The Sunny Side Group!

I’ve recently realized something about myself that I do not like! I have a tendency to go through streaks where I constantly catch myself thinking about and focusing on, the negative side of things instead of the “bright”! I’ve heard the phrase “look at the bright side” so many times that it’s lost the intended affect. If my husband says, “look at the bright side…” I often just groan inside and then wander off and continue to bicker, mumble and complain to myself or other people. I do this despite the fact that I devoted an entire chapter of my book to the subject of “focusing on SOLUTIONS” instead of the “PROBLEM” at hand. For the most part, this is the way I live my life, but I still have those NEGATIVE streaks. The truth is, complaining, bickering, arguing, etc, ALWAYS causes my life to be frustrating, difficult and miserable!! This is why I’m confessing this issue to everyone and I’m bound and determined to break this horrible habit!! I’m asking everyone who reads this blog including my family, friends and even casual acquaintances to please hold me accountable. If you ever catch me writing, talking or even thinking about the negative side of anything, CALL ME OUT! I want you to BUST me on the spot! I’ve asked my husband to use the phrase, “focus on the SUNNY side, HONEY” instead of the old cliché’ “Look at the bright side” since that phrase seems to always trigger negative feelings in my mind.

I know that some people would much rather discuss negative rumors, gossip and many other situations of this nature. It’s very easy to and even somewhat enjoyable to get together with a small group of people and feed off this negative energy. I’ve been caught in this trap many times! I declare myself “GUILTY as charged charged”. It’s human nature to take the “easy road” by adding our own little negative spin to a conversation or even starting the flow of negative energy hoping that others will join in. We all seem to have a natural weakness for being attracted negative information. If you want proof just read the headlines in any news source, TV, internet, newspaper, etc. The headlines are almost always focused on negative stuff because that’s what attracts readers and viewers. In fact, I’ve completely stopped watching the “news” because it makes me feel depressed!

As I previously stated, focusing on negative things such as criticizing, condemning or complaining always results in making my life miserable! I recently to read a book written by the richest, most powerful and wisest man who ever lived. I believe success breads success and even though I’m not much of a reader, I decided to take 5 minutes a day to learn what this man had to say about true success. The man is King Solomon and the book is Proverbs. It has 31 chapters and I read 1 chapter every day of the month. Some tidbits that hit me really hard on the 15th of this past month. Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health; griping brings discouragement.”
15:15 “When a man (or woman) is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when she is cheerful, everything seems right” 15:30 “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.” The entire 15th chapter seemed to say to me, If you want to be miserable, unsuccessful, and depressed, hang around negative people and focus on negative information.

If you want a great life, full of joy, success and happiness, hang around positive people and focus on the “sunny side” of your circumstances. As a result, I’ve made a decision. From this day forward, I’m done poisoning my life with negative people, conversations, actions, thoughts, etc! Instead, I’m rededicated to hanging out and communicating with positive people, focusing on solutions instead of problems, looking for the sunny side of my circumstances instead of all the negative situations and events that occur in life.

I want to find at least 100 women who are willing to join me! We’ll call us “The Sunny Side” sisters! LOL!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell us about negative situations, events or problems that you are going through. There is nothing wrong with expressing these things to the group. Together, we’ll help each other find and concentrate on the solutions so we can get through tough times. We’ll team up to focus on the SUNNY side… honey! I’d like to incorporate this into the Rally Room (our TEAM BUFFMOTHER private women’s only group) since this is one of the many reasons I created the Team BuffMother in the first place! If you haven’t joined the Team BuffMother group I encourage doing so. It will change your life! If you already are a Team BuffMother member, and want to commit or re-commit to this positive group, please respond to this post.

Feel free to add your own special twist in your post but don’t feel obligated. It’s fine to just say something like, “I’m in! But, if you have any additional thoughts, insights and/or stories that popped into your mind regarding this topic, please jot them down in your post. Please keep in mind this is not a writing contest or anything like that. I know most of us don’t have tons of extra time and energy and I don’t want that to stop you from joining us. I’m member #1, who wants to be member #2, #3, #4…?



SSS Starting Stuff

#3-Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I’m in a transition…I’ve been working hard, just not quite to a place of “peace” with my performance, consistency and discipline.  I’ve made good progress in my fitness level the past 3 months– yet, I want more.  I’m on the attack to get MORE!

What are your goals and aspirations? My goals are not so much to do with fitness as it is my fitness BUSINESS.  IT’s time again to attack some business goals~ that’s what will motivate me to take my fitness to the next level, it all goes hand in hand.  My aspiration is the same as it’s been for years. “TO HELP WOMEN REALIZE THEIR DREAMS!”

Fitness wise I am working on my diet and I am going to start taking tennis lessons cheerleaders

Where do you see this challenge taking you? I see it taking me through several distractions this fall– football season, 2 weddings and the other CHAOs of life…I see myself as a success when I confidently put on a sexy fun Halloween costume this year!  It’s going to be a fun holiday season and beyond!!

Do you feel that you are fully committed to completing it? YES, I’m totally on the hook to stay comitted to this contest!

Do you have and fear or concerns? I do have the fear of getting sick– I suffer from chronic UTI infections- each time I get one it sets me back a month in my fitness.  It seems that STRESS is the main reason I get them– also as I get lighter and leaner i have more of a tendency to get them.  It holds me back from attaining my goals.  I have to pay very close attention to my nutrition and stress levels as we go through our 70 days so that I can stay healthy!

What is your REASON for doing this, your WHY? My number one goal is to get back to feeling in control of myself.  I’ve been lacking focus and discipline for the past few months.  I love accomplishing things, but I know that takes discipline.

Are you excited about your support group? Yes, I’m very excited about the Rally Room again…I think its the best place in the world to make friends and long lasting connections with women of similar minds and goals.  I love the privacy of it too– I feel safe here!

How are you going to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days? I have almost too many ways– one new item is a family menu.  I have evening meals planned out on a weekly rotation.  It’ll be a great way to make eating better easy and help me teach my kids to cook.  Soon I’ll have 4 personal chefs!

Will you reward yourself if you hit certain goals along the way? Yes, I always find reasons to reward myself…lol!  I want to buy a nice dress for both the weddings I’m attending on October and a fun Halloween costume.  All 3 items will require intense focus over the first 7 weeks of the contest!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment? I’m excited– and DETERMINED! I had a great time promoting this contest around the internet– I certainly hope that excitement stays strong over the next 10 weeks so that we can see some SUPER STAR RESULTS!!

*** Be sure to begin with the END in mind, by reading through the SSS Contest FINAL Entryform****

#4- CHART your HORMONES GET to know your body~! Chart how you feel on a daily basis…START NOW!!! Here is a GREAT chartto use straight from my book

I’m charting mine right here this month

#5- Journal/Blog Daily