Fight for it!

I wanted to get DAY 4’s post UP for you HERE:…sexy-day-4-get-tough   Fight for it! My Wednesday was 28 mins morning fasted bike then […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 22

“Get Buff”- Day 22 It’s our 4th and FINAL week of the contest!! BE SURE to kick it in!!! ~ LET’s Be RELENTLESS!!! Workout: DAY […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 15

XMAS Day 15- PHASE 2 begins with “LEGS”!!!  challenge=change~! Well today is our first day of phase 2 for our “28Days” of Christmas Challenge~ and […] Read More

LOD= Side Lunges

In honor of our 100 lunges per day challenge I’ve been posting a LUNGE OF THE DAY– today’s version is SIDE Lunges– If you watch […] Read More

100 Lunges daily!!~ Shine in 49: Day 15

Our “SHINE in 49”  Week #3 Mini Challenge is 100 lunges a day!! Your mini challenge if you choose to accept it is to do […] Read More

4 days to Go!!

4 days to Go!! Today is wake up call time– are you truly taking control of your life?? Please READ and DO today’s task and […] Read More

Birthday ?'s ~ S6Day41

Weekly Q ~ Your Birthday!   This week’s “Weekly ?” is a timely one for me because It’s mine this Tuesday!!! When is your Birthday?… […] Read More

GET MORE FIT!!~S6day34

  I spent the morning motivating myself to get MORE FIT!! Honestly I am VERY fit compared to 95% of the population BUT, I know […] Read More

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan!

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan! SX70 final PHASE~week #9 and #10!!! “Buffing” Warm up w/10 min steady cardio on each workout!!! Cardio: 2 intervals +2- […] Read More