Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

I celebrated with a fasted run out in the beauty God created and redeemed for us by the blood of His son– who rose signifying Eternal Life… We have Victory!!!


The run was Good…fasted 3 long hills; 3 short steep hills; 3 short gradual hills + warm up and cool down road to bridge– fished with 10 mins continual running total time was 37 mins (7 of those was walking down hill after the 6 shorter hills).



After my run I did about 60-70 walking lunges split into 3 sets and then rode my upright bike for 20 mins.  Overall I got in my “long cardio” day with a tally of 57 mins of cardio.  When I was done on the bike I DANCED for 10 mins and finished with a set of old school sit ups.  I was a sweaty mess when done!

Here’s another pic I took today after my run:

Today’s contest post~

S2S- Week 5 Challenge and RECAP


My plan for today is to plan at least 10 trees.  I have been working on clearing out a little “tree garden” so we can extend our grass into that area.  Should look nice when it’s done!  My shoulder and neck are feeling great and I’m so HAPPY about it!!


6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 15 I feel great, happy, healthy, good energy.  Just a tish bloated– should be gone by tomorrow.  VERY good and SEXY past few days!
  2. Weight- 130..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being down again is nice to see.
  3. Sexy To do’s– took a shower already, does that count?  I don’t have any sexy things planned…but I’m sure I’ll get dirty planting trees– is mud sexy?
  4. Workout- done
  5. Meal POA- cooking a ham…haven’t done that ever before. I’m also going to make sweet potato salad, corn, green bean casserole– should be a yummy “luper”–MY favorite meal of the day!! (at about 3pm today)
  6. Sexy Actions– I’ve got a date set with the hubs~!  Gotta mentally prepare and be sure to take an extra afternoon dose my NO2 Supplement today–that helps!!

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!! keep in mind the true reason behind it== WE HAVE VICTORY over sin, death and over the devil thanks to JESUS!! whoohoo!!


xoxoxo~ Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Terrible Tally!

I am TOTALLY failing at my attempt to TALLY my workouts and other stuff for the year, lol!! I’m glad I only committed to test trying to do it this January.  It’s just not my personality to be able to tally, lol!! I am too much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type girl.  ALTHOUGH I do love journaling and keeping track of things in my notebook by using lists etc… I just can be on regime to do certain things every day like tally, lol!

This weekend was a good 3 days off official workouts and I am OK with it because I was really active and I knew my hormones were high…Saturday I was in a terrible mood 🙁 cycle day 23 this month.  And my cycle ended up only being 25 days this month.  Not sure I like that???  Anyhow, It’s cycle day 1 today and I’m gonna hit the weights for a chest workout and a run.

I’ve been thinking more about us doing a contest here in the rally room to prepare for our “VEGAS” trip– I think it’ll be similar to the Six 2 Sexy contest we did a couple years back~ Check it out:


Congrats again to Kim for her win in the 28 days to Christmas contest~ her prize is a BuffMother STARTER PACK~ I know she’ll put it to work!!

Have a great day,



18 Days to Go~ THANKFUL!!

Hi Ya Ladies,

18 days left to go and I am thankful I’ve done so well towards my habits this week!!
Today’s “TASKs” are located here:


Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle- CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!!
Today is my DD’s Birthday!!  the Twins are 9!! holy moly~ how did that happen?
Anyhow lots to do today so…here’s my workout plan:

I’m  benching today! not as heavy as Monday  since I am buffing now:

Warm up 5 min

Bench 4 sets of 10

paired with Tricep extensions
4 sets of 10

Incline Chest press
3sets of 10

paired with tricep push downs
3 sets of 10

Cable flys
2 sets of 10
abs between- old school sit ups

pec machine
2 set of 10
abs between- knee ups

2 sets of 10
abs between sets- ab wheel

and 20 minutes of intervals on the BIKE or TREADMILL

I just love intervals, lol!!




We have just 18 days left to BREAK THE HABIT~~ An integral part of growing, advancing and becoming a better person is learning to truly be Thankful.  If you are not thankful for what you’ve already been given, how on earth do you expect to get more!

You have so much!! Be thankful for it!

Your tasks for today are to show gratitude in 3 ways:

1- Send a thank you email to a leader, celebrity, author, or a personality that has impacted you. Simply tell them thanks!

2- Write an thankful list: Jot down 3 things that you appreciate.

3- Celebrate and be thankful for the little victorys that come along as you move towards breaking or attaining your goal. Write down 3 of them now!

Today’s workouts~

Beginner: STRETCH for 10 minutes–a rest day of sorts–

Here’s a link to a stretching routine of mine-



Intervals and ABS

BuffMother! Interval Training: 20 mins

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of hard and/or easy min.

3 minute warm up

1 minute hard; 1 min. easy…repeat 7 times

3 min. cool down



Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

I am so thankful for the honor to help you on your way to success!! Thanks for letting me into your life~ You are on your way to being a BETTER you!!


MB Blog: Thankful Thursday!- day 4

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 12:12pm — BuffMother

Today’s task was to be thankful–

here’s my task completed–


I’ll be emailing a lady I admire Heidi Baker- she’s a missionary in Mozambique…her story is amazing and she’s literally changing that whole country by taking in it’s orphans!  She’s a true example of what God can accomplish through a person if we seek Him and Love HIM!

Hi this message is for Heidi-
I am not a person who has many heroes but You are one of mine.  I see God in you and I see that you are doing His Mission. It’s so inspiring!!
I first saw you on a couple years ago and initially thought- “oh my! that’s a bit over the top as you spoke in tongues and were worshiping your Papa”…but I couldn’t turn you off.  You were showing such true authentic LOVE.  Something I’ve never really seen in a woman like you.
Since that first introduction to you- I’ve read one of your books, watched your dvd documentary and excitedly watched all your messages in!   Thanks for sharing your light in OUR world and not just on the mission field.
In God’s Love,
Michelle Berger


I am very thankful today for:

My family, especially my twins.  It’s their birthday–9 years old! What amazing surprises they were in my life!

My new home~ I love having land and twice as much space in my home.

My BuffSisters on Team BuffMother…I never thought I could have so many amazing women friends!! Thanks for being my friends!


My victories that I’ve already made are:
not indulging in piece of pizza when DH was eating it on Tues
not breaking down and eating the bun on my first ever “5 guys” burger yesterday
cleaning my kitchen late on Tuesday night when I would have much rather been watching JUSTIFIED!! I love that show!!


EMAIL for day 4; 18 days to go!!

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 7:02am — BuffMother

18 days left and I am thankful I’ve done so well
towards my habits this week!! How have you done?

Today’s “TASKs” and workouts are located here:

Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle-
CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!

I am so thankful for the honor
of helping you on your way to success!!


Time for CHANGE?? ~S6day16

Time for Change??

Time for Change??~ What’s the thought process that you go through when you are making a change in your life?  What are your emotions and feelings?  Are you excited, scared, nervous, confused, confident?

Change no matter what is stressful, but having friends who support you through the CHANGE makes the entire process much easier!  I love Change in my life…it keeps me on my toes and Challenges me to rise up and be my best!  My faith in God through change is what keeps me positive, confident and stress-free!  God is GOOD and wants the BEST for me!! I know that!!

My yearning for change is crazy sometimes…I get bored way to easily~ A few years back we “moved” from Fargo to Dallas, Dallas to MN, MN to Fargo and Fargo to Arkansas.  All within a matter of 3 years!  That was too much change and CRAZY!

Another example of crazy change is jumping from one failed diet plan to another…Back when I was “lost” to my HORMONES…I tried every diet under the sun!  Every month I’d start a program and 2 weeks later I’d fail!  The cycle continued until I CHANGED my approach.  I found out that my HORMONES were the cause of my failure and all I needed to do to fix the problem was to integrate them into my plan!  And that’s how Hormonal Timing was born!  I’ve STUCK to that plan for 6 years…and Have had NO DESIRE to change it!  When something WORKS and gives continual results why CHANGE??  There is NO REASON TO!

I would like to encourage you to change things in your life that aren’t working …but things that DO work, stick with them!  And when you are changing things up, stay plugged into friends and support who’ve successfully led the way.

My Chest/Tricep workout from yesterday was a bit less than I had hoped for and a bit more painful than expected, so I didn’t do any intervals and I am taking today off from my workouts, but NOT my diet!

Here is my running tally for today:
P- shake
C- cream and sugar in coffee

Have a great day!!


p.s. today’s Lower body/abs workout:



DB Squats
Pliet Squats-wide toes out
Laying side leg raises
Romainian Dead lifts
Walking Lunges- no weight
2×15-20 each leg
Calf Raises


Passive Abs- suck it in 24/7- posture
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches


Boo! It's FRIDAY the 13th!

I missed blogging yesterday~ I had a busy “errand” type day. Got loads of stuff done and decided to switch my day off. So yesterday i didn’t workout but today I will.

I have already seen nice results on my scale- man I love BUFFING hormones!!

Wed- cycle day 5-129

Thurs-cycle day 6-127.5

Friday-cycle day 7-126.8!!

Okay, so my diet yesterday was not as good as Wednesday’s but I didn’t do horribly either- Contest day 4’s Diet focus was to have no dairy and I had more than ususal, lol~! I bought some Greek yogurt to try for the first time- had it and got a bloated belly ache- STUPID me~ that’s what always happens when I have dairy, lol!

Today’s diet plan is to be perfect!!

Ill keep a running tally:
2 cups Coffee- w/ half & half and a tsp of sugar
some white tea as Iced tea

Egg whites- from a carton (never really had these b4)- cooked them for 1 min in the micro- stiring 3-4 times in the process- good!

I will go run my sprints in about 10 mins, then I hope to play some tennis later!!!

Gunner started football yesterday, he’s on a the RAVENS- anyhow he WON the 3 kid tug of war tournament!! He was pumped!!  I am excited for him this season!!  I’ll be praying for no injuries!!

k- gotta go get running and running FAST!! I am a speeding bullet

*update* Ran in the 100+ degree heat!  10 mins + 6 X100 meter sprints + 5 min fire hot cool down in it~ I just did and thought I was going to com-bust!~

Workin’ it even on Friday!

I’ve been workin’ it all day today~even on Friday.   Fridays during the summer around here are interesting…many businesses here have summer hours  and close offices at noon.  What an awesome invention!!!  Who ever thought of it must have had a lake cabin :) and valued FUN…
LIKE ME,  I really value FUN!  We all need to escape from time to time to kick back and have fun…I’ve been trying to remember to have fun even while I am working or cleaning.
Music seems to make things more fun- singing along with a song is fun- dancing or moving to the beat a bit is fun
talking to friends is fun– on the phone, in person lunch dates and talking to them at the gym,
e-mailing friends is fun when you get a response ;)
Working out is FUN (sometimes, lol)!
Change/Adventure is fun!
Being an Encourager is fun!!
Laughing is fun~ like when I watch Dumb and Dumber!!
Kids are fun~ they say and do the silliest things~ like my kids are now obsessed with killing flys, spiders and ants~that’s FUN!

Since I know I VALUE having fun, I’m gonna think more about what is fun to me then go after it!  Life should be fun!!

My workout today was good and FUN!!!~
I warmed up
then lifted chest

Cable flys

Incline Hammer press
paired with
Ab Wheel
15, 15

Incline flys
25’s x10

Tricep extensions

Tricep push downs

Then I ran again on the treddy~ intervals 4 hard mins @8 , 3@9, then 1 @ 10 and easy at 6– IT was a ton of FUN!!

Off to have some Friday night fun!!
p.s. the B-day challenge tally with 8 days to go is:
weight workouts 4/10 (6 planned for next: sa, mo, tue, we, th, f)
runs 3/8 ( 5 planned for next: su, mo, w, th, sa)

So…It can be done~!!  I need another really good week of workouts next week!!

1 of 10 and 1 of 8 DONE!

HI Ya!!
Well today was the first day of my B-day challenge and the tally is now 1of 10 weight workouts and 1 of 8 runs DONE!

I really, really value my ability to run…When I was younger I took for granted the ability I had for running, I used to profess to anyone who’d listen my HATRED for running.  I would say over and over again that the only reason I only ran was because I was good at it….I didn’t value it until it was taken away from me.

It was about 11 years ago when running became VALUABLE to me.  I got injured and I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to run again.  I couldn’t run with out extreme pain…we tried everything to rehab it, I had MRI’s done, cortisone shots, etc….but within about 6 months it got so bad that I was walking with a limp and in constant pain.  Finally I had surgery (a scope) to see what was wrong and to hopefully clean out some debris that was causing the pain.  The surgery showed I had chondromalacia on my Tibia (which is basically degeneration on the head of my shin bone on the outer side of my knee).  It was something that caused my knee to ache 24/7 and the doctor basically said I would never be able to run much if any in  the future.  And  I didn’t run for several years.   But through supplementation, strength training and being very careful with my knee I have been able to run more over the past 3 years than the previous 9 combined!!  In my opinion God performed a miracle and all the suffering I went through was to teach me to VALUE the gifts God has given me.

So today on my run I thought about my running~ I really do enjoy it now!  I REALLY value it~ running is the BEST way for me to lean up and it is on of the purest forms of exercise on earth!  I had a great run today, but MAN was did I get HOT!!  Summer is here and I am going to have to get out for my runs a lot earlier or a lot later :)

For my weight workout I did an at home chest workout with some abs, triceps and biceps and 2 sets of squats with the 45# bar on my back.

I’ve gotta go shower now and get to bed, have sweet dreams!!
Your fleet of foot friend,

The push up tally is in!

Okay~ Despite terrible preworkout eating, not that I ate bad food, just not enough and no carbs!…I still made it to the gym I was desparate…the kids are tired from a full week of VBS–can you say crabby! And tonight Gunners little buddy who moved away is in town and spending the night- eek! so 5 kids to care for??? what was I thinking???

So I got to the gym warmed up…did some boxing footwork circles around the aeorobics room and then pumped out 43! push ups in a row. So that’s my starting max and that was the bulk of my chest workout. I couldn’t hardly bench 95# after that!

So here is the rest of what I did
more boxing circles- both directions 3 times in a rowx3sets
20 push ups

Bench 95x7x3
20 push ups
boxing footwork straight forward and backwards 2x’s each footx2sets
17 push ups
1 min jump rope
40 seconds jump rope

chest press machine

assisted 30#x10x3

more circles
some oblique work
some knee ups
goofed around kicking and kneeing imaginary friends in the mirror, etc…

Tricep extension machine

Then goofed around a bit more…then came home

now I gotta clean up–
Love ya,