A million and 1 things

How come I want to do a million and 1 things all at the same time? It is a constant struggle for me to “FOCUS” on one task at a time. I think it stems from the years of raising 4 kids + a husband who all demand my attention at the same time! Anyhow, today is cycle day 21 and I feel it– slow moving today, tired, scattered, body aches and such. HIF is on! But, I will overcome!

Today’s post helped me feel inspired to curl my hair and put some makeup on! 6 to Sexy~ day 17: Keys to Sizzle Today we had a good chat, just sad that more of you didn’t join in on the fun

Set your phone alarms NOW for the weekly WED Chats at NOON CENTRAL TIME!

Now if you are curious I’ll share a few of the million things I have going on at the moment. 1- diet bet 2- app 3- kiss a pig 4- supplements 5- track club 6- buffmother trainers 7- website upgrade 8- new “food” venture 9- book reprint 10- tv show I’ll expand more on all of these in the upcoming days/weeks. For now, I’ve got to work on my dreaded TAXES some more! If I can get those done this week, I’ll feel a load off! Have a happy HUMP DAY! -Michelle p.s. I did get in a run yesterday, but no leg workout- that’s on tap later today doing great on no bread (and no beer!) The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Every Dayness

We are starting our second week of every day in MAY!! Congrats for making it the first 7 days!!


Week #2’s focus for diet is to EAT MORE GREENS and in our fitness “Strength”.  I write more about those later.


It’s Thankful Thursday today!! Be sure to think about something you are thankful for today. And/Or be extra thankful. The art of APPRECIATION is so powerful.  Reach out to and thank someone, you will be amazed at how much it impacts you in the positive!!


Our diet challenge for today is to eat some fish! Each day of the week we have a set diet challenge that is meant to get you thinking about your food intake and help you get out of the “grind” of eating the same things all the time.  Variety in food intake is vital for nutritional and mental reasons.  Try some fish today!  Tuna, Salmon and Talapia are some of the fish I eat.



Today,  is my first official day of buffing too, yay! The workout on tap is

May 8 (Day 4 of my 10 day training cycle)~ Legs 6-pack of PEPSI ab routine


Heading into town for some shopping now, THANKS for reading

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!!

This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it today (except I forgot about our chat)!  Typically it takes me a full week to get back in the groove after time away!

So…Summer is here and I’ve implemented my new chore system.  The kids can make some serious CASH each day if they want!  Every chore pays a dollar. They must do at least 1 a day, If they do not they owe me a dollar.  AND each day has a deadline. Today’s is 5pm, but I for-see most days the deadline being noon.

The bad thing about this summer is my son has football at 6am a few mornings a week almost the entire summer?? That means I have to get up earlier than when school was in session to get him there.  SMH (shake my head)

Our trip to MN was fun! We surpirsed my BIL for his 40th B-day and I also got to visit with my new little nephew, Johnny! He’s a doll!!

I haven’t lifted since last Wednesday– so LEGS are on tap- I have ran 3 times this past week.  Including last night on my trail–

I have 9 days until my birthday~ MY plan is to hit it hard!! My POA is simple yet intense:


W- Lift Legs

Th- Track workout F- Lift upper body Sa- Track workout Su- Lift legs

M- Track workout T- Lift upper body

W-Track workout

Hope JUNE is going well for you too~

LET’s make it GREAT!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

28 days of Christmas: Day 9

XMAS Day 9:

I just love, love, love Tuesdays!!  Today is an exciting day in the Berger home.


My excitement lies in getting in a good workout and getting my house clean Mom w/kids and groceries

On tap for this 9th day of the contest is another upper body workout~ I re-ingnited my desire to lift heavy yesterday from my own post about muscle!!
Here’s a link to that workout

I am excited to build up my fat furnaces!!!  AND I am now finishing my Boosting phase~   So my workouts are now going to be HEAVIER weights for lower reps.  3 sets of 6 and more rest between sets!

BTW-  next Thursday we’ll start with the Phase 2 workouts- from the workout download sheet.  So you only have 3 workouts left in Phase 1- today’s upper body,  a lower body and one more upper body. Let’s make the most of them!!!  Bench Press

Let’s all have an AWESOME DAY!!

28 Days of Christmas: Day 5

It’s Day 5 of the 28 days of XMAS contest, meaning we only have 23 days left until the end and time to Kick my HOLIDAY MOJO into HIGH GEAR!!!  On tap for today: test a few more fun “add ons” to the Rally Room, get through my stack of BILLS and have a killer leg workout!

LEGS/ABS workout for today!

I’ve had a few questions about the “at Home” version for this workout~ so here’s a modified one for those of you working out with only DB’s

Squats= DB Squats

Dead Lifts= DB Dead Lifts

Leg Extensions= Stationary Lunges holding DB’s

Leg Curls= Leg Curls using a ball

Walking Lunges= Walking lunges holding DB’s

Hope that helps, Let’s work hard this week~ whoohooo!!!


Celery, you are my friend…

Yep, that’s right, CELERY has been my friend the past couple days.  It’s actually VERY GOOD! Why is it so easy to foget how yummy green veggies can be?

Anyhow, my diet is back ON TRACK– had a little bit of a hiccup Friday and Saturday with it…PLUS the ibuprofin I took for my neck caused me to retain some major water– NO FUN!   Most of it is gone now, but I weighed in at 130.8 this morning– almost 6 pounds more that I’d like for my photo-shoot.  I have 18 days days until then, so I’m now in EMERGENCY mode when it comes to diet.  There will be NO BOOSTING for me this month~ I’ll have to gut it out and stay STRONG!!

PROTEINS AND GREENS!! and I’m even cutting down on my fat intake!  THIS GIRL IS DETERMINED, lol!!

I did 60 mins of cardio yesterday~ 20 mins on r-bike; 20 mins of running intervals on treadmill; 20 mins on the elliptical ~ WHEW!!
Now today I have legs on tap–

WARM UP on Upright BIKE

Dead lifts
Forward Lunges
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
ABS between each set

Should be killer!

I’m off to find some more CELERY!!

Shine in 49: Day 35

HI Ya’s!! I hope you are enjoying the “First Weekend of Summer!!” .  I spent almost the whole day outside yesterday~ It was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!!

My day started off with planting some trees- I got about 20 young maple trees planted along our drive way, watered them (using every hose we own to reach them), and I mulched them.

Next we headed to down into our “valley” to clear a side hill. Several ugly logs and dead trees covered the area.  So we used the tractor to pull several logs and then good old hard work to get the rest of the ugly mess cleared.  Here’s the big hot fire we built with the junk:


And here’s how the side hill looks now– almost all cleared:

I didn’t have an official workout yesterday, but I worked my body hard for at 6+ hours, so I am counting it as a workout!

Today I will get in a more “normal” workout, plus I plan to do more outside work– Brush Hogging is on tap!!

Keep your focus on limiting your treat consumption 🙂

~ Let’s head into the final 2 weeks of the contest on fire to SHINE in our bikinis this summer!!!

Love ya’s,


6 S’s of Success!

I’m here to report that my “Buffing Phase” is going quite nicely this month~ Yay!! I’m on track to be at a good solid 125 for the Warrior Dash race in 3 weeks!!

The past 2 days I’ve weighed in at 127!!!  And the cool thing is I’m at my “ovulation” time too~ NICE!!  It’s so nice to finally see the scale go down after months of being rather STUCK at 130!!

I attribute my success to a few things:

  1. SPRING TIME!! I have so much energy when it’s warmer out- I’m more active and I’m outside so much more
  2. SQUATS!! I am back to doing REAL squats and deadlifts–the smith version just isn’t the same!! I’m STOKING my fat furnaces!!
  3. SKIMPING on my CARB intake…I’m finally keeping my carbs under control! Eating less than 4 servings a day and upping my protein intake!
  4. SUPPLEMENTS~ consistentcy with supplements–Multi, Calcium, HT Pills, Fish Oil, Joint, Addrenal, NO2 and I’ve gone off of Creatine for a bit.
  5. SPINACH, salads and other greens– I’ve been eating my greens!
  6. SUPER focus on increasing my AEROBIC fitness– this helps your body build more mitochondria which helps a person burn fat!

Yesterday I had all intentions of going on a run, but I got sucked into working on the computer all day and then had to get ready to go to town.   I hopped into the shower and it dawned on me that I totally gapped out about going for my run!  OH Well…I had worked out 4 days in a row, so a day off must have been needed.

A run is on tap for today and then some OUTSIDE work on my farm.

Have a good one!!


Workin’ Wednesday

My Wednesday was spent on the MOVE– working hard on mowing, fertilizing, weeding, moving, cleaning, sorting, and then RUNNING!!  I am very proud of myself for getting in my second run of  the week.

Today I was down to 128.6…the first time I’ve seen 128 in a few weeks, YAY!! Staying active works and running works!  Now if I can keep losing a pound a week for April, I’ll be very happy to have my weight come in at about 125 for the WArrior DASH! It’s so much easier to run a bit lighter!!

Tuesday- I didn’t get a leg workout in, instead Gunner and I played tennis.  So Legs are on tap for today!

I have to go unload my van, get some boxes unpacked and eat lunch so I’m fueld for my workout at 3!

Keep working hard!!


p.s. my plan is for us to start a 10 week contest on th 9th or 16th…I’m just waiting for my new website to be finished prior to starting.

Running SCARED!

The Warrior Dash is less than 6 weeks away and I’m Running SCARED!! Scared of the race KILLING me!  Literally I am SCARED of failing, feeling horrible in the race and dying of physical exhaustion, lol!!

I’ve been striving to get in my runs lately and feel like I am improving on them each time.  At this point I’ve been consistently hitting it 3x’s a week.  Last night I ran 6 hills despite being so tempted to skip it all together…I am very happy that I did it, but my body is EXHAUSTED from them and the upper body lifting workout I did before it yesterday afternoon.

The weather has been so amazing since Saturday– it’s so energizing!! the kids have been out exploring on our land– playing in the creek a bunch– catching all sorts of tad poles, crawfish and butterflies.  Here’s TIA with a really beautiful butterfly on her arm– simply amazing!!!


Anyhow- today I am in Bentonville at our old house–working on a BIG “to do” list that needs to be done so we can get finished with this move/leasing process.  I certainly hope that by mid April we’ll have it DONE!!

Gotta go for now~ I’ll check back in with you tonight after my workout!  Legs are on tap– if you want some inspiration for a leg workout, check out this old blog post of mine–