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This $20 ticket insures your admission to the Girls NIGHT OUT style event plus a meal. Join us for the fun, you’ll learn a lot, meet some new friends and find tons of encouragement.

Limited tickets available so Purchase today!!

Pushing Through

I feel as though the past few days has been me having to PUSH through.  I blame it on a bit of a flu/tummy bug…Hoping tomorrow things will be more “NORMAL” lol!

Friday, just got in a 15min bike ride.

Thursday was a short workout too.  Just 25 mins on the bike and some abs.

I’m going to get on my workout duds now and hit the workout room.

My plan is to try to do legs and adding in the “MAC” moves between sets.

Wish me luck!


p.s. i’ve uploaded 4 new you tube videos the past couple days:


a Vlog about me as Ellie Berger-
Contents of the Starter Pack:


About my friend/agent Kim Pease:


about how to get involved in TEAM BUFFMOTHER


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


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My run today went well–

Good– ran 9 or 10 hills, I can’t count so I’m not sure– stopped to tie shoe and to rest a bit after 5 hills for a total if 3 non-running min. The hills don’t measure correctly with GPS so total distance was longer than the “runkeeper” thought– but here’s what it said:
And here’s my accuntablility picture for today “Trail hills happening now!! JUST DO IT!! “:

Love ya,


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New Contest!!

The NEW Team BuffMother contest will be starting on April 23rd….  The main place that the contest info will be promoted is on my blog on I’ll be sending out more info this week- I’ve decided it will be a 7 week contest– The first week will be about “getting ready” and the remaining 6 will be all about kicking tail!!

Any ideas on what to call it??

Yesterday was great…I spent the whole day with my Buddy TRAVIS!! I got dolled up– Here’s a couple pics:

and then We went shopping (for him), had a steak lunch and then come home to build a fire.

Travis started the fire with his “Flame Thrower”

I didn’t get my run in but, “C’est la vie!!”…I was happy to skip it to spend time with my love!

The kids are STOKED for EASTER tomorrow– and I am too…just have to go buy the basket stuffers today.

It’s rainy here–which is fine, cuz I have work to complete on the computer– so I’ll see you later!!

Have a Wonderful Easter EVE!



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I did it!

I Just got home from the park~ Today was my first day off of workouts in 33 days…I succeeded in my EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge! It feels GOOD to have that accomplished!
Now it’s June and my mojo is HIGH~ I am SUPER STOKED to get our next contest underway!!! WHOOHOO SUMMER is the best!!!
My week in review went like this: Sunday- legs and run on treddy; Sat- tramploine workout (11mins); Fri- run/sprints/hills outside=HOT!!; Thurs- Long walk ; Wed- Leg workout with short run; Tue-light upper body and extra cardio; Mon-run outside ;Sun- bike 11mins.
This week’s plan looks like this:
M- off
Tue-chest/tri’s and intervals
Wed- Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals
Thurs- LEGS **START of “FireCrackin’ HOT!!!”
Friday- Upper Body
Saturday- off
Sunday- run
I am gonna veggg infront of the TV for a bit~ have a good one!!

Weekend CatchUp

GHEESH! I feel like a sloth today…I am moving slow today because my booty is SORE! and my BRAIN is slow today because I am full of hormones, lol! It’s a good thing it’s Saturday and I don’t “have to” do much of anything….

Yesterday turned out to be a good workout day for me, I did LEGS! Just before my workout I ate eggs and a banana~ EGGS and LEGS go good together!

Anyhow I did a bunch of body weight squats during my workout and was HAPPY with that because I haven’t been able to do the motion of a squat without pain for over a month~ YAY!! I am healing up nicely!! The massage I had on Wed really seemed to help my back/hip…I guess I’ll have to have another one then! Massage

In addition to squats I did a few more exercises yesterday:

Dead lifts (with 15 pound db’s)


leg press (seated)

leg extensions

walking lunges

leg curls

lower back extensions

knee ups

full extension sit ups

I’m gonna do a good back workout today and hopefully run a bit on the treddy…my butt is so sore though I may have to do some other kind of cardio

Hope you have a stress free Saturday like me!!



HI! I Just got home from church!! My pastor had a GREAT message about DECIDING, DECLARING and taking ACTION~ I am FIRED UP!!!

I also found out that my church has a new website New Life Christian Center where you can watch and listen to messages from my pastor~ I am excited about that!

I feel so much more rested today~ and am getting very excited for the week ahead. I have 49 days to go until my birthday and I’m going to rock it!! Yesterday I went to Sam’s Club and bought a bunch of yummy things to eat: tomatoes, salmon, chicken, talapia, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, pineapple, strawberries, etc…I plan to eat healthy this week!

My plan of attack for my second week of boosting looks a little like this:

Monday-Chest, run



Thurs-Upper body, run




I also have a bunch of work to do this week~ IT’s time to ROCK and ROLL!! time to TAKE ACTION!!!