If you don’t do it…a puppy dies.

Saturday sleep in!! HOLY COW…I woke up at 9:52 this morning! I was very tired!! Last night I posted how I was tired and got […] Read More

Whacky Wednesday

Time to get a bit Whacky! I’m so sick of dealing with the UBER SERIOUS side of people. My solution is to get even more […] Read More

I love weights!

Today was a TIME WARP day, lol! I slept in this morning and ever since have been on the GO! GO! GO!! Still feeling pretty […] Read More

Time for Change Tuesday

Time for Change Tuesday~ What’s the thought process that you go through when you are making a change in your life?  What are your emotions […] Read More

SuperSTARS Success Contestants are SUPER HEROs!!

Well, Day #1 of the contest was a BLAST!!  I couldn’t believe all the super excitement from the contestants!! THANKS!! In my mind 175 of […] Read More

Before I forget…

Before I forget….I need to blog my workout for today. I got up and actually did fasted cardio 20 mins with 6 intervals of 1 […] Read More


www.BuffMother.com Alaska?…do any of you dream of living in Alaska?  I do…but only during the warmer months, lol!   I think it would be so beautiful […] Read More

Go, GO, go~

www.BuffMother.com Today has been one of those GO, GO, GO days!!!  We had soccer, soccer awards, BB pictures, a quick run to McD’s for lunch, […] Read More

Playing is FUN!

www.BuffMother.com I like playing sports… but some how as a MOM it is not the norm.  Today at my DD soccer game I played catch […] Read More

Flyin’ by Friday!!

www.BuffMother.com Where in the world did today go??? I started the day with a “wake up” by my early rising daughter, GG…she was backpack on […] Read More