Cool AD!; good day ; new store :)

Cool AD! My Oxygen magazine arrived in the mail this morning and LOW and BEHOLD~ I am in it!! on page 111…in the BODYSPACE AD!!  […] Read More


I believe I have had a great month of BELIEF building this MONTH!! There is HUGE power in believing!! WE must believe we can have […] Read More

Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and […] Read More

Chest Tri Interval workout: 4-10-07

Had a great workout today~ Warm up r-bike: 6 mins Bench 45×15 95×10 115×8 120×6 105×10 Incline flys 35’sx10 40’sx8 attempted 45’s- no go 40’sx6 […] Read More

I’m Back!

As promised–I am back! No sprints- just a quick chest/tri workout–and I mean short…not exactly quick–I feel like I’ve been working out all day–with kids […] Read More

Friday’s Chest workout

oh my word I just lost my whole post— So here it is a summarized version, so sorry…I just don’t have time to write all […] Read More

RELENTLESS!!! Starting progress picture

HI RELENTLESS FRIENDS!! I ran this morning fasted, ick, and this afternoon I went to the gym and did chest and tri’s, my EASY day… […] Read More

I made my goal!

Hi everyone! I made my weekly push-up goal!! 45 and I was dying! YIPPIE, I did it! I also just finished a killer home spun […] Read More

Lifting STRONG!

FUN!!!! Lifting is FUN! When you see yourself hitting personal records, feeling once heavy weights become light, and seeing the amazing results in the mirror, […] Read More