It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Last night Travis delivered some sad news- that one of our chickens had been killed. It was Dottie, the one that chases butterflies and is the fearless leader of the other remaining 4 (we had 1 other killed about a month ago). It was very sad news.  We were also distraught that the kids didn’t seem to care much that she died??  It left us wondering…Is something wrong with us as parents that our kids just don’t care??


Well, this morning, I let the chickens out of the coop and all 5 were there, INCLUDING DOTTIE!!!! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!


I’m not sure where she was– but my only guess she was hiding in the coop somewhere??? It truly makes no sense– Travis checked over and over again for her last night!


The Choir Concert went well last night. It got me inspired a bit more for Christmas Music! (I have some on now!) and Gracie did a great job!! I’ll try to upload the itty-bitty video I got of her signing.


The DIET BET contest has ended!! Congrats to all who participated, I know it helped so many of us from totally going bonkers over Thanksgiving and beyond! Weight loss or even no gain over the Holidays is a WIN for sure!


I didn’t make my goal weight, but that’s ok…I didn’t really need to lose the “vanity” weight right now and I’ve found that in certain seasons it’s important to focus on just feeling good vs. worrying about the 1-4 pounds I’d like to eliminate…LOL! it’s all good!


I got my workout done yesterday and it felt very good to run outside and HOLY COW my butt can tell I haven’t run hills for about 6 weeks!  It’s sore today!!

“i’m a SUNNY Gym Ange!” #gymangel


Can you believe just 22 DAYs left in 2014 and I have PIGs or HAM on my mind!!  I am honored to have been selected as a Local Celebrity Candidate for this year’s “Kiss A Pig” Gala~ Please like my page dedicated to the event:

AND….Check out today’s suggested workout- The “HAM” sandwich:

Do this circuit 4 times~ it is not a RACE!

THE “Ham”:
Repeat this circuit 4 times
1) “H”- Hip-Ups : Place feet up on a bench (chair, box, couch, ottoman, etc) and lift hips up
5 reps slow and controlled being sure to hold the SQUEEZE for at least 2 seconds.
2) “A”- Around the Worlds: Stand holding something for balance, lift right leg out to side and move it in circle “around the world” switch legs and alternate directions on each set.
3) “M”- Money Makers: Stand with feet a bit wider than shoulder width, place right hand on hip, left hand on head and jut right hip out as you rotate slightly.


Big day for me here– my movie premier. Not sure what to wear on the RED CARPET, but I know whatever i choose will be fun!  May have to have ya’ll help me decide through some facebook interaction!


I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pics tonight no matter what!

Love ya’s,





p.s. I’ll be making this a full page on my site soon– but here is the basic info about my newest “job”…to raise money for the ADA

Make Me “Kiss a Pig!”

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Contact Krista Coffee at

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

World by Tail

Hey All!!

Had a busy but good day today!

I feel like I have the world by the tail these days– good things happening all around!!  I LOVE IT!!


Today’s Bikini day 2:

Talk about motivation— these bottoms were TIGHT! makes me know I’ve putt on a little booty cushion over the winter!!


Didn’t get in the full workout I had planned in my POA from Monday but it was still really good!!


Here it is~

Warm up

12min bike

2 sets of 10 reps jumping squats

Paired circuit #1- Squats

warm up set 45×10 135×10 x2sets, 155x8x2sets Calf raises 4×6-8 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out


Paired circuit #2-  KB Butt Squeeze squats 40#x10reps x3sets kb deads x10 reps x 3 sets then, bulgarians body weight x 10 reps


Paired circuit #3- Knee Extensions- 115#’sx9reps+ dropset 95#x9reps x 4sets Dead Lifts 135×10 repsx2sets, 155#x8 reps x2sets

Paired circuit #4- Ball leg curls/Hip ups 1 set of each Laying side leg lifts 2 sets of 20


Paired circuit #6- hands on hammies sit ups -2 sets to fail

Lower Back Extensions


So…just for the record my cycle day is 16 and weight is 130, my goal is to be 128 by the end of the week (Sunday).  My tummy has been really bothering me since Saturday. Lots of pelvic pain, bloating and hip/lower back soreness.  It is really annoying!  I kinda think we have a bit of a tummy flu hanging around our house.  My DD Layla was throwing up on Saturday and my son has be nauseous the past 2 days. Hoping it will clear up later this week!


Time to Go!!

have a super night!!


p.s. posted this fun pic and quote on my BuffMother page; “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” -Marilyn Monroe


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

10 Butt Workouts

These 10 “sandwiches” won’t add junk to your trunk!!


#1. the “HAM” sandwich Butt workout


the “HAM” Do this circuit 4 times~ it is not a RACE  


  1. “H”- Hip-Ups : Place feet up on a bench (chair, box, couch, ottoman, etc) and lift hips up5 reps slow and controlled being sure to hold the SQUEEZE for at least 2 seconds
  2. “A”- Around the Worlds: Stand holding something for balance, lift right leg out to side and move it in circle “around the world” switch legs and alternate directions on each set
  3. “M”- Money Makers: Stand with feet a bit wider than shoulder width, place right hand on hip, left hand on head and jut right hip out as you rotate slightly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #2. the  “SUB” sandwich Butt workout This SUB “sandwich” won’t add junk to your trunk!!One of the main things I touch on in today’s video is the importance of creating and keeping mobility in your hip and pelvic joint– the only way you can do it is through consistent diligent effort~ these special HINEY workouts are vital for helping you develop mobility and strength in your hips!

the “SUB” Do this circuit 4 times~ it is not a RACE!


  1. “S”- Squat : Place feet a bit wider than shoulder width, toes out and lower sticking butt back and out. Focus on really OPENING your hips as you go low.  Nice slow and controlled pace for 10 reps.
  2. “U”- UnderButts: Stand legs a bit wider than shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Start with an exaggerated lumbar curve and then rotate pelvis forward so than your butt is clinched and you have an underbutt.  Do 10 reps.
  3. “B”- Booty Swivels: Stand with as if you are lunging with left foot forward, feet facing forward and hold onto something in front of you.  Open your hips to the right then swivel back to start.  Do 10 reps each side alternating starting leg each set.


#3. the  “BLT” sandwich Butt workout


the “BLT” Butt circuit workout repeat 4 times


  1. “B”- Booty Pops: Stand with all your weight on on leg with knee slightly bent, bend leg a bit more and push up through your heel to contract booty as you return to start position. Do 10 reps each side; alternating starting leg with each set
  2. “L”- Lunge: Forward lunge pushing up and back to starting position alternating legs 10 total (5per leg
  3. “T”- Twirl: Stand with feet in a wide stance and Twirl your hips in a big circle- do 5 clockwise followed by 5 counterclockwise. Alternate starting direction with each set.



#4. the  “PBJ” sandwich Butt workout


the “PBJ”

repeat this circuit 4 times

  1. “P”- Pigeon toe Push ups- place your feet on the floor with pigeon toes do a push up and then stick your butt up into the air like how kids do pushups do 10 total. I’ve included a plank to butt up position for those unable to do the push up portion.
  2. “B”- Bulgarians- Place one leg on a bench behind you and lower your body down using your front leg to press yourself back up.  Do 5 on each leg alternating your start leg with each set.
  3. “J” – Jumps one leg at a time do 5 each leg being sure to jump with butt engagement by bending knee.



#5. the “MAC” sandwich Butt workout


The “MAC”

repeat this circuit 4 times.


  1. “M”- MMA Squat- get in a “fighting stance”, hands up by ears to and squat 5 times; Jump to switch foot position and do 5 more.
  2. “A”-Abduction- simple laying side leg raises- lay on your side with head propped up on elbow.  Lift top leg up as high as you can without rotating hips open- you may want to point toe down to help activate your hip/glute muscles. Do 15-25 reps (to failure) on one leg and then repeat with the other leg. Be sure to alternate starting leg with each set
  3. “C”- Cross Swings- Stand with all your weight on right leg holding on to a chair or bar in-front of you – lift left leg up to side and then swing it  A-CROSS the right leg in a controlled fashion.  Do 10 each leg and be sure to alternate staring leg with each set.



#6. the “WRAP” sandwich Butt workout





repeat circuit 4 times


  1. “W”- Wiggle It- Stand with legs slightly further than shoulder width apart. shift weight from one side to the other lifting right hip and bending knees of left leg to do so and switch back and forth giving a “wiggle” type dancing motions.
  2. “R”- Running Ups- Stand holding a bar or back of chair infront of you.  Bring knee up to chest (like running) and then extending foot back behind you about 1.5 to 2 feet with a “bounce” between.  Do 15 on each leg then switch.
  3. “A”- Adductions- Lay on your back with feet up in the air and butt propped up with hands. Made a V with legs being sure to get it as wide as possible and then close V and repeat.  SLOW and controlled for 10 reps. You can vary foot position to emphasize certain muscles.
  4. “P”- Pilate UPS- Stand with toes out like a ballerina, squat down low with knees out to side then extend all the way up onto toes with arms above you.  Repeat 5 times.


#7. the “FRISCO” sandwich Butt workout







Repeat circuit 4 times


  1. “F”- Flashdance- Start standing with feet shoulder width apart.  Lift and place right leg out to the side as far as you can reach touching the floor with toe. At the same time place left hand on head and extend right arm out to match extension of right leg.  HOLD position while exaggerating the curvature of your back on the right side.  Quickly switch legs and repeat the move alternating from right to left for 10 reps on each side.
  2. “R”- Reverse Lunge- Stand with feet together then place your right foot behind you lowering your body down to where knee of right leg is 1inch above floor. Use your front leg (left) to pull yourself back up to starting position.  Alternate legs for a total of 10 on each leg.
  3. “I”- Inverted ups- Place feet on floor in front of you legs bent at 90degrees and hands behind you propped up on a bench or chair (have you body in a position like you are sitting- similar to that of bench/chair dips).  Jut hips forward squeezing glutes as you press body forward into a straight line- still keeping some bend in the knees- Do 5 with feet straight and 5 with toes out.
  4. “S”- Showgirl- Stand holding on to something at your side. Kick legs up like a show girl. Alternating starting leg and direction with each set. 10 reps each leg.
  5. “C”- Circles- keeping upper body upright make circles with you hips- 5 each direction
  6. “O”- Open hip pulse- squat low and pulse to open hips at bottom of move do 10 reps




#8. the “TUNA” sandwich Butt workout



the “TUNA”

repeat circuit 4 times for a great butt workout


  1. “T”- Tush Tighteners- get on your hands and knees. Straighten right leg behind you, then repeat.  To make exercise harder extend opposite arm, your left arm at the same time you lift right leg.  Repeat move for 10 reps on both legs.
  2. “U”- Ups on incline- Use a bench set at a low incline lay face down on it with top of bench at your hip crease.  Lift legs up behind you while contracting gluttes.  Touch feet to floor then repeat.  Do 5 reps feet together; 5 reps feet apart and toes point out (froggy version)
  3. “N”- Negative Deads- Lower slowly as you strive to touch the floor, keeping “dead lift” form as you lower down.  After lowering stand back up quickly contracting your butt as you do.  Repeat 5 for reps.
  4. “A”- Anterior Rotators or “A$$-Outs”- get on hands and knees with knees slightly wider than shoulder width.  Rotate pelvis forward and press your body back giving a good stretch to your glutes. Repeat for 10 reps.


#9. the “MELT” sandwich Butt workout



the “MELT”~

repeat circuit 4 times for a great butt workout


  1. “M”-Momma Lunge take a big MOMMA sized step and do 10 stationary lunges on each leg
  2. “E”- Extends on Ball- back extensions using an exercise ball
  3. “L”- Lift Hip (belly dancer move)- stand with feet together then bend knee placing right foot on tippy toes about 6 inches in front of your left foot.  Raise left arm above head as you also raise your right hip. Do 10 on each side.
  4. “T”- Tiny Squats- get in a good squat stance and do “tiny” squats within the middle of the motion- all movement should stem from glutes.  Do 10 reps


#10. the “POBOY” sandwich Butt workout



the “POBOY”


do this as a circuit repeating 4 times



  1. “P”- Pulsing Hydrants- Start on hands and knees.  Lift one leg out to the side and pulse 5 times. Switch legs, pulse 5 x’s and Repeat for a total of 10 on each leg.
  2. “O”- Open hips out- stand holding something bring knee of one leg up then rotate out finally lowering to the start position.  Do 10 one each leg.
  3. “B”- Bridge- Start laying on back  with knees bent and heels tucked up to your butt and hands palm down on floor above shoulders. Press your hips and body upward by extending limbs. Hold for 10 seconds.
  4. “O”- Over-hurdle- this drill is the opposite of “open hips” Stand holding something and lift leg with knee bent out to the side and envision your knee and foot needing to clear a hurdle in-front of you before returning your foot to start position. Do 10 one each leg.
  5. “Y”- Y (upsidedown) stretch- Stand with legs out toes pointing out so that your body looks like an upsidedown Y.  Place hands on lower back and lean backwards. Hold stretch for 5 seconds do 5 reps.


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Froggy Leg Curls






Transcript: Froggy Leg Curl

A variation of leg curls, to hit your butt a little bit more. Put your feet out wider, kind of looking like a frog on the machine. So you have your knees out and your butt clenched the whole time. So come up – your knees out and your feet out and come down. Clench your butt as you come down. Once again, don’t come down all the way, then up. Really squeeze that butt, then come down. These you’ll have to use a lighter weight on, but they’re really effective.

Isolation Ab Crunch

Isolation AB CRUNCH by BuffMother!


Howto & Style



Right side
Quality vs Quantity
Left Side
Mind/Muscle Connection

On the right: This will work the right side of my stomach and I’m going to come bring my right arm up to my right knee. Squeeze. Make sure to exhale all of your air.

Think more quality vs quantity when you’re doing your ab work. Exhale. Lower nice and slowly. Remember the eccentric abs – you want to resist the eccentric.

Ok, other side, Left:. I put my hand on my stomach so I can feel where I’m working. 

The mind/body connection is powerful in your ab work. If you can’t feel your muscles contracting yet, pretend like you do. Imagine that you do, and soon you will be.

10 on each side is plenty to start off with. Go until you feel the burn and then do 2 more. That’s a good beginner creed for that.

Dumbbell Lat Rows

Michelle Berger explains how to do a simple dumbell lat row exercise. Great for at home workouts.





Mind Muscle Connection
AKA Lawnmowers

Transcript: Dumbbell Lat Row

Hi, Michelle Berger here. I’m going to do a quick demo on how to do a one arm dumbbell lat row. Now this exercise is great for your back, great for at home workouts with dumbbells. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out exercises to do for their back at home. This is a very good standard back exercise that anyone can do with a dumbbell and a chair. So, we’ll start off – we have our chair here and our dumbbells down here, so let me go ahead and grab my dumbbell.

Then get secure on my chair. I want my knee on my chair and my hand on my chair. I want to keep my upper back nice and straight, I like to keep my lower lumbar curve in there. Then you want to stretch down with the weight, letting your arm hang down, then pull back up into your side and squeeze.

This is for your lat, so you want to make sure you’re working your lat. You want that mind muscle connection to be working this muscle. So as you bring the weight up really think about squeezing.

Now, I see a lot of people doing this as a quick fast motion. It should be slow and deliberate. Lats really respond to the stretching motion. So make sure they stretch down and then also make sure as you come up you squeeze that upper arm into the side of your back, really activating that lat, ok.

Now, a lot of people call these lawnmowers because they are just like when you start a lawnmower. So you pull – that pulling motion- with your lat.  Alright, make sure you do both sides. Don’t just do one arm and quit. Switch around to the other side and do 10 on the other side also.

This is a quick demo of dumbbell lat rows.

Why don't Tuesday's get more credit?

Tuesdays are Terrific days!! Why don’t theyget more credit? Thinking back Tuesdays are always productive, high energy and enjoyable days~ that’s what kind of Tuesdays I am having!!!
I am sooooo ready to get my computer back and I hope I can today. My Hard Drive went out so I may have some work to do once I get it back from the shop…but hopefully it will work 10x’s better than ever once I get it rollin’ again.
The leg workout I had yesterday was a good one! I sure can feel it today and I am really excited to keep regaining my back strength…It’s feeling very good and getting stronger every workout 🙂
Here is the workout report:
warm up r-bike
45x10x2sets warm up
95x10x2sets- HIGHEST weight since I hurt my back around March/April- YAY!
Dead lifts
Smith lunges
Sissy squats
2 sets of about 25 reps~ focus on butt squeeze
Leg press- one leg at a time
one set of calves on this
Leg Extensions
Leg curls
75×10- weird cramping in my left hammie…so I went light on next 2 sets
Done! I was STARVING after this workout~ good time to EAT!!!
Today’s workout will be “traded” with tomorrows day off….I need the off day today~ but I may do some sort of easy cardio today.

Finished Just NOW!

Well, I got it done…I finished just now!

My day was BUSY…as usual, but I didn’t manage to get to the gym during the day, so my workout was tonight at home.

Shoulder circuit
12 standing db shoulder presses close with rotation and squeeze
10 each arm shoulder press wide (out like a W)
10 bent over lateral raises
break- 45 seconds
10 lateral raises (one are at a time)
10 upright rows (super extreme form and squeeze)
rest 45 seconds
REPEAT total of 3 times

Intervals on u-bike
1 on 1 off -20 min total

pull ups
10, 8

finished it off with a double scoop choc protien shake in soy milk
Sleep tight my buff-friends!!

Wild week so far!

Wild week here in my world!
I am sorry to be behind on posting~ this is the first week my dear son has been out of school and I am in a tailspin.  Life is very different, lol!

Okay~ a breif recap of the week to this point
mon…I ran!! for the first time since my ankle sprain
Tues…db squats and dl’s while grilling chicken better than nothing…then 40 mins trying to sweat out some h20 since i was prepping for a shoot
Wed- 4 hours of a photo shoot
Thurs- finally today a leg workout at the gym!!
My workout was this:
Warm up 5 min elliptical

Leg extension

95#good morinings- about 5
95# front squats- about 5
one set walking calves- simply walking slow exaggerating your calf raise
135×10 supper low butt
135×10 supper low butt

Smith Butt squats
90×12, 110x12x2+10 mini booty squeeze ones
paired with smith lunges same weights and reps of 10
paired with bent over leg curls 50, 70, 70

Leg press
180 warm up
180×36 butt squeeze

Leg extensions
130×12 toes out
130×12 toes close and in
150×10 toes st

I have another shoot tomorrow!  so good night!


Well, I did legs today~ boy I love a good leg workout….My favorite workouts used to be chest, but these last few months~ LEGS totally rule my world.

I love working legs (and BOOTY) because of the RESULTS!! The positive changes I’ve seen in my legs over the last 2 months are UNREAL!!! The time while I was training for my 800m race, I couldn’t lift much with my legs for about 2 months and it ended up showing…don’t get me wrong, my legs looked great, worked great and felt strong…but they were different than they were prior to slacking off from my workouts. Now from LIFTING HEAVY and close to twice every week, I have less cellulite, less fat, more shape to my booty,etc….now than 2 months ago and I am SO EXITED!!!!

I only had an hour so I did the MOST important moves~
5 min warm up elliptical
45×10 plie

Walking lunges
60#x30 steps
60#x30 steps…some extra BIIIIIIIG

Seated calf raises

Dead Lifts
135×10 stiffer legs
135×10 more bend in knee- romainian

Kneeling leg curl

Leg press
180×20- super booty squeeze
Calves betweens sets

Smith Lunges
70x10x4 on step
Leg ups on R-chair
Booty back extensions

Time was UP!!

Now, we are watching the UFC PPV tonight! Go Liddel~
great job

Have a stellar SATURDAY night!!