SSS Week 04- MORE ON Buffing

  MORE ON Buffing- “the first half of the month”- Sweet happiness –2 weeks… Mindset -Hit it hard –shoot for overall weight loss (chances are […] Read More

Let’s talk about HORMONES! SSS Wk 03

SSS week 03- Let’s talk about HORMONES! Boosting- “the second half of the month”- PMS –2 weeks… Week #3 Coaching Session– all about “Boosting” Mindset […] Read More

12 days to Go!!

12 days to go…your task, workouts and support link: Sorry ladies I have been terrible about posting my workouts…but I have been doing them […] Read More

Holy Hormone hump day! Well girls…It was one of those days for me today~ High Hormones= tired, slow, stiff, unfocused and a bit reclusive, lol!…but I pushed through […] Read More

The best laid plans to up in SMOKE! WOW~~~!!!!! isn’t it fun to have excitement to get buff for the spring?!! I sure am feeling the vibe!! I am “Boosting” at the […] Read More

What makes a woman Special?

What makes a woman Special? Women are special creatures- we are different than men and that difference must be taken into consideration in our training […] Read More