Favorite Shows

A few days ago, I asked: What is your Favorite thing to watch? its is a tv show, a you tube channel, sports, comedy, documentary, […] Read More

Hello Hotties!

Hello my HOT friends! I have been doing great on journaling in my “book” and even spending time here, but I’ve missed “blogging” about my […] Read More

11 is a good number!

Hey Y’all!! It is day 11 of 70….can you believe we are over 1/7th done with the contest!!! Let’s keep up the great mojo and […] Read More

Tuff Tonight and my Back workout!

HI EVERYONE!!! TUF is on tonight!! I am so pumped that the first round is OVER~ can’t wait to see my buddy (met him at […] Read More

UFC Thursday!!!

HEY YA!! it is Thursday!! and the UFC is having a fight night tonight and the premier of my favorite reality tv show THE ULTIMATE […] Read More

Feelin’ Great!

Yesterday-I went to the gym and had a stellar cardio experience First I rode the r-bike really easy for 10 min then tanned Smiling Then […] Read More