4 days to Go!!

4 days to Go!! Today is wake up call time– are you truly taking control of your life?? Please READ and DO today’s task and […] Read More

Athletic SEASONS – training smart!

Athletes train in seasons- off season, pre-season, in-season, post- season… Each season has a specific goal and a unique training program. I see many clients […] Read More

SX 70- Target heart Rate

When doing cardio or intervals it’s fun to know that they are effective.  Target heart rate training is a good way to be sure that […] Read More

good MORNING??

Goodmoring, it is 12:20 and I am still hammering away on this darn computer. I wish there was 40 hours in every day…then I could […] Read More

Whoah Baby!! I needed some carbs~

Well, I have had very limited carbs the last 4 days and MAN!! today it hit me~ so I just finished a sweet tater–yummy!! Here […] Read More

Me Organized???

Well I am in ORGANIZE mode the last couple weeks and it feels so good to get caught up on stuff. I just got my […] Read More

Thursday Check-in

Hi! Everyone, Hope you are having a super day…for me it is my MOM’s day and I am catching up on “work”. I have been […] Read More