The Countdown… 13-12-11

The countdown!!! 13-12-11…to my AZ  trip is ON!! and so is buffing!!   I would really like to get a couple pounds off this body in time for my trip and ADD some CARDIO fitness to my HEART & Lungs in the process.

So my thought was to do a little tiny bit of running- I think I’ll start with a slow mile 🙂  I’ve been avoiding cardio and any jarring activity due to my sciatic injury (which started in Dec-which I think may have to do with my L-5 disc from MMA class)- the past 4 months I’ve really not RAN and I’ve barely done any other cardio.  the past couple weeks I have started to do a bit more upright bike and stair mill….but now I think I’ll add in a tiny bit of running and more intervals on other low impact equipment.  My butt/hip/back is still bothering me (but it’s way better than is was in Jan/Feb/March) especially when I rise from a sitting position and often times sitting itself is VERY uncomfortable.  So I stand most of the time these days- which is a good way to burn extra calories 🙂

Fitness wise I have really made strides the past month!! I am lifting HEAVY and I am being very consistent!

Yesterday was a great Back, Shoulders, biceps workout -here’s how it went (sorta, I am trying to remember this as I type)

warm up- HOT van drive to gym, lol!

cybex lat pulls

sit ups with med ball

One arm DB lat rows

pull ups- underhand

Hammer Strength one arm at a time low row

lateral raises with 10#plates- various angles
2 sets of 20 reps

Hammer strength bicep curls

Shoulder press (hammer strength)

Seated rows

lower back extensions- focus on booty (bending hips UP with concentric and contracting glutes in eccentric movement)
25repsx2 sets

core stuff in between sets:
Knee ups on roman chair
2 sets of approx 50 reps (some to each side)
Ab wheel
20 reps

t-bar rows 1 setsx45#

That was it!

After my workout I got to chat with LISA about her contest, FINALLY!!  And I also got fired up from our SPARKY BRENDA!! She’s is on fire and lovin’ life right now!!  I can’t wait to see her compete in a few short weeks!!

OH an if you missed my RADIO show yesterday morning- the podcast is up now- you can listen here:

This morning I get to chat with Teresa W.!!  I love her!! 

Okay, gotta go do my little run before my call!!


i did the run-!/video/video.php?v=10150200281175055

I am heading OUT for a tiny litte run~ just a
mile…it’s been a while for me! Wanna JOIN IN? Let’s start running again together?!
ran around the block 2 times- my block is about .65miles
first lap 5:30, second lap 4:20 so just under 10 mins for both laps.
I plan to try to run every other day or every 3rd day.

No more seafood for this gal!

Last night I got to go out on a wonderful date with my hubby, we ate at bonefish and I had the Ahi Tuna appetizer for my meal…That was not a good idea!  I woke up this morning early feeling very nauseous and in retrospect have realized almost every time I eat seafood (shrimp, crablegs, ahi tuna) I get ILL!  So, no more seafood for me!

It’s now 2pm and I just ate my first real food of the day and am finally able to get something done.  I think I’m feeling well enough to do a workout after the kids get home on the bus.  My plan is to lift chest, tris and run.

I meant to post more about our contest yesterday, but didn’t get it done, SORRY!!  We had ATT U-verse install and that cause me to miss much of my work time… Plus DH and I couldn’t pass up a chance to have a DATE!  Grandma Mary so kindly watched the kids so we could go out…she’s leaving next Monday, so this was one of our last chances to have a free sitter 🙂  I’ll miss her when she goes back to MN!

Yesterday did turn out to be a great workout day, I had my MMA class and went to the gym for a Back, Shoulder and Biceps workout plus stairmill intervals!

Here’s sorta how the workout went:

MMA class- 10 mins jump rope, 20mins punching/kicking and some kneeing of the bags. Then grappling drilling and some free rolling.

Paired circuits- buffing

Lat pulls/shoulder press

One arm DB Rows/ T- bar rows

Bicep Curls/ lateral raises

Seated rows/upright rows/hammer bicep curls

I also did some lower back extensions and a bit of abs

20mins of Stair mill intervals- hard mins at level 8; easy at 6

I sure hope all of you are having a better start to your day than I have…nothing worse than nausea!

Love ya,

A gym workout~

I did a workout~ at the gym, lol!
I feel like I am a stranger at the gym these days…I used to be there almost every day of the week. Now with doing track and at home workouts, I am only there 2-3 times a week. I not sure if I miss being there or not???

Life is all about SEASONS~
-I am in a season of new growth/realization of dreams in my business life
-I am in a season of enjoyment in my family life- I love my DH and that my KIDS are getting more independent
-I am in a season of closure in my fitness life- I “have to” get closure to track in my life, thus I am running this 800m
-I am in a season of rebirth in my spiritual life…I feel more and more the presence of God in my life and want to share that LOVE with others

Last year at this time the season I was in was entirely different….Good but different.

Enjoy the season you are in! and work toward being successful in the season to come…NEW seasons always come.

Here is my workout today:
warm up r-bike 10min
chest press (warm up)


*the following right after
bench dips to failurex3sets
knee ups fast 20front, 10each sidex3sets

Lat pulls (plate loaded cybex)

rotary calf between lat pulls 135×15-20x3sets

t-bar rows
bicep curls
40×5 too light

shoulder rotations- prehab

that was it!
tanned later also 🙂

tomorrow is track day again~


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Satuday Back workout

Hello Happy Saturday!!!

Well we (DH and I with 4 kids in tow) hit the gym this morning and had a suprisingly good workout. You see my DH has a bit of a sore rib–so the idea of doing a back workout, was questionable–BUT it went GREAT!

Warm up 8 min r-bike
Cybex pull down

Pull ups assisted- focused on negatives and lifting my chest (proud rooster, lol)
20×10 faster
30×10 slower immediatly followed by
60×5 wide overhand grip–SLOW negatives–OUCH!!

Hammer rows*
70x10x2 each arm

*T-bar rows between them
45×20-30×2 various grips

Isolateral Hammer front military

Isolateral Hammer behind the head military


*Rows in between full extension

Hammer bicep curls
45×10+6short motion

Seated roatary calf between curls

One set hanging sit ups

That was it…
Now the goal for this afternoon is to get in some sort of cardio- maybe jumping and some drills–we’ll see and some more abs!!

Love ya,

Monday Back/Bi/Shoulders!!

TODAY- I got in a good workout….I was almost going to do legs today but switched after I did knee extensions and realizing I am still sore- so I did back instead.

Here it is:
r bike warm up- 10
knee extensions – 3 sets

Paired circuits:

Lat pulls

Bicep curls
50×10 machine
55x8x3 Barbell

Bent over barbell rows
knee ups on bench

Standing military behind head

Hammer curls

T-bar rows

Shoulder press machine

Decline sit ups/with rotation
25 with 25#platex2

Front raises with a 25# plate
2sets of 10
lateral raises

monkey rows

Then the elliptical-
intervals with going backwards 1:1 ratio

I hit the wall…I am sill having stomach issues!! It is really killing my energy stores– Hope to kick it soon 🙂

Tomorrow’s plan is to kill my booty!!

Hi ya HUMP DAY!! workout: Back, shoulders, bi’s (sorta)

Ladies today was busy…way more busy than I expected, I think part of it was that my girls seemed really tired today and still wouldn’t take naps. That is silly! I love naps, but my kids hate them!

So here is my 3rd SPECTACULAR workout in a row…if I would have had more time at the gym I would have kept going for another hour, I felt that GREAT!!

Warm up r-bike 5 min

Assisted pull ups over hand wide grip
25# help x10,8,8
one normal set of 10

T-bar rows

Seated rows

Dorsi Flex Lat row machine

Military/shoulder press machine

One arm cable lat row
80#x4 together x 8singles
80#x4 together x 8singles + 8 together
80# x 10 singles

Smith Military

arnolds both arms at the same time
25’s x 8 followed by 5 alt hammer curls x 3 sets

Bent over lateral raises

one set rotator cuff exercises 12#x5 reps
Bench knee ups focused on sides

That was all 🙂

I skipped out on getting my biceps done…which happens all too often and is usually fine, but due to this contest I have in 10 weeks…I figure I have to pump up the pipes a bit more 🙂

So the plan is to do some biceps at home tomorrow and run intervals

I have to go spend some time with my DH…He has been outta town this week, so we miss each other something terrible, KWIM? hee, hee!