Messy Monday

Our trash service, waste management, decided to stop picking up our trash about 2 months ago and no one wouldn’t tell me what was going on except for finally now we were told they got fired from our area. GUNZ and I packed up and brought 2 months worth of stinky, rotten garbage…yicky ‪#‎stinky‬


Meanwhile Gunner had a run in with a BEAR– Just kidding, this is from his snapchat, he’s my most creative one for his pics on there 🙂


After the Trash, I got in a good hill run– managed 6 uphills despite the heat, good thing i was able to run in the shade and the breeze was nice! Each hill was about 1 min up and I felt good enough to add in some 3 second speed bursts during my last 3.

Came back and did some booty work for a cool down– did the 4 rounds of the BLT and 1 each of the PBJ and SUB too!!

I recorded a short video recap on Snapchat and IG– follow me there I am @buffmother 🙂

Have a great one!!

Sore Booty!

I have a sore booty today– “happy dance” …YIPPIE!!

My workout yesterday was Squats, Deadlifts, Knee Extensions and Lunges!  I spent the day in at my “old” house- working on getting things out of the attic and shed, organizing, packing, mowing the lawn and uprooted about 20 more baby tress from my planter to transplant to our farm.

Today my to do list is crazy full again and I’ve already gotten the trash out, done the dishes and made breakfast :

  • Get Cuji into groomers
  • Meet with the painter for an estimate
  • Get truck tires aligned
  • Coaching call with a client
  • Workout- run (from and to the tire place so that I don’t have to sit there an WAIT!) and lift upper body
  • Plus, get to work on the 4 training programs I have to write this week!

Busy, busy, but GREAT!!

Hope your booty is sore like mine, lol!!


I am not a super hero

I surely am not a super hero but that doesn’t stop me from trying to fly!!

I have been totally humbled and at peace with the fact I can only do so much in each day….and it’s high time for me to hire some help so I can increase my productivity without killing myself!  With that said, I’ve begun the process of “scaling back” my expectations for each day.  My initial approach is going to be to write out my daily “to do’s” then figure out what 1/4 of it is the highest priority item(s). Accomplishing any more that that is a bonus!

This trip to Vegas is so exciting and a huge blessing for many reasons.

  • I get to spend some time with the huby
  • we got an unexpected visit from gramma (the babysitter)
  • I got several important things done that I wouldn’t have made time to do otherwise- tires, oil change, carpets cleaned, teeth cleaned and a cavity filled
  • I get to go to the Olympia and meet some of the industry players
  • I get to be personally trained- I’ve always said I want to be the trainee vs. the trainer at some point in my life

It’s all good and very exciting.

This morning has already been productive, I’ve bought my sister a Birthday present, I’ve taken out the trash, I’ve prepped some items to be shipped and I’m now off to do my devotions and at 9 I get to talk to our Shana!!  She’s a doll!!

I’ll certainly be checking in from Vegas~ Love you all!!

Bye, bye!!!