Happy May Day!

I love the Month of MAY~ it means Summer is on its way and that Spring is ON!
Have any of you ever really celebrated May day? Giving MAY DAY baskets to your neighbors sounds like a great tradition that I’ve never participated in, lol! Maybe next year I’ll try it?

Be sure to have a HAPPY MAY day and take some time today to make some GOALS for MAY…kinda like new years resolutions, but just for the month of MAY….here are some of mine:

*Read my Bible daily- good stuff!
*Get taxes done (extensions are great, but you still have to do them eventually)
*Workout EVERY DAY IN MAY! Join me and commit here: “Every Day in MAY!”
*Get my house carpets cleaned
*Get my Van cleaned up- a detail would be nice

I’ve had a ton of e-mails and questions lately about my training program and what’s my “secret” if you are curious~ check out my article up on– check it out “Hormonal Timing”

I’ve had a great couple days of workouts!!!!!!

I had a killer leg worktout
Warm up tan and stairmill 5mins
Calf rasies
Leg press- just one set-it hurt my sciatic
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Smith Lunges
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
ABS on lower back extesnsion machine and some lower back extensions too
Knee ups on roman chair

Then today was and another good one- I timed it and it was 1 hour total:

11mins on stairmill warm up with some intervals 55 floors total- lots of various movements and half the time I didn’t hold rails- I felt GREAT!

Chest Press
Bench dips
Flat bench Iso lateral Hammer Strength machine
Cable flys
Bicep pose down cable curls
Wide lat  pulls on cable- did these just cuz I was already hogging the machine 🙂
Abs: Knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets, hangning sit ups, lower back extensions

11mins on stair mill intevals- these were harder I held on the entire time- easy mins at 1min @ 6 hard at 8 for 2 mins last interval at 10 total floors 67

My plan for MAY is to attack!!! I am going to have a super month and HIT IT hard!!!  My birthday is about 43 days away and so it’s time to get serious about planing someting for it- I’ll be 35- a milestone….my celebration should ROCK!!!

Be Relentless~~

No more seafood for this gal!

Last night I got to go out on a wonderful date with my hubby, we ate at bonefish and I had the Ahi Tuna appetizer for my meal…That was not a good idea!  I woke up this morning early feeling very nauseous and in retrospect have realized almost every time I eat seafood (shrimp, crablegs, ahi tuna) I get ILL!  So, no more seafood for me!

It’s now 2pm and I just ate my first real food of the day and am finally able to get something done.  I think I’m feeling well enough to do a workout after the kids get home on the bus.  My plan is to lift chest, tris and run.

I meant to post more about our contest yesterday, but didn’t get it done, SORRY!!  We had ATT U-verse install and that cause me to miss much of my work time… Plus DH and I couldn’t pass up a chance to have a DATE!  Grandma Mary so kindly watched the kids so we could go out…she’s leaving next Monday, so this was one of our last chances to have a free sitter 🙂  I’ll miss her when she goes back to MN!

Yesterday did turn out to be a great workout day, I had my MMA class and went to the gym for a Back, Shoulder and Biceps workout plus stairmill intervals!

Here’s sorta how the workout went:

MMA class- 10 mins jump rope, 20mins punching/kicking and some kneeing of the bags. Then grappling drilling and some free rolling.

Paired circuits- buffing

Lat pulls/shoulder press

One arm DB Rows/ T- bar rows

Bicep Curls/ lateral raises

Seated rows/upright rows/hammer bicep curls

I also did some lower back extensions and a bit of abs

20mins of Stair mill intervals- hard mins at level 8; easy at 6

I sure hope all of you are having a better start to your day than I have…nothing worse than nausea!

Love ya,

Slept in!!

I am DYING Laughing about how many SORE BOOTY posts have been here in the RR this week!!! Isn’t it fun to have a sore butt!? Laughing Today my DH let me sleep in until 10am!!  I needed it soooo bad as my cold was still “hanging” on quite strong yesterday.  I feel much better today and I’m ready to attempt going for a run outside here in just about 30mins.

My plan is to finish writing part 2 of my re-cap of the Omaha trip today, but I also need to catch up with some video coaching stuff and have 3 parent teacher conferences this afternoon.  I had my son’s yesterday and felt like I was the one who was the one who the conference was about and that I was in BIG trouble, lol!  The teacher expects me to “check” my son’s math homework each night it’s assigned (twice a week)…which means I have to do the entire lesson myself and figure out the way they want the answers written on my own. It takes at least 30mins each time to do it and I just don’t have that much time in the evenings.  NOR do I want to do math homework…I am over and done with being in 4th grade!   Crazy how much teachers expect parents to be involved with homework and such.  When I was a kid I did my own homework with little to none parental involvement.  NOW I have 4 kids who all need constant involvement from me with homework. The teachers expect it way too much and can’t possibly understand how BUSY it is with 4 kids in elementary school…3 of which are still trying to learn how to read! I’ll get off my soapbox now….Sorry for ranting~ The good news is that I have very smart kids and my son has all A’s except for and 89% in MATH, GO GUNNER!

Last night I had a good time at the gym, I showed off pictures of both Deb and Brenda…then got in a good HEAVY Back workout!  I went ahead and started BOOSTING.  FUN to lift heavy!!  I had planned on doing intervals on the stairmill, but my cough kept me from doing that.  I’ll get those in tomorrow instead.

warm up r-bike 5 mins

Cybex lat pulls

Pull ups- 8

High Lat pull- Hammer Strength
90×10 together
70×10 (one arm at a time) x10

hammer rows-
90×10 (together)
70×10 (one arm at a time)x10

Hammer Bicep curls

Ab Wheel

Lateral raises- high overhead slow and controlled

t-bar rows
45x10x3sets (various hand positions)

Cable  rear lat raises
Cable Front raises
10x10x1 set

Assisted overhand pull ups
40×6 really slow
+4 under hand

Then it was time to go get Gunner from Football….He got moved from Linebacker to Offensive Full Back. Their STAR player/QB broke his collar bone in their game on Tues, so there was a big shake up on the team!  They play a game tommorrow night, so we’lll see how the new offense goes.

Well I am off to get a run done and some LUNGES!! YAY Booty!!


Here’s a pic for you in HONOR of our LUNGE WEEK~ they produce!

Review & Plan

Hi! Just going to take a few mins to review last week and make my POA for the next

So this past week in review:
M:back- elliptical
T:chest- u-bike
Th:back/sh//bi- run *decided to run on every even date*
F:chest/tri- stairmill
Sa:legs- run
So…6 days lifting and 5 cardios!! I had a GREAT week of workouts!!!

Next week’s POA (plan of ATTACK)
Su:Church- Active rest~ I’ll do something…just not sure what??
M:Back/Bi/Sh/ ABS and run
T: in the morning I’ll take my END of Buffing pictures, stats and measurements- then start BOOSTING Lift Legs HEAVY!
W:Chest/Tris/ABS Run
F:Legs/run– I may wait to do legs until Sat and just run (and maybe add some sprints)…we’ll see??

Also next week I want to get my taxes to my accountant and post my NEW Year’s Resolutions!

GREAT weekend!
HI girls!!
I had a GREAT weekend~ it was Gunner’s b-day on Saturday!! and GUESS what?? I got a new VAN!! YEAH!! so my dream came true~
It is a 2005 Nissan Quest…that’s loaded with leather, automatic everything, a dvd player and low miles to boot. We are soooo excited!!! I’ll post pics soon.

I also had some good workouts- Saturday I lifted chest, tri’s and bi’s in my garage and then yesterday I had a good 21 min run on the treddy. My even day running streak is still going STRONG!

here is a recap of last week’s workouts:
M-super tiny chest workout and ran on treddy
T-lift legs and stairmill
W-ran on treddy
F-ran outside with 4 sprints
S-lift chest tri’s/bi’s
Sun- run on treddy 21min=3 miles, abs and stretching at home

This week I plan to lift more often and at least couple of those times with my DH!! and keep up with my even day runs:
M- legs
T- run outside if possible
W- back, sh, bi
T- chest tri’s, run
F- legs

Let’s have a good Week #5~ we are getting close to the half way point!!
p.s. don’t forget the mini challenge to workout with someone this week

Am I Drooling…?

“Excuse me…but could you tell me if I am drooling?”

I felt like I needed to ask someone that my entire workout~!  I guess that’s what happens when you workout with a completely numb right side of your face!!  So…as you are guessing I visited the dentist today and had a tooth prepped for a crown…Dental work for me is VERY rare and I don’t remember having a numb face like this since I was in 7th grade…about 20 years ago!!!

Anyhow….I did workout but with NO fuel!
I haven’t eaten anything all day actually and it’s almost 3pm~
So….I kinda wimped out:

Bench 45×20

Push ups
20, 10

Hanging knee ups

Pull ups

Tricep extensions

Knee ups on bench

then I ran for 10 mins–almost died–my sports bras were too tight!
then I did the stairmill with super booty focus for 10 mins

that’s it…

Now I have to shower quick, try to drink a protein shake and pick up my kids from their last day of school!!!
p.s. Don’t forget to join us for our upcoming 10 week SuperSTAR Success contest!!

12 days till Christmas!

Hello!! I’ve been away one day and I have missed you terribly~ You all are so important to me!!

Well….so are you wondering what I’ve been up to–
Yesterday: I got my hair cut, highlighted/lowlighted and worked~and rested it was my day off of workouts. Now my hair is shorter than it has been in about 3 years, whaaaa! I am having hair cut remorse, lol– it looks good, but I just like my hair LONG. I was doing stellar on my diet until last night–silly christmas sugar cookies!! 1 cookie, led to 2 cookies, led to popcorn which led to an ice cream sandwich! OH MAN~ I am such a carb addict! :chocolate:
Last night we watched the UFC Fight Night on Spike–LOVED IT!! One of my FAVS Diego won in a stellar fashion, it was really fun to see! :hi5: I can’t wait until the next fights on the 30th–they will be a BLAST to watch!!

Today: it is Gracie’s birthday! She is 5 today!!! UNREAL…I worked all morning, and then worked out. FEELING GREAT!!

I did 15 mins on the r-bike warm up
paired circuits style workout

push ups 20

Bench dips (slow and controlled)
8repsx5 sets

push ups 10

Tricep extensions with bench bar
Incline Flys

Incline Hammer Press
Cable Tricep push downs
85x9x2 (these were more upright, slower and controlled)

40# assisted (I do this because of a bad shoulder) x10x3
3 sets

Cable flys (both arms together)
Cable bicep pose down

Chatted for 10 mins with Travis’ boxing trainer about UFC, Tough Man Contests, Natural vs. Made Athletes, Elite athletes and “Heart”–some deep stuff

Then I got on the stairmill and did 20 mins hard– felt GREAT!

So far on my eats very good
Now to keep them good for the rest of the night!!! I can do it!

I am off to shower quick, clean my HOME, bring Gunner to wrestling, call my Mom and MIL, get Gunner from wrestling and then tonight I promised Gracie that I would sleep with her–wish me luck on that one, lol.

Have a good Thursday night yourself!

Playing catch up!

Sorry for the lapse in posting–I am ALIVE but busy, here is a wrap up of my last week:

Hi everyone~
Just wanted to drop in quickly to say “HI”…I am BUSY!! today and into the forseable future, lol.

I am excited to get to the gym today–here is what I think I will do–
about an hour total of cardio
something like this20 min warm up
20 min run of intervals
20 min on the stairmill
and then have a gatoraid and do BACK,Shoulders and Bi’s

I am so tempted to do legs a day early today…but I need to get in a good day of cardio today and if I do legs that won’t happen…so I’ll wait until tomorrow

My son Gunner is going to a wrestling clinic starting tomorrow for 3 days in the AM so that will force me to get going and to the gym much earlier than today–it is 1:30 and I fell like it is 9am

Other things on tap–
School starts on MONDAY so I have to do some shopping…
I hope to have my bodpod bodyfat done tomorrow am
and I am hoping to order some more BuffMother shirts this week–so any final suggestions let me know!

keep up the passion!!

Got my Bod Pod testing done:
I had a wonderful time this morning–I visited my frined at a gym in a neighboring town–which was very impressive–and had my body fat tested in the bod pod–here are the results ( I must point out that they are scewed a bit due to my breast augmentation-the reading is a bit higher than it should be due to the fact that the test “sees” my DD’s as fat, lol)

Fat %- 13.9=17.6#’s
Lean %- 86.1= 108.2#’s
Total Weight- 125.8

Estimated RMR=1,298/day
TEE(total energy expenditure)
1610 sedentary
1974 low active
2259 active
2688 very active

All in all it was very interesting and FUN!
I may go back in a month or 6 weeks to see where I am at and maybe do a VO2 max test in the future there also.

My workout got put off again today–so I will check in later with that!

Have a HOT DAY!!


Go, GO!!

I am cheering myself on today–
ADD and Busy is how I’d describe my life at the moment!

Just to update you on my workouts:
Last night did a cruddy leg workout it was just too late in the day and I was stressed
I did manage to do
Dead lifts
leg press
sissy squats

I decided to finish up some legs- however was interupted by talking too much!!
butt squats
huge hammer leg press
seated calves

and then some shoulders/bi’s
Standing military with DB’s
Hammer curls
Lateral raises

Sorry to be so short–I am off to conquor the Wal-mart!!


Hi sweet BUFFMothers!!

Well I almost let myself be lazy and not get the gym during Gunner’s wrestling…but I said to myself–JUST DO IT!

So I had another great day of getting to the gym early!!
I really love it there at that time 9:30 ish—it is so quiet and I dont’ have to fight for equipment.

So this is how it went:
Circuit style-
40 push ups
8 overhand 30#assisted pull ups
Old school situps with a 10# med ball on my head
weighted stick obliques

30 push ups
9 underhand 30#assisted pull ups
Old school situps with a 10# med ball on my head, then some extra concentration crunches on each side
weighted stick obliques

20 push ups+10 sec break then the final 10 for 100total!!
10 underhandhand 30#assisted pull ups
Old school situps
weighted stick obliques

then I had to make a phone call

Then I did my real workout
95×12*stated pairing with tricep bech dips to failure and knee ups

Hammer bench

Tricep extensions

kick backs
another set of dips

Overhead cable tricep exentsions with rope

Cable flys
30×10 together, 10 separte each armx3 sets

Posedown cable bicep curls

Cable lateral raises
10×10 each arm

15min on elliptical various speeds–not too intense

I am getting very lean and so I have been holding off on doing a ton of cardio–I was going to run today, but my hip and knee were sore–so I will wait until tomorrow and run

Tomorrow’s plan is to do Back, Shoulders, Bi’s and run intervals–hills would be good!! And then we are going over to the kids cousins house around lunch for the afternoon. We have not seen them in a while and need to get together b4 my kids start school next week.

OH- and Gunner was in the paper yesterday!! For his wrestling–which he is a natural at!! VERY fun to see him in sports finally–I can’t wait to see my kids compete

Well I have to go–Good to see everyone here on fire and hitting it hard– woohoo


Hi Ladies!!
I had a relaxing day with my SIL today…she lives only about 15 min away but I don’t see her enough. So we spent the afternoon eating and relaxing while the cousins played…it was just what I needed to escape my messy house, lol!!

I went to the gym got there at about 10 and was outta there before 11:15…very nice!

I did
tons of pull ups
lat pulls
plate loaded lat pulls
military behind the neck
Shoulder press machine
hammer curls
t-bar rows
some abs

intervals on the treddy–fast and with incline!! I like the incline

then 3 sets of abduction machine

The resuts of my last 2 weeks of “buffing” have been super!! I dropped 3 pounds of fat and going from 129 to 126. I love feeling BUFF!!

I am off to relax with DH!!
Have a stellar night and OH BTW–“boosting” is on for this chika!!



Okie Dokie!
Today we got a bit of a late start so I only had an hour to do my first official Boosting workout since about 2.5 weeks ago.

As I went through my workout the same thought kept on coming to mind…are you really lifting as Heavy as you can?? I amazed myself on my knee extensions…I usually think I am working hard…but I guess not!

warm up r-bike 5 min
45×10 regular
45×10 full
95×10 full

185×2–this felt very heavy and I was wearing shox shoes…not good for squatting heavy–too smoochy and unstable in the heel

135×10- romainian dl

olympic DL
175×6 PB!
175×6 PB!

Knee extensions

Rotary calf
250x10x2sets–forgot to post I did some of these yesterdy also
I’ve been working calves a bit almost every day…I want them to pop!

Leg Curls
115×2 + 95×3

Butt squats

Smith lunges

In other news, I started taking HMB today–so we’ll see how that treats me…the dosage recommedations is a ton- 4 pills 3 times a day…I might just gag from taking so many supps! Also diet wise 2-3 more servings of carbs a day will be a welcome treat!! I should be able to post some Heavy weights this week. I am still taking a ton of fish oil 9g/day and 4g of CLA / day–along with my NOXCG3, extra l-glutamine, no2, and xyience fat burner about 3-4 days a week (I did today). I continue to take my normal PMS support pill combo also.

I have some work to do today, so not much relaxing, but at least my Hubby is home to help keep the kids in check.

Have a super Saturday!


Hi everyone~
Just wanted to drop in quickly to say “HI”…I am BUSY!! today and into the foreseeable future, lol.

I am excited to get to the gym today–here is what I think I will do–
about an hour total of cardio
something like this20 min warm up
20 min run of intervals
20 min on the stairmill
and then have a gatoraid and do BACK,Shoulders and Bi’s

I am so tempted to do legs a day early today…but I need to get in a good day of cardio today and if I do legs that won’t happen…so I’ll wait until tomorrow

My son Gunner is going to a wrestling clinic starting tomorrow for 3 days in the AM so that will force me to get going and to the gym much earlier than today–it is 1:30 and I fell like it is 9am

Other things on tap–
School starts on MONDAY so I have to do some shopping…
I hope to have my bodpod bodyfat done tomorrow am
and I am hoping to order some more BuffMother shirts this week–so any final suggestions let me know!

keep up the passion!!

Got it DONE!

So I got to workout with my DH tonight…he was late so I did my cardio/intervals first

10 min r-bike
10 min stairmill–intervals
10 min elliptical–intervals
then we lifted
Hammer Hi row
pull ups
cybex pull downs
shoulder press machine
front raises
knee ups
db bicep curl
hammer curl machine

That’s all…I kinda pooped out on my lifting at the end…that is why I ususally do my cardio post lifting–but the important thing is that I got it all done!

Sorry to be so short tonight, but I gotta get to bed–
sleep tight,