for the week, what’s yours?

Time for this weeks rendition of my POA, lol.

M-no school today but no problem, the kiddos have been playing together very nice all weekend and the trend has continued today, so far! Workout will be- LEGS–super booty focus, lots of lunges and I do plan on doing an extended warm up- 20 mins because I will be too dead post lifting to do any
Otherwise, I have a huge to do list for work to get done this week, I am talking HUGE–any prayers in this regard would help, I need to stay focused and on task in order to get things done, thanks!

T- Chest/Tri’s/abs/run intervals- I think my friend wants to join me this day, we’ll see about that

W-Mom’s day out= work
any workout this day is bonus

Th-workout =Back, Bi, sh and run intervals

F-Legs again whoo hooo!! butt should be recovered by now-so I plan to attack it again even harder and heavier than on MON!

S-Chest workout with DH–this will be fun! Having a spotter on bench is the best–even though I am buffing I will probably push it to the max on the weights this day

S-we’ll see?? Probably a run or off

Once again the goal is weight loss for me this week–fun stuff!
Actually I am in the groove with my diet now, so it should be good–my weight yesterday was 126 so, I have lost 2 pounds in a week. That would be sweet if I could do the same this week, but doubt it. 1 pound loss is the goal for the week–then I just have to maintain for the following week of photo shoot prep which will release a couple more pounds of water, so that I am super buffed by the 26th!!

In other news, I printed off track meet Schedules– It looks like the end of March may be my first one of the season…all depending. So the plan is to get done with this shoot and then focus hard on my 800m training. NOT really all that fun, but I need a challenge and Have to do this before I am too old!

Well, I am off to work!