Thursday turn-around…

Well…. today is a turn-around of sorts for my week.  Up until last night our whole family was sleep deprived and yesterday I thought I was going to become a narcoleptic.  I was so SLEEPY…so I took it as sign that I needed to SLEEP instead.  So we all went to bed early and today has been a mucho better day.  I really, REALLY value my sleep!  I KNOW that it is key for me to be my best mentally and physically.  Without enough I turn into a crabby MOMMA….not only do I value my sleep but my kids’ sleep.  I’ve always been very staunch about them getting to be on time and when they were little having their naps.  I really believe that if our world would get better sleep EVERYONE would be more healthy and productive.  A key practice that ensures my sleep being “good” is to keep my afternoon caffeine intake very limited, to “settle down” a couple hours prior to bed and to get my workouts done.

My leg workout today looked like this:
Warm up r-bike 5 min and treddy running 10 mins
* please remember I am just starting back with squats and deadlifts after some time off of them– I am not normally this weak, lol


Dead lifts

Leg press (single leg)

Seated calf raises

Side lunges 10 high+10 low
sissy squats 20reps
Smith lunges
70×10×2…after the second set I got a massive hip cramp which basically hindered the rest of my workout
Knee extensions
130×10×3+100×10burn out set immediately after

Leg curls

That was all…afterwards I went tanning and talked to Lori G… fun to hear her voice and chat with her finally!!  then a bit later after the kids got home from school we went to wal-mart to mainly get TP and look at what they had for bedspreads and curtains.  They had nothing I wanted for my room….AND I forgot the TP!!  5 women go through a ton of TP ;)

I am off to try and get some more cleaning/work done.
Have a terrific Thurs night!!

Terrific Thursday!

I believe today was a Terrific Thursday, I had a good fairly relaxing time today.  I worked hard this morning and then I got my nails done~ they look so much better.  Isn’t it amazing how little things like that can make you feel some much better!
I also shaved my legs today (my leg hair is very blond and have fine hair on my legs, so I only shave about 1 time a week– I am lucky!), another little thing that made my day, lol!!

As you may have guessed  I VALUE the “little things”…I truly believe that if you focus on doing the little things each day, making the correct little choices you face hundreds of times a day, that is what will lead you to success or failure.
and entire foundation of my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” is based upon this principle…Here is an EXCERPT

Every wise choice creates eternal benefits:
I believe that every positive choice you make concerning attitude, diet and fitness carries lifelong benefits. Simply put, every time you exercise, your body changes for the better on a cellular level.  Nobody can take it away from you!!  I’m talking about: every set, rep, cardio session, vegetable you eat, glass of water you drink, etc. Every good decision affects every cell of your body in a positive way forever!  When you truly understand this fact, it is powerful!
You must focus all your energy on doing everything in your power to create massive momentum toward reaching your goal.  The more momentum you create, the faster you will be successful!!  Keep in mind that every tiny little thing has an effect on your momentum. If you aren’t doing something to gain “Mojo” you’re losing it!
I know this might sound a little intimidating so let’s simplify. You must understand that success or failure will be determined by the little things that you do on a daily basis.  You need to choose get healthy and fit, to get “buff”, with every decision you face daily.  If you do your momentum will continue to build and you will continually move in a positive direction.  It’s the little things that you do habitually and consistently that create massive momentum.
I call the LITTLE THINGS you do daily the BuffMojo Basics.  They are guaranteed to get your momentum moving in a positive direction.  By now, you know that I believe in keeping things simple.  However, I almost never describe anything as “easy.”  The GREAT thing about the BuffMojo Basics is that they are all simple and easy!!  This is why they are so powerful:

The BuffMojo Basics:
Drink a glass of water
Eat a green veggie
Exercise for 2 minutes
Write down a positive affirmation
Write down 5 things you are thankful for
Identify 3 positive qualities in the next person you see
Pay someone a genuine compliment
Encourage someone
Stand up and stretch
Take 5 deep breaths, exhaling completely after each one.
Clean something for 2 minutes
Stretch for 3 minutes
Eat a piece of fruit
Eat a carrot
Take your Buffing/Boosting supplements
Not doing something negative counts as doing something positive!

Let’s use a mental illustration:
Picture a train parked on tracks that lead up a long gradual hill. This train represents your momentum.  At the top of the hill is success  your dream, goal, etc.).  At the bottom of the hill is a bottomless pit called failure.  Every positive imprint is fuel for the train making it speed up the hill.  Every negative imprint is like lead weighing the train down. Remember, you are either gaining speed going up the hill, creating a positive momentum to your goal, or you are rolling backwards towards destroying your momentum and possibly even creating a negative legacy.
Start making even little decisions based on whether or not it will create positive momentum or negative momentum toward your goals.   Every positive thought, deed, comment, action, and choice has the power to create more momentum.  You literally have thousands of opportunities every single day to gain momentum!!
Water or Coke?
Supplements over candy
Lettuce over cookies
Blueberries instead of ice cream
Banana over cereal bar
Oatmeal instead of fruit loops
Walk instead of a drive
Gym over mall
Workout vs. happy hour
cybex lat pulls
paired with hammer bicep curls

Success Tool 7- “5 Minute Mojo”
You can regain and build Momentum in less than 5 minutes! Do the little things listed below to create instant positive momentum ~
1- drink 10 oz of water
2- march for 1 minute
3- take 5 full deep breaths
4- stretch for 1 minute
5- eat a green veggie!

You have control over every decision!   The big picture is made up of the little things!

Be sure to VALUE the “little things”….

Today’s workout was good, FYI~ I am now buffing c-day 5…the last five days I’ve weighed 125 or 126
r-bike 10 mins

Seated rows
paired with ab glider
25reps x2 sets

shoulder press seated backwards
paired with knee ups on roman chair
45, 30

Hammer iso row
45 each arm x15

lateral raises
paired with
upright rows

1 set knee ups on bench 25 reps

Ran intervals on treddy
hard mins at 9.4, easy mins at 7.4– 1 hard;1easy 8 hard mins total

Then I tanned for the first time in about 3 weeks…it felt good and i talked to my sissy while I was in the bed.

I also got to talked to Julie and Lisa today~~ they are such super great gals :)

Love ya,
p.s. my legs are not nearly as sore as I thought they might be, THANK YOU JESUS!!  and so far I’ve done 3/10 weight workouts and 2 of 8 runs towards my b-day challenge– I’ll need to lift chest and run again tomorrow if I wanna hit my goals!

Thursday is a ROCKin’!!

HOLY cow!!! I am so on fire today it can’t possibly be “tired Thrusday”…
anyhow~ I have been in a super mood, have good energy, a ton of focus and the scale was so nice to me this morning– 125.7!!Just a few more days to see a real 125 (my goal for Sunday)!!!! I am gonna make it, maybe even see a 124~ that’d be amazing!!

So far my workout has been this:

Back/Sh/Bilat pull downs (regular machine wide overhand grip)
paired with knee ups on roman chair
50, 40, 30

Assisted pull ups- super focus on negatives
paired with cybex shoulder press sitting backwards

Cybex lat pulls
paired with hammer machine bicep curls

Wide cable lat pulls on knees
50 each sidex10 together, 10 each side
60 each sidex5 together, 10 each side, 5 together
60each sidex5, 5 each side twice :)
paired with posedown bicep curls
30each sidex10×3

Seated rows
paired with hanging sit ups
15no hands help, 30 hands help various angles
10 no hands help, 20 hands help
roman chair knee ups- super focus on lower abs
25 reps

Here in a bit I am going to do my lunges outside and possibly some intervals outide somehow…I just ran yesterday, so no running today.

OH and my back feels quite a bit better today- the chiro yesterday may just have POPPED it back into place–I sure hope so!!!-M

UFC Thursday!!!

it is Thursday!! and the UFC is having a fight night tonight and the premier of my favorite reality tv show THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 5 (TUF)…
I love it!! So that’s the plan for tonight….

I am a slight bit injured…I hurt left side of my neck/shoulder yesterday afternoon doing shoulder presses with 30#dbs ***DON’t lift heavy weights with shoulders until you are warmed up and strong enough to***

I should have known better, but I was distracted and tend to forget that I am not as strong as I was just a few months ago, lol! on rep #4 of my set I felt my spine go “out” and like a dummy just kept on going with the rest of my workout…needless to say I was in pain last night!!

BUT today I got into the chiro and he put it back in place…now I am just sore, so I took the day off of lifting– tomorrow will be chest and triceps.

Well, the BOOK is really taking shape!! Gotta go get more done on it~

Is it already Thursday??

Hi ya,
We made it to the gym just in time for kids class…they have it every tues and thrus mornings and the kids love it!
Here is my workout:
Warm up elliptical 7 min- These were done as paired circuits…3 sets of each pair with very little rest between, the object is to keep moving but still lift as heavy as you can for 6-8 reps of each exercise-

Chest press 80,90,90
tricep extension 50, 60, 60

bench 95, 105, 105
bench dips 10, 10, 10

cable flys 30x8x3
tricep push downs 70, 80, 90

Incline flys 35’sx6x3
Kickbacks 10x10x3

Knee ups 40
Crunches 50

OH AND my booty is sore? is yours???? If not get on it!!
p.s. I just got some cool stuff I ordered from VS…these sandals and this dress

Now for somewhere to wear them???

“The Key to your Motivation is to ENCOURAGE others!”

Thursday Check-in

Hi! Everyone, Hope you are having a super day…for me it is my MOM’s day
and I am catching up on “work”.

I have been working out hard and sticking to my plan, but being bad
about posting my workouts…please forgive me

Here is what I did this week so far:
Sunday Legs- back back
Monday Chest Tri’s run/bike intervals
Tuesday Shoulders, back, biceps, r-bike intervals plus steady state
for a total of 45 min…I thought I was going to die afte this!!

Wednesday: legs again…this went much better than Sunday’s workout


Smith Lunges

Butt Squats one set of 15 @70
Close stance smith squats one set of 20 @70

Walking lunges with 60# bar on back
set 1 24 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps

2 sets bulgarians with 30’s- 8,6

set 2 30 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps

abductor machine 60x10x2(2nd time with these)
adductor 30x15x1 (i never do these)

3 sets various machines wts and reps

Leg Press(new machine)
80×25 getting my feet wet here
trying to focus on my butt on these…I like this machine very easy on
my back

Then a set of knee extensions….then I saw one of my former clients
and started talking too much So then i decided I was done for the day.

Results: my butt is sore!! HOOORAY!!

Have a super day-
I have a run to do here in a bit.