Just RUN June!

Happy June 1st!!  I just love JUNE, it’s an amazing month and this month our Theme is JUST RUN June!  I’ll be posting fun information about running through my Instagram,  Facebook Page and on YouTube. Please join in on the fun. My personal challenge is to run every other day in June.  Every “odd” numbered day of the month will be a running day for me!  What is your running goal for this month?  Are you determined to go from a NON-RUNNER to a runner?  Are you training for a road race?  Are you trying to get faster?  Are you working on your ability to run hills?  Are you wanting to lean up your legs?  Are you looking to prevent injury? etc…What is your goal?

A few tips:

  • Don’t run every day- it’s hard on your body! Even running every 3rd day will provide results!
  • Start conservative run for 1 min, walk to recover and repeat for 10 mins total.
  • Wear good shoes; it’s vital to your feet, knees, hips and back health
  • Mix it up- do some intervals, some hills, some sprints, some long slow runs
  • Breath with your belly and thru your nose and mouth- get that OXYGEN!
  • Use good form and posture- no slouching and lift your legs up (no shuffling or wogging)

Let’s JUST RUN this JUNE!!

Revealing Abs info: “Fab Abs” Day 14

Day 14 of our Fab ABS challenge~
Please watch this short video….It’s 4 Diet Tips that will help reveal your abs:

4 diet tips to reveal your abs
1- hydrate
2- protein
3- increase fiber
4- supplementation

ALSO, for your ab workout today, it’s time for you to PRACTICE your sit ups.
Do the following– I’d recommend having a timer and be sure to secure your feet. A curl bar or DB’s work well for this-

20 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
20 sit ups as fast as possible
~rest 30 seconds
15 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
15 sit ups as fast as possible
~rest 30 seconds
10 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
10 sit ups as fast as possible

GREAT JOB!! and way to finish week #2 strong!!
Let’s plan on having a stellar week 3,
Love ya,
Your BuffMother, Michelle

Fab Abs Summary

Summary of the 28 days “Fab ABs” challenge posts–  Also a FREE 28 day calendar download for you~

Week 1:

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Week 2:

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Week 3- Repeat Week:

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Week 4:

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Day 28 – Final Entry Info


“Get Buff”- Day 5

“Get Buff”- Day 5



Day #5
Rest day

If you missed any of the workouts from days 1-4 today would be a perfect day make up that workout~!! If you ever miss a day of workouts- SHIFTING your workouts a day forward is better than SKIPPING them entirely.
30 days isn’t a long time, but BURN OUT can happen fast- It’s very key to PACE yourself and incorporate REST DAYS into your workout program for your physical and mental success!

Today’s Diet focus:

Try new food or recipe- Variety is key to diet success!

The Rally Room has a GREAT Recipe section– check out some of the great ones listed and PLEASE add yours!!!

AND….please comment with ideas of NEW foods, what you tried for your food, and with any other questions, tips, or thoughts!


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I did it!

I Just got home from the park~ Today was my first day off of workouts in 33 days…I succeeded in my EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge! It feels GOOD to have that accomplished!
Now it’s June and my mojo is HIGH~ I am SUPER STOKED to get our next contest underway!!! WHOOHOO SUMMER is the best!!!
My week in review went like this: Sunday- legs and run on treddy; Sat- tramploine workout (11mins); Fri- run/sprints/hills outside=HOT!!; Thurs- Long walk ; Wed- Leg workout with short run; Tue-light upper body and extra cardio; Mon-run outside ;Sun- bike 11mins.
This week’s plan looks like this:
M- off
Tue-chest/tri’s and intervals
Wed- Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals
Thurs- LEGS **START of “FireCrackin’ HOT!!!”
Friday- Upper Body
Saturday- off
Sunday- run
I am gonna veggg infront of the TV for a bit~ have a good one!!