You are NOT a Superhero

Hey it’s Michelle and I have another fit marriage tip for you.  Today, my message is clear, you are not a superhero!! You are not […] Read More

“All Star” Brenda Herrod

Brenda is an “All Star” for sure!! and a BUNDLE of Energy!! Brenda is a mother of 2, a Nurse Practitioner and a DIE HARD […] Read More

“All-Star!” KQ Smith of SC and CT

“All-Star!” KQ Smith Well Where do I begin… I had the pleasure of meeting KQ  over 5 years ago via  She’s been a member […] Read More

Brenda is a SuperHERO!!

Brenda is a SUPER HERO for sure!! and a BUNDLE of Energy!!  Brenda is a mother, a Nurse Practitioner and a DIE HARD BuffMother!!  She […] Read More

OVER 500!! female super hero's~ WOW!

Marvel comics was just purchased by Disney~ And guess what Marvel lists over 500 women super hero on their site database~ AMAZING!! I only […] Read More

"Super Hero Septemeber!!!"

“She’s a superhero”; “You’re a superhero”; “Man!! I’d love to be a Super Hero” ; “Brett Favre is a Super Hero!!”  It is cool to […] Read More

Back on TRACK~ LEGS!

HI all~ well…My day yesterday went off track somewhere around noon, lol! I was TIRED and DONE by 6:30….so I didn’t get my workout done, […] Read More

Itty bitty booty~

That’s what kind of workout I had, an itty bitty booty workout, lol! Since I have practically only worked legs 2-3 times over the last […] Read More