HI all!!  Well I am home from my day of “wellness”…I went tanning for my mental/sunshine/warmth needs, I went to the chiro for my adjustment and the I went to massage therapist for my muscle relaxation needs. I believe it has and will continue to help me get back to healthy workouts next week!!

Seeing all of your fun CONTEST posts and first test results has made me VERY excited to do mine next week!!  Please be sure to watch/read the blog posts about the contest to this point.  They are all accessible UNDER THE “BOOKS” section on the left hand menu under JUST DO IT! – 6 weeks

I’ve been doing a bunch more research today on rehab stuff for my butt and back…I think what I’ll do is write up a little “series” for the rally room to summarize what I’m going to do these next few weeks to get back on the attack now that I am able to MOVE again, lol! It’s so sad to me that I may have to give up my fighting class for awhile…the kicking is probably part of my problem 🙂  I may talk to the instructor about working around my back for a couple weeks?? But I HATE that! I’d almost rather just not go then have to “alter” my participation.

Okay…NOW…I’m putting this here for myself as reference and a reminder- It doesn’t mean anything more that I am “toying” with the idea of doing this contest…who knows:

(/FYI, you should click the above link for the music if nothing else- FUN SONG!)

Alrighty, I’ve gotta go eat more and get more water into this BODY~!


You can still sign up for the 6 week challenge at!


Just do it! 6 Week Contest

Just do it! 6 week performance results based contest is set to Start on Monday the 18th!!

The coolest thing about this contest is that it’s YOU competing with YOU!!  We are going to have 5-6 TESTS that you will do the first and last weeks of the contest so that you can see how much you’ve improved in each area of your “fitness” over the 6 week time frame. Each TEST will also have a point system attached to it so that you MEASURE your results against others results too also, which will help the judges determine who wins! YOUR goal will be to improve on each of the TESTS as much as possible over the 6 week time frame and therefore get as many points possible.  The cool thing is that once you do the contest once you could always repeat it in the future and compare your points from your previous results.

You may be wondering, What are the tests?  Well….I’m not going to tell you ahead of time!  I don’t want anyone to get a “head start” or be concerned about how good or bad you may do on the specific tests until it’s TIME to do them, lol!  The element of surprise is key to getting your baseline, starting test results.  I will assure you that the TESTS will be stuff all of you can do!  There will be built in substitutions for various fitness levels or physical constraints.

MY goal during the 6 weeks of the contest is to help you with weekly tips on how to improve in each of the TESTS.  The first time you test may be the first time you’ve ever done it, that’s okay….that only means you’ll have an even bigger chance of improvement.

The HELP I’ll be giving will be instructional, educational and applicable to making you perform better for your end of 6 week testing session.  I’ll be uploading video, photos, articles, insights, tips, exercises, drill,  etc… to the Rally Room throughout the 6 weeks so that you can see great gains in your performance!!!

I thin this contest will be a blast!  You’ll love it because it’s not all about visual or weight results it’s about PERFORMANCE RESULTS, so anyone can compete and anyone can win!!


Start date~ January 18-26, 2010

End date~ February 28th, 2010

Prizes; TBA; They’ll be good, promise!!

Judging criteria- Points and Participation (blogging your journey and encouraging/helping others through theirs)

Prize eligibility requirements:

All contestants must be active members of the female only Team BuffMother Rally Room (
All contestants must officially enter by simply posting a comment in the contest post in the Rally Room(late entries will be allowed through Tues, Jan 26th)
All contestants must submit  via e-mail a final entry form to by March 8th, 2010- I will provide a simple “form” for this and will include your basic information, a photo of you, start and finish testing results and your thoughts on the contest
So…If you want to join us on this fun Fitness Adventure, just sign up at!! Everyone can do this!!