SSS week 03- Mini Challenge: 100 Lunges

SSS Week #3 Mini Challenge- 100 lunges a day!!  Your mini challenge if you choose to accept it is to do 100 lunges each day this week!! That’s 100 total, so 50 each leg.

This week’s mini-challenge is one of MY FAVORITES!! To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical determination~ BUT I know you can do it!!!!

the way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the first few days of the week  Most days I will opt to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days I’ll add weight for sure.

For example:

  • On leg days- I HIT my lunges hard with WEIGHTS
    Weighted walking ones- weight on back or holding DB’s
  • Barbell Lunges
  • Smith lunges
  • Super booty smith lunges
  • On non-leg days – I do body weight lunges mostly of the walking or stationary ones.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary Lunges
Walking Lunges
Jumping Lunges
Side Lunges (including Skater and Jumping Side)
Box Lunge with Dumbells
Box Lunge (3 variations) body weight only
Forward Lunges
Backward Lunges
BB Foward Lunge (includes Russian variation)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
Starter style Walking lunges no weight

A key point to keep your lunges working your booty is to focus on using your front leg for the majority of the movement.

And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown to be WALKING lunges :)
You will feel them TRUST ME!!Laughing

To get more emphasis on your butt rather than your quad, remember to use your front leg for the motion and also leaning forward (chest to knee) adds extra booty emphasis.

have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!

~~~~Here are some example workouts and how I fit in 100 lunges on this Mini-Challenge~~~~

Did my lunges just now~ 100 for today
also, a chest/tri/running treddy intervals workout at the gym

yesterday- ran outside and 100 lunges

Keep up the GREAT attitude about The LUNGES- it is more of a MENTAL exercise than physical–GET IT DONE, prove to yourself that you are a BUFFMOTHER!!

Love ya,


Booty workout day~

Warm up
r-bike 5 min
Squats (push through heels, focus on using glutes to lift weight)

Walking Lunges
60# barx15
60# barx15

One set walking calves

Butt Squats
110x10closer stance

Smith Lunges (alternating starting leg)

Bent over leg curls

Keep up the GREAT focus,


As for my workout, I Got it done, despite…feeling like I was a big weakling. I have a photoshoot tomorrow and I typically deplete myself for shoots because I like looking ripped and small…since we all know the camera adds 15 pounds

Here is my measly workout:
warm up 13 mins r-bike
lat pulls

Hammer bicep curls
45×8…I hate bicep curls!

Pull ups
7, 6.5

Standing Military
in front 45×10
behind 45x10x2

Barbell bicep curls

lower back extensions 2×12
knee ups on roman chair 25
knee ups on bench 30

Seated rows
80x10x2 full extension
90×10 super squeeze at end

13 mins on elliptical- high resistance focus on glutes – only 2 hard intervals in there. Ran out of time
I still have my 100 lunges to do today~ I will get them done, just not right now, lol!

Have a super Thurs night~~



Well, I did legs today~ boy I love a good leg workout….My favorite workouts used to be chest, but these last few months~ LEGS totally rule my world.

I love working legs (and BOOTY) because of the RESULTS!! The positive changes I’ve seen in my legs over the last 2 months are UNREAL!!! The time while I was training for my 800m race, I couldn’t lift much with my legs for about 2 months and it ended up showing…don’t get me wrong, my legs looked great, worked great and felt strong…but they were different than they were prior to slacking off from my workouts. Now from LIFTING HEAVY and close to twice every week, I have less cellulite, less fat, more shape to my booty,etc….now than 2 months ago and I am SO EXITED!!!!

I only had an hour so I did the MOST important moves~
5 min warm up elliptical
45×10 plie

Walking lunges
60#x30 steps
60#x30 steps…some extra BIIIIIIIG :)

Seated calf raises

Dead Lifts
135×10 stiffer legs
135×10 more bend in knee- romainian

Kneeling leg curl

Leg press
180×20- super booty squeeze
Calves betweens sets :)

Smith Lunges
70x10x4 on step
Leg ups on R-chair
Booty back extensions

Time was UP!!

Bulgarians / Single Leg Squat

BuffMother — September 18, 2009 — How to do a Bulgarian or Single leg squat by BuffMother, Michelle Berger

Category: Howto & Style


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What’s in a Name
Basics First
Setup & Form
Switch Starting Legs

Transcript: Bulgarian or Single Leg Squat – no weight

Hi. The interesting thing about a lot of exercises that you deal with in bodybuilding and weight training is that there are several different names for basically the same exercise. It all depends on what you grew up calling it, what your friends call it, what your colleagues call it. There’s definitely, with the Bulgarian, there’s a lot of different names for this exercise. You can call it a split squat, a one leg squat, a Bulgarian. Then there’s different variations you can do of the same exercise. So just because one person does it one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it.
Now there’s definitely safer ways to do it, there’s more effective ways to do different exercises. And what I like to teach people are the basic ways to do the exercises first. And stick with the basics at first. Then once you get a certain level of fitness you can tweak them, do different variations, and your body will be ready for those variations. If you don’t have the base core strength, the base leg strength, the base back and upper body strength there’s certain exercises you should not be doing – certain variations of certain exercises that you should not be doing.

So, I’m going to show you just the basic Bulgarian or single leg squat. Now the way that I start is that I have a bench behind me and I step out in front of the bench about 2 to 3 feet. So a good way to start would be to actually have something to hold onto when you’re first starting to do this exercise. I have the stand right here by me. Now simply just place your leg behind you on the bench. You know the bench is there, just lift up your leg and go behind you –you’re holding on so you shouldn’t lose your balance. Then just lower down. You want to lower down to where your knee does not extend over your toes. So you want to have your lower leg pretty much perpendicular to the floor, over your ankle if possible.  So you lower down kinda going back, pushing our butt back. Then as you push up, push up through your heel.
So, we can hold on during this just to keep our balance. Because it is, it very much works your balance – your balance of your ankles, hips. You don’t really want any weight pushing through that back leg, you want all of the weight on the front leg. So think about this (front leg) as the leg doing all of the motion. That’s just back there to help you, for your balance and help you isolate this front leg.

Now, if for instance you want to do a variation of this exercise you can take a bigger stance. And typically I do mine with a bigger stance – I like to really stretch my glute. The closer in you come the more you work your quad. As you stretch out – say for instance if I add a foot out in front of me this way you can see that I stretch more in this area. It will activate my hamstring and glute more. And you can come straight up and down – that’s one variation. Or you can come forward. Like, if I have dumbbells I’ll come forward like I’m a sprinter getting ready to start my race. This will activate your glutes even more. Alright, so that’s a Bulgarian with a couple of different variations.

Now, you want to start with opposite legs each time you do a set so that you don’t overwork one leg and neglect the other. So you want make sure you do the same exercise with the other leg. So we’ll go ahead and do some reps with our left leg. When you’re first starting, like I said, you might want to hold onto something for balance, or have it there just in case. Once you get that you can move to having your hands on your hips or on your leg. This is good, it helps you with your balance. Then we’ll do a couple with the bigger stance here, leaning forward, like I have my dumbbells. You can pretend like you have dumbbells before you even use dumbbells. This is how I would hold them on this variation. That’s basic training on how to do Bulgarians.

I’m going to go ahead and take a little breather. Then I’m going to do a set with dumbbells, so I’ll be back doing that for you.