My mental limits- Shine in 49: Day 17

The power of our mind, constantly amazes me~

I pride myself on being a person who continually strives to challenge myself…but my husband pointed out to me today that I was NOT.

I had a glaring “Mental Limit” that was interfering with my workout. I love benching and have always dreamed of benching “plates” (135#)…. For many years I had been trying to get to the point to where I could. Well, I reached my goal about 3-4 months ago. I HAVE been able to bench and do several reps at 135#. Since reaching this “milestone” I have not once though about even attempting to lift any more than that. I had “set the bar” at plates and put a mental limit on myself!
Well…next time I bench I WILL try to lift MORE~!! AND I am going to keep in mind how easy it is for us to place mental limits on ourselves.
I need to stop thinking and saying “can’t”……. But instead say “let me try”!!!

YOUR workout for today is to make up any missed workouts from this week~

Here is the workout I did today:
Warm up
r-bike 10 mins
chest press: for warm up

Bench press
135×4+2 with assistance
135×4+2 with assistance

Incline Bench- Hammer Strength Machine
90x10x3 sets

Old School Sit ups between sets – 2 sets

Hammer Strength flat wide bench

then I realized we only had 25 mins left for childcare and decided to RUN

Treddy incline at 3%
Walk 2 mins @4
run @6 (easy)
3- 1 min intervals at 8mph- easy mins at 6
4- 1 min intervals at 9mph- easy mins at 7
1- interval at 10
then 3 more mins of running between 7-8.4mph

It was a good one!!
Have a nice day~

p.s. Here’s a video of “how to bench press”

Sizzlin' in 6 day 12~ Buffing Begins!

HI!! It’s Day 12 and time for LEGS once again– we are going to do the same workout we did on Day 9 ( ) . It’s the LAST time you are going to do this workout during the contest….MAKE IT COUNT!!

Well Yesterday, my 11th day of “Sizzlin’ in 6” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH.  It was cycle day 5 and time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ my weight is 128.   Buffing began with a GREAT leg workout~ yay!

warm up- Rbike 10 mins

115x10x2 sets

Sissy squats
3 sets of about 20 reps

paired with Dead Lifts
65×10+10conventional x 3 sets

45 degree hack- 2 sets High reps low weight- just machine
paired with Seated Calf raises
95x10x2 sets…started cramping here.  I took Creatine pre-workout and I do better taking it post workout due to cramping.  I need to remember that!

Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets

paired wit Butt Squats
in between set here I did some abs on a decline bench- it irritated my back, so I had to take it easy the rest of my workout

Knee extensions

leg curls
70×10- my lower back hurt on these…so I called it quits.

Oh and here’s a quick summary of Wed’s- Chest, tri workout:
warm up bike and some chest press
Bench- I did a pyramid-

other exercises:
Incline hammer strength machine
Incline Flys
Skull Crushers

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside and watched some more of “24” we are now on season 3 :).  It was a GOOD DAY!!

I’ll be back to post about today in a bit~ it’s FRIENDLY FRIDAY!! REMEMBER TO BE FRIENDLY TODAY!!!

your friend,


p.s. if you are wondering here is a video of  BUTT SQUATS~

Happy May Day!

I love the Month of MAY~ it means Summer is on its way and that Spring is ON!
Have any of you ever really celebrated May day? Giving MAY DAY baskets to your neighbors sounds like a great tradition that I’ve never participated in, lol! Maybe next year I’ll try it?

Be sure to have a HAPPY MAY day and take some time today to make some GOALS for MAY…kinda like new years resolutions, but just for the month of MAY….here are some of mine:

*Read my Bible daily- good stuff!
*Get taxes done (extensions are great, but you still have to do them eventually)
*Workout EVERY DAY IN MAY! Join me and commit here: “Every Day in MAY!”
*Get my house carpets cleaned
*Get my Van cleaned up- a detail would be nice

I’ve had a ton of e-mails and questions lately about my training program and what’s my “secret” if you are curious~ check out my article up on– check it out “Hormonal Timing”

I’ve had a great couple days of workouts!!!!!!

I had a killer leg worktout
Warm up tan and stairmill 5mins
Calf rasies
Leg press- just one set-it hurt my sciatic
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Smith Lunges
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
ABS on lower back extesnsion machine and some lower back extensions too
Knee ups on roman chair

Then today was and another good one- I timed it and it was 1 hour total:

11mins on stairmill warm up with some intervals 55 floors total- lots of various movements and half the time I didn’t hold rails- I felt GREAT!

Chest Press
Bench dips
Flat bench Iso lateral Hammer Strength machine
Cable flys
Bicep pose down cable curls
Wide lat  pulls on cable- did these just cuz I was already hogging the machine 🙂
Abs: Knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets, hangning sit ups, lower back extensions

11mins on stair mill intevals- these were harder I held on the entire time- easy mins at 1min @ 6 hard at 8 for 2 mins last interval at 10 total floors 67

My plan for MAY is to attack!!! I am going to have a super month and HIT IT hard!!!  My birthday is about 43 days away and so it’s time to get serious about planing someting for it- I’ll be 35- a milestone….my celebration should ROCK!!!

Be Relentless~~

Where has the week gone?!?!

HOLY COW! This week has been flying by!!

Crazy how life gets so much more insane with all 4 kids home on intersession….they are HIGH-MAINTENANCE, but FUN ….today two of them had follow up eye doctor appts, after that we ate, then I brought all of them to Wal-mart to spend Grandparent Christmas and B-day money $$$$$$$$$~…that was crazy! I also got my oil changed and bought groceries while there, then we went to the gym. I did a good 25 mins of cardio warm up and some auxillary lifts while waiting for my DH to meet me there.

Here is my workout:
Warm up 21 mins on r-bike

bicep machine

lower back extension machine for butt

Lateral raises

upright rows

Front raises

Warm up again w/DH 5 mins
lat pulls

seated rows

High lat pulls-hammer strength machine

Shoulder press

Bicep curls- again


hanging sit ups
15 + 10 with hands on hams x 2sets
knee ups on bench
3 sets

Dinner tonight was spaghetti some strawberries and a bit of cake– I then threw away the remainder of the cake…I can’t have stuff like that in my house or else I EAT it.

I am tired from today’s activities and looking forward to a SLOWER paced day tomorrow!!!

Well the party went GREAT yesterday for the twin’s b-day…we had a good time at “Fast Lanes”. We bowled, ate pizza, the kids drove go carts and then played in the arcade. We were there for about 3.5 hours!! then when we got home had cake and opened presents.

Anyhow…I had a once in a lifetime 5 strikes in a row!!! – to start off my game of bowling. I was in shock after the first, but then with each strike I grew more and more amazed!! It was really fun to hit those 5 strikes. I hardly bowl…this is the 3rd time in the past 2 years and before that I hadn’t bowled in about 10 years. Maybe I should become a bowler, lol!! I kinda choked a bit the rest of the game, but did get 1 more strike for a total of 6~ which has to be a record for me for SURE!!

The kids were quite improved in their bowling skills also…we went a couple months ago for Gracie’s birthday~ It’s so amazing how quickly Kids improve at things!

So the buffing is better because I am not having pizza or cake today~ LOL! It’s strictville for me from here on out, until the trip! Then I am going to ENJOY!! I am really getting excited!! I talked with my sister about her cruise and she gave me some GREAT tips!!

My workout yesterday was supposed to be learning to swim, but the instructor had an emergency and couldn’t meet. I was disappointed but not sad because I was DREADING it so BAD! I seriously don’t know if I’ll reschedule. I may just take the kids to the pool a time or two this week and decide from there about my swimming future.

I did legs instead and it was a good one. I set 2 new goals yesterday to be 123 by Feb 23rd and to squat 185×4 reps by Mar 3rd.

those goals helped me get through my sweaty workout today.
warm up 14 mins on r-bike– I am sore and stiff from my run yesterday…my knee is good but a bit tight, so I warmed up extra long


Dead lifts
135x10x3 sets

25’sx10x3 sets

Leg curls

Leg extensions

Knee ups on roman chair 3 sets to boredom
Full extension sit ups on hyperextension machine
2×15 reps

lower back extension machine focus on butt

Walking lunges
55#BB on backx30steps x2 sets

then a short walk outside around the block, about 1/2 mile

It was a good day today!!