booty ~ shake that thing!

HI ladies!! We’ll we’ve made it through to THURSDAY and I’ve made it through to be “BUFFING” once again!! YAY!!  I had a very successful […] Read More

Got it done!

Submitted by BuffMother on Sat, 2010/09/04 – 1:57pm I got in a ton of sleep last night 10 hours- I had a rough cday 1 […] Read More

40 days to FIT!! Day 17~ wanna WAIST?

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about. I am naturally an “apple” body type…I hold any excess weight in […] Read More

Relentless, Relentlessness ~ Works!!! I woke up down 3 pounds today…to 124.4~ which may be a slightly dehydrated number, but I’ll take it!! It is c-day 15 for […] Read More

Good Day!

I’ve been a bit quiet in my blogs the past couple days because I’ve been busy with family. We had a great Valentine’s weekend and […] Read More

Where has the week gone?!?!

HOLY COW! This week has been flying by!! Crazy how life gets so much more insane with all 4 kids home on intersession….they are HIGH-MAINTENANCE, […] Read More

Chest Tri Interval workout: 4-10-07

Had a great workout today~ Warm up r-bike: 6 mins Bench 45×15 95×10 115×8 120×6 105×10 Incline flys 35’sx10 40’sx8 attempted 45’s- no go 40’sx6 […] Read More