Half-Way Done!! SSS wk 06

HALF WAY DONE in the SSS contest!! be sure to fill out the halfway done report in your Success journal– answer questions, be honest and […] Read More

SuperHero POWERS!! (LOVE)

SuperHero POWERS!!  ARE SO COOL!! wouldn’t that rock to have SUPER POWERS!!  Like Flying, being Invisible, being Super Fast or  Super Strong?? I’m not sure which SuperHero POWERS I’d […] Read More

40 days to FIT~ Day 40!! Congrats!!

Congrats!! We made it through the 40 days to FIT challenge!!! ..I honestly BELIEVE you can reach your goals and you need to BELIEVE it […] Read More

40 days to Fit! Day 35~ vlog!

HI Everyone!! Hope you are having a super weekend!! I’ve been keeping busy but I took some time today to put a VLOG together for […] Read More