i sick :(

I fought the good fight FOR DAYS, but last night my body gave in and got the cold that’s been going through our household.

I’m here sitting inside SICK! BUT the sunny side is that Tons of GREAT THINGS are on TV today– the AFC, the NFC and the UFC!  Getting ready to watch them now.

I ran a killer workout yesterday AFTER cleaning the coop and starting a fire….

15 hills– 5 steep, 5 fast low grade–walking down recovery, 5x 30 sec with 30 sec walk/30 jog recovery.  It feels really good to be progressing with my running again. After the lifting I did some upper body lifting.


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My POA for the week is:

Monday- Lift legs even it is wimpy

Tuesday- try running again

Wednesday- lift upper



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Weekend is ON!

Tonight Gunner and I got in our 4th lifting workout for the week, YAY!!  He’s already getting stronger and says he’s gained 7 pounds (not sure on that, but he is up to 114!)…I’m so proud of him and his effort. He’s going to be a big strong boy by this football season!

Anyhow, The kids are so fired up that the weekend is here and so am I!! I’m going out for dinner tonight: Tomorrow is watching some football, a bonfire,  the UFC and more football on Sunday will round out my weekend!!

In addition to the fun stuff one of my DD’s has a birthday party, so that’ll mean some driving around- I also would like to get in a solid squat workout.  My new gym doesn’t have a free weight squat rack, so I’m planning to go to my old gym or get in a good workout at my house on my squat rack!  THESE LEGS NEED THE WORK!!

Today is cycle day 3 and my first weigh in was horrid!! I was holding tons of water and weighed 132–eeeeekkkk!! But by 5pm tonight I weighed 129 again~ Whew!  I hate hormone bloats!  Anyhow~ buffing officially starts on Sunday and I plan to hit it VERY HARD!  Time to push myself to the limit, no more pussy footing around!!

Peace out….

It’s time for me to go OUT!!



Season change…

I feel it in my body, mind and spirit.  Change is coming!

By season I mean more than just the change from fall to winter.  I mean a season of life.  A season of focus.  A season of goals. 

Tomorrow is GG’s Birthday, so INSTEAD of getting in a workout I got a PRESENT for Gracie! She’s gonna love it.  I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow.

Love the SEASON of life you are in but know it CHANGES fast!

Live it, love it- LOVE YA!


p.s. my DH wrote this press release for his company:…


“Finish STRONG!”- 19 days left until 2011… add 10 mins of steady cardio to burn fat to your workout today. I like it after my lifting or interval workout to kick my fat burning into HIGH GEAR! Let’s KICK it IN this year!!

Wild Wintertime!

Winter’s WILD~~!! Last nignt we watched the UFC event, which is always WILD! Then the wild weather of Blizzards, Cold, Wind, SNOW caused the Metradome Roof Colapse- so NO watching VIKES today!

Workout for today:

Bike 20 mins with some intervals thrown in
ABS and core and hip moves
2 sets Push ups- perfect ones

Not much else to report except This week’s gonna be WILD!! I’m gonna go WILD in my WORKOUTS!

Whoohoo!! Let’s get WILD!!

A Peek

Howday and a Happy Friday do you!!

I had a great day off of workouts yesterday~ A rest was good since I had such a full day. My DR. Appointment went well…we had a very interesting talk about fitness, diet, nutrition, diabetes, etc…Now I am set to go in Mon morning to get a blood panel run. I also had a really quick but good parent teacher conference with Gunner’s teacher. He’s got all A’s Again!! And his teacher seems to really like Gunner!!

I have yet to do my workout today- I will get it done in a bit…a run and upper body are on tap- I think I’ll just do it at home again. I’ve been enjoying that this week.

I’ve been trying to figure out where all my time goes?? I’ve taken some time to investiget it and thought I’d share it with you “A peek into my daily life”:

Workout- 1 hour 5 times a week on average- sometimes less, sometimes more
Work- 5 to 10 hours daily (limited nights and weekends- no Sundays usually)- lots of computer time: rally room, emails, face book, orders, business management, etc… + stuff like orders, product development, training programs, website maintenance, bills, taxes, videos….
Family time 24/7- this is a big time variable in my life- hours spent directly, only on my kids is at least 3 hours daily- but more often times up to 6 hours- which doesn’t seem like much after how crazy my existence was just 7 years ago- that was seriously 18+hours a day all about kids! I also strive to spend bonding time with my hubby- *SEE FOOTBALL and UFC
Clean/cook- 2-3 hours daily
Organize- 1 hour daily
Shop- 3-4 hours weekly
Phone Calls- 2-4 hours daily
Football- 15 hours weekly, maybe more??- way too much time here!! I watch a ton of football on TV- both College and NFL + NFL All Access, other talk shows, and Sound FX or NFL Replay- I also watch my son play and cart him to practice
UFC- 2-4hours a week is spent watching fighting +1 hour a week dreaming about being a fighter, lol
Surfing the Internet- 2-4 hours daily researching, shopping, following up on items, much of this is work related but many times I get side tracked
Sleep- 8 hours is a must for this lady
Devotion Time- 15 mins to 1 hour daily- God time, prayer, watching sermons, church, reading bible, reading other Bible base books, I am at a point in my life where I could do this 5 hours a day! I want MORE!!

As you can guess, this is a guess-timate and not all inclusive. I also have to spend time on things like showers, eating, primping, waiting, etc… You can also see that I do have “time wasters” in my life–but is it a waste to relax a bit and take time to bond with my hubby??

Anyhow- I sure hope you have a great weekend!! You know what I’ll be doing (UFC and FOOTBALL)



Great day! Heck it's been a great YEAR!

Today has been a GREAT Day!! As a matter of fact it’s been a great year so far for me!  I’ve just been HAPPY, Happy, HAPPY for the most part!

Jan 1-The year started on Friday with a great day spent with my DH~ we had spen NYE in a hotel and then the entire rest of the day together, thanks to Grandma Mary watching our little monkeys for us….
Jan 2– I went to workout and brought the girls shopping to target where I scored some much needed sweat pants and a few shirts!! Then  we had another great day of family time and football and FIGHTS~ we ended up purchasing the UFC despite the card being really bad- Dana White needs to put together some better cards!!  or he’s going to lose some of his fan base!
Jan 3– Super Football SUNDAY!!!  I was so happy that the Vikinings played and KICKED tail!! then the Cowboys kicked the EAGLES tail so that the Vikings got a better playoff position- YAY!! (oh an it was cycle day 1)
Jan 4– I worked, got caught up on a lot of stuff, enjoyed it and even enjoyed the kids still being home from school due to the snow day- I went to the chiro and got my butt feeling better~ then I got in a good interval workout on the upright bike. 
Jan 5–’s GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY!! It’s been 5 years of AWSOME!  I’ve loved being able to give hope to women all over the world ~ God has really blessed my life through my website!  I also went to my MMA class~ It was another BLAST!! I love it~ we actually did some semi-live rolling and I feel like I did very good!  IT WAS FUN!!! Then to the gym to get in a run  and lift with chest…I am still dealing with my butt being weird, but it’s definantly better than before I went to the chiro.
Jan 6 – It’s almost 9pm and I just got home from the gym…my workout was way later than planned, but that is better than not getting it done.

My weight is up to 135 ….crazy but I feel good!  I am not fretting my weight right now because I know a bunch of it is water weight from all sorts of things: salt, carbs, carbonation, wheat, dairy, hormones, creatine, etc…

cday 1- 131
cday 2- 133
cday 3- 135 (weight up from STEAK dinner and CARBS)

Okay…On to my to do list issues.  Yesterday I planned to write a to do list, well….it really didn’t happen.  I got a start on it and then i got “paralyzed” by it.  My list is way to long!  I need help!!!  I think for the rest of today I’ll focus hard on getting a bit more “caught Up” with my e-mails and by tomorrow I may be ready to focus on a to do list.  My hormones should be cooperating better on cycle day 4~ my mental HIGH days are coming soon, I can feel it!!!!

here’s a quick POA for my workouts the remainder of the week:

Thurs- MMA class at noon
Fri-Chiro appt @10:30; Back,sh, bi and run intervals
Sat-chest, tris, abs
Sunday- run intervals

Hope all of you are having a GREAT 2010, I sure am!!

Love and THANKS!!


"wanting to" becomes DOING IT!

9 days till Christmas!!  and Grandma is on her way….my kids are so excited!!!  I am excited too, but have lots and lots to do before the holiday!  I was engulfed in Gracie’s birthday and now I am prepping for my “day in the life photo-story” interview with the paper on Friday, that I must force myself to get some FOCUS on Christmas! 

Anways guess what????

After years of “wanting to” I finally did it! I took my first MMA class…it was so fun!!!  For those of you who don’t know….MMA is mixed martial arts…are you familiar with the UFC?  it’s basically training that encompasses boxing, kick-boxing, grappling (wrestling), ground fighting, submissions, etc…
We did some mitt hitting/boxing training yesterday 🙂

And today I am sore in weird places from it, like my rib cage?  and CALVES! wow- we did some major jumping drills.  Let me see if I can remember what we did:

tabata intervals 20 sec on; 10 sec off 5 rounds of each exercise:

Staight punches on heavy bag
Kettle ball squat/front raises- 15# KB one arm each round- I should have gone a little heavier on these
Hooks on heavy bag
Squats on Med ball as fast as possible- hands up by face- man that’s low!

Kicks on heavy bag
Jumps touching knees to palms- these were totally killer!

Mitt hitting with trainer (3 or 4 rounds total)- learned how to do several combinationsusing the following: jab, straight, cross, hook, uppercut

While the other girl hit with trainer I did coordination training with:
Double end speed bag
Speed bag

Then we watched a video of the trainer’s fight she had over the weekend…it was very cool to see!  She’s a little firecracker!

After the training I went directly to the gym…I lifted a little back, bi, shoulder and abs then ran intervals on the tready

Assisted pull ups (2 sets)
paired with weighted roman chair knee ups (20 pound DB between feet)- 15, 10+more unweighted

Cybex Lat pulls- 3 sets
paired with knee ups on bench

hammer strength bicep curl machine 3 sets
paired with shoulder press machine- 3 sets

Bicep focus inverted pull ups (2 sets)
paired with T-bar Row- 2 sets

abs on ball 2 sets
paired with db bicep curls 2 sets

20 min running intervals at 8, 9 and a couple at 9.5mph rest mins off for 20 sec then 40sec at 7mph

Well, i am off to clean, shop and workout before Grandma arrives…she spent the night in Council Bluffs so she’ll be here in around the time the kids get home.

Have a super stellar day!!



My son is 10!


Today’s been all about getting prepped for my dear little boy’s 10th Birthday tomorrow~ WOW! I can’t believe he’s that old already! I love it but hate it at the same time. FYI~ it’s cycle day 28 for me, so hormones are running wild…tears are at the surface.

I just had a little happy cry about Tom Watson doing so well in the British Open golf tournament today.
I think it’s an awesome story already, but it’d be soooo cool if he could win it tomorrow! I’ll have to be sure to watch at least part of it.

ANYHOW~ he’s got a friend spending the night tonight and another coming over for his little “party” tomorrow. It’ll be really nice! I am baking a cake to decorate right now~ GUNZ wants it decorated “UFC”…so I’ll have to turn on my lright brain a bit to get that done.

I had a good leg workout! “SQUAT” was my truth hammer today:

r-bike warm up 10 mins- chatted with a couple pastors from my church

105x10x3sets- another recent high…my back is doing good!

Seated calf raises
90x15x5sets- straight, toes out, toes in, straight, straight

Dead lifts
65×10+10conventionalx 2 sets

worked out my jaw a bit talking to my friend and doctor -Dr. Earl

Leg curls-
70x10x3 (a bit of a sore left hammie)
Leg Extension

Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets on a step

Butt squats
70x10x 3sets

A few abs inbetween sets: knee ups on roman chair, ab wheel, knee ups on bench.

and that was it!

Hope your day was GREAT like mine!!


p.s. There’s been a HUGE response already for the “40 days to fit” challlenge…please join and feel free to share it with your friends! EVERYONE is welcome~ here’s the link

Half Year Resolutions

Yesterday I was inspired to make some goals for myself…the year is half done and I need to “accomplish” more these next 6 months to make this year a success!! I’ve broken down my goals into 4 categories~ fitness, work, family and spirit….

July Goals

Week of




July 6th 3 day split buffing hard; photo prep- sprint 2x’s a week Videos,Website, Photoshoot Friday- chore time at 3pm daily go to trails, library and berry picking with kids; UFC on Saturday listen to JM podcasts during workouts
July 13th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;

increase my sprints to 8 reps- sprint 2x’s a week

Website store project; videos;chore time at 3pm daily VBS for kids!! Gunner b-day!! VBS, Church, read “reduce me to love”
July 20th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;sprint 2x’s a week video; scheduel august photo shoot;chore time at 3pm daily Have some fun- zoo, pool, lake, etc… Kids book of devotions daily
July 27th buffing hard again…increase my sprints to 10reps; sprint 2x’s a week decide on fall travel;chore time at 3pm daily make plans for anniversary next month; football registration for fall; back to school prep Read Joel Osteen’s book

Splitting it up like that may just make it harder, lol~

Overall my fitness goal is to start working out on a 3 days split again…lifting 6 days a week. I plan to finish off this buffing phase really hard and then BOOST really hard! I need to rev up my metabolism again and boosting with extra supplements and calories seems to do that nicely. I also want to continue to increase my sprinting. By the end of the month I want to get up to 10 sprints/session at least once a week. I want to do sprints twice a week total.

Workwise, my goal is to keep on improving my website and add a bunch of new video content. I’d like to shoot video at least 4 days a week~ Tues- Friday would be good for that. I’m also going to keep up with everyone in the Rally Room and continue to keep adding new good content to it too.

Family wise…it’s Summer vacation here and another B-day is just a few days away… Gunner is going to be 10!! We’ve been trying to have a daily ‘chore” time which are rewarded with set fun activities with the kids. It’s been fun, yet challenging to have them home these past few weeks. A local church has a VBS during the morning on the week of the 13th…the kids love that VBS and so do I! having some free time is nice 🙂

Spirtiually, I need to keep growing and keep connected to my God…I love listiening to messages on my iphon and reading good books. I think if I have a set plan to do something specific each week it’ll help me continue to grow in my realtionship with Jesus.

I am heading to the gym now to do a back, sh, bicep workout~ then I’ll be back to take my FCH pics and stats.


Back At It

I got back at it yesterday with 2 sessions of cardio/intervals that added up to over an hour!!!

My first session was fasted: a run and 6 killer 20 second intervals (Tabata style)
then some abs too…

Then later I went to the gym and rode the r-bike for 15 mins…the last 4 mins of which were 8 Tabata style intervals. Then I hopped on the stair mill and did 20 mins of intervals (10 total)…In 20 mins I climbed 117 floors and decided that I’ll challenge myself to get more floors climbed each time I do them.
After the stair mill I did 3 sets of walking lunges and the hip abduction machine.

Today, I am gonna get to the gym with DH and do some upper body lifting and maybe some intervals after it. THEN I am supposed to take pics and measurements~ eeek!!! I am not tooo excited about that because I ate pizza last night…Which was STUPID! I had a tummy ache from it and ended up breaking my NO DAIRY challenge. It’s c-day 19 here and yesterday I could feel my hormones starting to ramp up….soooo I plan to JOURNAL my eats this week. Hopefully that will help me keep in check!

Tonight the UFC event is on Pay-per-view TV~ so you know what I’ll be watching!!!

Bye for now~