Be Determined

HEY!!! Welcome to Week #2 of our “Six to SEXY” contest!!!
I hope you are refreshed from your rest day to hit it hard this week.


The word for today is DETERMINED!!


I am so DARN DETERMINED to get to my goal!! I love that feeling of FOCUS!!!

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”
-Tommy Lasorda (American Baseball Player and Coach, b.1927)

“Some are destined to succeed, some are determined to succeed.”
– H. H. Swami Tejomayananda (Indian , b.1950)

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”
– Sonia Johnson

My determination will lead me to workout hard again today!!! I am on fire!!


hope you are equally DETERMINED to get your workout done and make it better than your last one!!  Lift heavier, push harder and focus on getting results at the gym!!


Today’s workout suggestion is:

Upper body, ABS and Intervals

Be sure to start with a warm up- 10 mins on the bike is a great place to start


UPPER BODY- Circuit- do all exercises upper body in the order as listed; repeat the circuit 3 times.  #1 then immediately #2 then immediately #3 etc…then the entire series again for 3 rounds
#1-Chest press or Push ups regular or on knees lbs.
3 sets to  failure reps.
#2-Rows- machine or bent over holding dumbbells lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#3- Tricep machine or Chair dips- for triceps lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps each reps.
#4-shoulder press machine or DB Shoulder Press lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#5-Bicep machine curls or DB Bicep Curl lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#6-Cable tricep push downs or Tricep extension lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#7-Standing Lateral/Side shoulder Raises (flies) with DB’s lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.



ABS–CPTME…SIMPLE 7 for 7 – REFER to my book “AFTER BABY ABS” for an explanation of these exercises and terms
Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuums!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

Then intervals like these:

Stair mill
15 mins of intervals
hard mins at 8 and 9 easy mins at 6
+ 8 mins cool down on r-bike


ALSO, Don’t forget about CHARTING YOUR HORMONES~ Here’s some questions to ask yourself~

1- what cycle day is it for you?
2- what was your weight today?
3- do you notice any water retention in your body? if yes, where?
4- are there any “other” factors of importance to note about your weight gain or loss today?


BE DETERMINED to reach your goals!! And remember that together we CAN change the world for the better!!! Let’s Be DETERMINED to lead by EXAMPLE and in turn help every woman be inspired become their best ALSO!!




Stand and Dance abs: “Fab Abs” Day 13

NO Equipment, no problem– you can still get a great cardio workout and for your abs too!

Your Challenge for Fab ABS day #13 is to do this STANDING ABS + Dancing abs for at least 13 minutes! Put on some music and get moving!!


Be sure as you do this workout to use good posture- tummy in, keeping core nice and tight, we want to create a long lean midsection
1- hopping with variations of side to side “ski jumping” keep chest high, long lean torso and tummy tight- use a mirror to make sure you are not favoring one side over the other.
2- Do some runner drill high knee skipping with the variation of forward, more side to side movement and exaggerated crunch by bringing upper body toward knee.
1 min of it followed by 1 minute of recovery in just marching= interval training!!

Dancing- ab twist


Your BuffMother, Michelle


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday…Thank GOD I don’t have to go anywhere beside the gym today!!  I am enjoying the laid back quality of today.  Just me and my computer for a bit!

My day yesterday went well, but I didn’t get in my upper body workout. I did get my run done and stayed active most of my day with moving junk and MOWING!  I just wanted to get around the house a bit, but the Crazy mower was getting bogged down constantly- I had to clean it out and restart it over and over again!  I can’t wait to get a  riding one~ just have to get HUBBY to pull the trigger on it.  It’s gonna be “his” deal, not mine, lol!

Anyway, the kids are good– they have had benchmark testing all week.  So NO HOMEWORK!!! YAY!!  Silly Layla has lost her glasses AGAIN– If they don’t turn up today, I will have to get a new pair ordered ASAP.  She has really bad vision in one of her eyes– a muscle problem- so she’s supposed to “patch” her good eye in order to make the bad eye work.  Without glasses her good eye takes over even more– so…I must get her a pair.

The AC guy was supposed to come this morning—-  I guess that’s not gonna happen being that it’s past noon already.  I just hope they don’t decide to show up right at my “gym time”. -my downstairs AC isn’t working quite right– part of the time it doesn’t blow air thru the vents??

If you are still reading this, congrats, lol!! Blah, blah, blah— time to eat!

Talk to you later babes!!


Sore Booty!

I have a sore booty today– “happy dance” …YIPPIE!!

My workout yesterday was Squats, Deadlifts, Knee Extensions and Lunges!  I spent the day in at my “old” house- working on getting things out of the attic and shed, organizing, packing, mowing the lawn and uprooted about 20 more baby tress from my planter to transplant to our farm.

Today my to do list is crazy full again and I’ve already gotten the trash out, done the dishes and made breakfast :

  • Get Cuji into groomers
  • Meet with the painter for an estimate
  • Get truck tires aligned
  • Coaching call with a client
  • Workout- run (from and to the tire place so that I don’t have to sit there an WAIT!) and lift upper body
  • Plus, get to work on the 4 training programs I have to write this week!

Busy, busy, but GREAT!!

Hope your booty is sore like mine, lol!!


Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts






Transcript: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
Basically you want your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your upper body upright, bend over at your hips, down til you feel a stretch in your hamstring, then just back up. Nice and slow, then back up. You want to keep the curve in your lower back, you’ll notice how I don’t round my back down like this. Keep it nice and curved as you do the whole motion, that will isolate your hamstrings.
You can also vary this by having a wide stance.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-03

  • Getting geared up to watch "princess protection" tonight with my 3 princesses~ and our prince and the KING~ BergerKING, lol! #
  • setting up Twitter for my Squidoo account #
  • setting up Twitter for my Squidoo account #
  • Heading to the gym…my workout will be upper body today~ ~ "Welcome to the GUN SHOW!!!!!!!!"…What's your favorite body part to workout? #
  • FUN 4th ahead! I love IT!! we've been lighting off fireworks for the past 3 nights already!!! Are fireworks legal in your town? #

FireCrackin' Hot ~ Day 2

Hiddy HO!! I woke up singing this beautiful morning, “”good morning, good morning, good morning it’s time to rise and SHINE!!!!”

Today it’s Day 2 of our FCH and time to attack our UPPER BODY! I bet many of you are sore from your leg workout yesterday and I am too~ mostly in my upper butt/lowe back/hip region.
Day 2-FCH…SUPER detailed: “Upper Body, ABS and Intervals”

10 min
Warm up

Bench/Chest Press 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
115 x10

abs between sets of bench
Knee ups

Pull ups 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
Under hand x 10
20# assist x 10
inverted x 10

abs between sets of pull ups
Old school

Flys 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

10 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 10

abs between sets of Flys

Rows (buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

10 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 10

abs between sets of Rows
3 for 15sec
3 for 15sec

Push ups – military
2x15reps or failure
15+3 knees

Start with a warm up~ I like to do 10 min of the Recumbent bike(r-bike).

EXERCISE #1- BENCH :Then I head over to where I am going to do a little warm up for my first exercise. BENCH or Chest press: I start by doing a warm up set that I don’t count as a real set. Bar x20 reps and then stretch and maybe do a few more reps- It’s always good to be “lubed up”.

· Set 1 of Bench: 95# x 10 reps…then move right into doing my abs

· Set 1 of ABS: The ABS exercises are up to you~ I’ll do knee ups on the bench first: 30 focused in eccentric….then go right back to bench. Remember “I am buffing”, so I want little rest between sets and I want to keep my heart rate up.

· Set 2 of Bench: 115# x 10 reps

· Set 2 of ABS: 25 knee ups- 15 to the front 5 each side

· Set 3 of Bench: 115×8…I died, so I didn’t make 10 reps. BUT that’s okayEXERCISE #2- Pull ups: I like doing these a variety of ways… starting with the hardest way first- full body weight. Then assisted and then some inverted ones.

· Set 1 of Pull ups: 10 reps..YAY!! that’s a good number for me!

· Set 1 of ABS: Old School sit ups x60 reps

· Set 2 of Pull ups: 20# assited x10…slow and controlled full stretch lifting my chest to the bar (think Proud Rooster)

· Set 2 of ABS: Old School x45 reps

· Set 3 of pull ups: Inverted x10 reps really focused on biceps—MY PIPES! Exercise #3- FLYS: you can do them as flat bench, incline or cable

· Set 1 of Flys (incline for me): 30 # dumbbells x10

· Set 1 of ABS: Hanging sit ups x25 reps

· Set 2 of Flys: 35’sx10

· Set 2 of ABS: Hanging sit ups x15 reps

· Set 3 of Flys: 35’sx10 EXERCISE #4- Rows- An important tip when doing these keep your chest lifted and squeeze your should blades together at the end of the movement…if you don’t have access to this machine you can do bent over rows with DB’s or a weight bar.

· Set 1 of Rows: 100×10

· Set 1 of ABS: Vacuums (standing with hands on knees) 3 reps of 15 secs

· Set 2 of Rows: 110×10

· Set 2 of ABS: Vacuums (standing with hands on knees) 3 reps of 15 secs

· Set 3 of Rows: 110×9…I couldn’t do any more than 9. BURN OUT EXERCISE! Push ups 15 reps or to failure

· Set 1 of Push ups: 20 military style

· REST for about 1-2 min…do some stretching

· Set 1 of Push ups: 15 military style+ 3 on knees~ whew!! That burned! NOW it’s time for intervals…doing your intervals RIGHT after a lifting workout is a good way to burn extra fat. You’ve used up most of your glucose stores from your lifting so your body is now set to burn more fat for fuel.

Here is a breakdown of my interval run:

I took my time warming up then did 8 intervals all recovery mins were at 7.5 and the incline was at 2% the entire time:
4mins of warm up
9mph for 1 min: 7.5 mph for 1 min- repeated 8 times 🙂

cool down by walking for about 3-4 mins.

FireCrackin' Hot Challenge~ Day 1

HI!! It’s Day 1 of the 4 weeks…ARE you READY!!
Today’s workout is as follows…I am buffing so I will do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise.
Here is what my workout log looks like filled out~ Below that I’ll detail it for you:

Leg Day

10 min
Warm up

Squats 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

abs between sets of squats

Dead Lifts 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

between sets of dead lifts
knee ups

Leg Extensions 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

between sets of leg extensions
on ball

Leg Curls 3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

between sets of leg curls

Walking Lunges
15#Db’s x 2×30 steps
15#Db’s x 2×30 steps

· If the above looks like it’s written in a foreing language to you~ here is a SUPER DETAILED view of the workout from START to FINISH:
Start with a warm up~ I like to do 10 min of the Recumbent bike(r-bike).

EXERCISE #1- Then I head over to where I am going to do my first exercise. SQUATS: I start by doing a warm up set that I don’t count as a real set. No Weight x20 reps and then stretch and maybe do a few more- It’s always good to be “lubed up”. I have just recovered from a bad back injury so I am being VERY careful to ease slowly back into squatting and many other leg exercises. It’ll take me a few months to get back to lifting the weights I was prior to injury. Slow and Steady weight increases are the smartest way to lift.
· Set 1 of squats: 45# on my upper back x 10 reps…then move right into doing my abs
· Set 1 of ABS: The ABS exercises are up to you~ I’ll do crunches first: 15 reps slow and controlled….then go right back to squats. Remember “I am buffing”, so I want little rest between sets and I want to keep my heart rate up.
· Set 2 of Squats: 55# on my upper back x 10 reps
· Set 2 of ABS: 15 crunches
· Set 3 of Squats: I feel good so I think I’ll ad another 10 pounds, 65×10

EXERCISE #2 – Dead Lifts: I like doing this with a slight bend in my knees lowering the weight slowly while keeping the curve in my lower back—all the movement in my hips.
· Set 1 of Dead lifts: 55# held with one hand over, one hand under x10 reps
· Set 1 of ABS: Knee ups x25 reps
· Set 2 of Dead lifts: 55# held with one hand over, one hand under (alternate which hands from previous set) x10 reps
· Set 2 of ABS: knee upsx15 reps
· Set 3 of DL’s: 55#x10

EXERCISE #3 – Leg Extensions- An important tip for women when doing these are to keep your feet flexed up and toes pointed slightly out…if you don’t have access to this machine you can do stationary lunges here instead.
· Set 1 of Leg Extensions: 135×10
· Set 1 of ABS: Full crunches on the ball x15 reps
· Set 2 of Leg Extensions: 135×10
· Set 2 of ABS: on ball x15
· Set 3 of Leg Extensions: 135×10

Exercise #4 – Leg Curls…if you don’t have this equipment you can do leg curls with a Ball
· Set 1 of Leg curls: 75×10
· Set 1 of ABS: CATS arch up for 5 secs hold…repeat 5 times
· Set 2 of Leg Curls: 85×10
· Set 2 of ABS: CATS 5-5sec
· Set 3 of Leg Curls: 85×10

BURN OUT EXERCISE! – Walking lunges holding dumbbells
· Set 1 of Walking Lunges: 15#DB’sx30 steps (15 each leg)
· REST for about 1-2 min…do some stretching
· Set 2 Walking Lunges: 15’sx15 (same as set 1, just written shorthand)

Then I am done….most leg days I don’t do any extra cardio or intervals. Leg workouts burn a ton of calories and use a ton of energy…to add Cardio on top of the workout unless I am in GREAT shape often makes me too tired to function the rest of the day.

15 Years!
15 Years is a milestone!! I’ve been married for 15 years to the BEST man in the world!!! He ROCKS!!

So…we’ve been celebrating since yesterday, lol!!  We went to lunch both days~ I took yesterday as my “off” workout day~
And so I did some fasted running today and after lunch an at home upper body workout!

Life is AWESOME!!!