I believe in effective efficient workouts!

Hi Everyone~
Boy did last week turn out weird!
It started off with a back “tweak” during my leg workout on Sunday,
so I had to rest on Monday.
Hit the gym hard on Tuesday with a GREAT chest and interval workout.
Then on WED~ 3 mins into my run I rolled my ankle bad!
Thursday- I couldn’t even walk~ sad since it was my b-day!
Friday- off
Sat- off, but did do 11 unassisted pull ups in a row …a recent pb!
Sun- off too~ had a good day though, could walk well enough to shop for Father’s Day and CLEAN

My BELIEF for today is I believe in effective efficient workouts!
So that’s the PLAN for this week to do effective efficient workouts! I am now in BUFFING mode and MEGA MOVEMENT is planned for each workout- and no workout will last much more than an hour total- HARD EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT AND RELENTLESS!!

MINI Challenge of the Consistency Challenge
#7- June 18- do 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each)…I love this challenge- My tummy pooch will be GONE by the end of this week!!

I will do better on my POA this week!
Here is the Plan:
M-Lift legs @ 3:15pm
T-Lift Back and intervals
W-Lift Chest and intervals
Th-Lift Legs
F-Lift Back- Gunner’s last day of school!!
Sa-Lift Chest, intervals

WELL I am off to have a GREAT DAY!!

POA~ week #6 consistency challenge

I believe in the power of REST!  In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one.  I took a couple extra days “off” of working out, but made my workout days count and It was great despite it is usually one of my roughest hormonal times of the month!!!  I am pumped about it~ I followed my own advice and RESTED more than I usually let myself REST and it keep myself HAPPY, unstressed, productive, loving, patient and healthy!  In addition to the rest I was a good girl about taking my “boosting” supplements and they always help with keeping my hormones balanced.  Soooo, I feel great! and ready to hit my LEG workout today HARD and have another super week of Boosting!!

Here is my POA for today- and I’ll be back with my POA for the week soon:
Watch Veggie Tales- ESTER movie with my girls
Workout at gym- all by myself!! KILLER LEG DAY!!
Clean house again for at least and hour
have some R&R with the Family 🙂

Fun HUH?  YES, as Philippians 2:14 says “In everything you do stay away from complaining and arguing” and I believe I will!!

Have a super SUNDAY GALS!!

Now for my RECAP and POA for week #6-
Tue- lower and run
W- off
Thurs- upper and run
F- off
S- run
Sun- legs (squats two heavy sets 175×2 plus 155×6 and CDL’s- tweaked back)

Mini-challenge: worked out twice with my SIL
obstacles- none
I encouraged my SIL

M-recover my back tweak off
T-upper and run intervals
W-Lower either today or Thurs
Thur- off
Sunday off

Diet goal- much of the same, but starting thurs I plan to enjoy my B-DAY all weekend!!

Mini-Challenge-to try on your bikini daily this week- I LOVE IT, I plan to strut around in my bikini this week!!  Yeah baby~

I am optimistic this week will bring GREAT EXCITEMENT and fun!!

Belief quote for the day:
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”-Oprah