Fight for it!

I wanted to get DAY 4’s post UP for you HERE:…sexy-day-4-get-tough


Fight for it!

My Wednesday was 28 mins morning fasted bike then legs and abs in the evening:

Bike 7 min
Squats 3×10
45×10 warm up
abs between sets
Knee Ups on bench
15front/10side/10side x 2 sets
1 set hip swivels

Bulgarians- single leg squat 3×10
Body x 10
15’s x10x2 sets
Abs between sets
Crunches on ball
15 + 10 ea side x 2 sets
2 sets hip ups 15 ; 10 (2nd set hanging)

Dead Lifts- romainian 3×10
75 x 10
135 x 10 x 2 sets
Abs between sets
Reverse crunches
2 sets x25reps

Knee Extensions 3×10
90×10+5toes out x 3 sets

Leg Curls on ball

Calf Raises 3×10

2 sets x5reps of 5 sec ea tummy/back

Walking lunges
2 setsx15reps body weight

let’s keep the MOJO Rollin’!! Just 38 more days!

Keep fighting for it!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Shine in 49: Day 16


It’s Day 16 and time for LEGS once again–We switched up workouts this week
to a more traditional lifting routine.  Be sure to REST between sets for at least a minute and maybe even 2 in order to lift heavy.



MAKE  every rep COUNT!!

Well,  Yesterday, my 12th day of “Shine in 49” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH. According to my hormonal cycle it’s time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ but the last 2 weeks of this contest I’ll cut it out, so that I can lose the tiny bit of water retention from it!

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside- I love some sunshine!!
It was a GOOD DAY!!

Your friend,


p.s. One of my favorite moves for the booty is what I call the BUTT SQUAT~

100 Lunges daily!!~ Shine in 49: Day 15

Our “SHINE in 49”  Week #3 Mini Challenge is 100 lunges a day!!

Your mini challenge if you choose to accept
it is to do 100 lunges each day this week!!
That’s 100 total, so 50 each leg.
This week’s mini-challenge is one of MY FAVORITES!!
To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical
determination~ BUT I know you can do it!!!!

The way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY
of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the
first few days of the week  Most days I will opt
to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days
I’ll add weight for sure.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary lunges
Walking lunges
Side lunges
Jumping lunges
Skater lunges
Jumping Skater lunges (plyo)
Starter lunges
Box/Step lunges
Smith lunges
Forward lunges
Backward lunges
DB lunges
Barbell lunges
Russian lunges (lean way forward)

a few videos of lunges:
Bulgarian or Single leg squat -no weight demo
Starter style Walking lunges no weight
Walking lunges no weight
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
A key point to keep your lunges working your booty
is to focus on using your front leg for the majority
of the movement. Doing this will get more emphasis on
your butt rather than your quad, remember to use your
front leg for the motion and also leaning forward
(chest to knee) adds extra booty emphasis.

And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown
to be WALKING lunges 🙂

You will feel them TRUST ME!!

Have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!

We also changed up workouts this week– it’s phase 2: Here’s the Workout PDF download link again:

SHINE in 49- First 6 weeks workouts and info

Keep working hard– these last 5 weeks will go by fast!!
Be ready to SHINE this SUMMER by putting in the hard work NOW!



Hi from me!!!

Hi!! I’ve had a busy day…even busier than expected.
my dentist check up turned into a filling and a day of numbness- My mouth was numb for almost 4 hours!  But the worse news is that it hurts more now than it did before the filling- I am guessing I’ll have to go back becuase I can’t eat without pain!  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Okay so once my numbness was gone, guess who showed up FIANLLY- the ATT Service man.  He was great and fixed my U-vese problems, but he delayed my eating and by the time he left we had to go to dance. Then after dance we finally ate!  Got Gunner to football and I headed to go SQUAT before his game. 

Warm up-rbike
Hip rotatations, raises and stretching between sets

Deads 135×10-12x4sets
paired with
Knee extensions
150×10 toes out focus on VMO

Leg press

Calf Extensions on leg press 2 sets
side lunges and hip stretches between sets
knee ups on roman chair

Here’s a little video of our upcoming get together. I am SO fired up for it!

See you in the morning!! Love, Michelle

Bulgarians / Single Leg Squat

BuffMother — September 18, 2009 — How to do a Bulgarian or Single leg squat by BuffMother, Michelle Berger

Category: Howto & Style


squaqt  single  leg  squat  bulgarain  exercise  how  to  butt 

What’s in a Name
Basics First
Setup & Form
Switch Starting Legs

Transcript: Bulgarian or Single Leg Squat – no weight

Hi. The interesting thing about a lot of exercises that you deal with in bodybuilding and weight training is that there are several different names for basically the same exercise. It all depends on what you grew up calling it, what your friends call it, what your colleagues call it. There’s definitely, with the Bulgarian, there’s a lot of different names for this exercise. You can call it a split squat, a one leg squat, a Bulgarian. Then there’s different variations you can do of the same exercise. So just because one person does it one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it.
Now there’s definitely safer ways to do it, there’s more effective ways to do different exercises. And what I like to teach people are the basic ways to do the exercises first. And stick with the basics at first. Then once you get a certain level of fitness you can tweak them, do different variations, and your body will be ready for those variations. If you don’t have the base core strength, the base leg strength, the base back and upper body strength there’s certain exercises you should not be doing – certain variations of certain exercises that you should not be doing.

So, I’m going to show you just the basic Bulgarian or single leg squat. Now the way that I start is that I have a bench behind me and I step out in front of the bench about 2 to 3 feet. So a good way to start would be to actually have something to hold onto when you’re first starting to do this exercise. I have the stand right here by me. Now simply just place your leg behind you on the bench. You know the bench is there, just lift up your leg and go behind you –you’re holding on so you shouldn’t lose your balance. Then just lower down. You want to lower down to where your knee does not extend over your toes. So you want to have your lower leg pretty much perpendicular to the floor, over your ankle if possible.  So you lower down kinda going back, pushing our butt back. Then as you push up, push up through your heel.
So, we can hold on during this just to keep our balance. Because it is, it very much works your balance – your balance of your ankles, hips. You don’t really want any weight pushing through that back leg, you want all of the weight on the front leg. So think about this (front leg) as the leg doing all of the motion. That’s just back there to help you, for your balance and help you isolate this front leg.

Now, if for instance you want to do a variation of this exercise you can take a bigger stance. And typically I do mine with a bigger stance – I like to really stretch my glute. The closer in you come the more you work your quad. As you stretch out – say for instance if I add a foot out in front of me this way you can see that I stretch more in this area. It will activate my hamstring and glute more. And you can come straight up and down – that’s one variation. Or you can come forward. Like, if I have dumbbells I’ll come forward like I’m a sprinter getting ready to start my race. This will activate your glutes even more. Alright, so that’s a Bulgarian with a couple of different variations.

Now, you want to start with opposite legs each time you do a set so that you don’t overwork one leg and neglect the other. So you want make sure you do the same exercise with the other leg. So we’ll go ahead and do some reps with our left leg. When you’re first starting, like I said, you might want to hold onto something for balance, or have it there just in case. Once you get that you can move to having your hands on your hips or on your leg. This is good, it helps you with your balance. Then we’ll do a couple with the bigger stance here, leaning forward, like I have my dumbbells. You can pretend like you have dumbbells before you even use dumbbells. This is how I would hold them on this variation. That’s basic training on how to do Bulgarians.

I’m going to go ahead and take a little breather. Then I’m going to do a set with dumbbells, so I’ll be back doing that for you.

Costume Carnival Day!!

Oh my word…My kids have been fired up for their costume carnival at school the ENTIRE MONTH~ and It’s finally tonight!! I’m so happy because after today I won’t have to answer an more questions about it, lol!!

My day yesterday went well and I even got to the gym for a little leg workout…my back is doing quite well considering it’s just been a week since I hurt it :yay:  Here’s a little run down of what I did:

warm up r-bike 15 mins

most every exercise listed was done light and higher reps (12-20) for 3 sets:

leg extensions
leg curls
leg press (one leg at a time)
45degree squat machine
abs, stretching, leg raises, cats/dogs, vacuums
smith squats
smith lunges

30mins on r-bike- with about 20mins of intervals in there- Nice sweaty mess after this!
The plan for today is to get to wal-mart soon and hit the gym this afternoon~ for back/sh/biceps and a run 

The best thing about my workout is that it made my body relax and I slept so good last night!  Good Sleep ROCKS!!

I hope all of you are having a Fantastic Friday…God Bless!!


Weekend CatchUp

GHEESH! I feel like a sloth today…I am moving slow today because my booty is SORE! and my BRAIN is slow today because I am full of hormones, lol! It’s a good thing it’s Saturday and I don’t “have to” do much of anything….

Yesterday turned out to be a good workout day for me, I did LEGS! Just before my workout I ate eggs and a banana~ EGGS and LEGS go good together!

Anyhow I did a bunch of body weight squats during my workout and was HAPPY with that because I haven’t been able to do the motion of a squat without pain for over a month~ YAY!! I am healing up nicely!! The massage I had on Wed really seemed to help my back/hip…I guess I’ll have to have another one then! Massage

In addition to squats I did a few more exercises yesterday:

Dead lifts (with 15 pound db’s)


leg press (seated)

leg extensions

walking lunges

leg curls

lower back extensions

knee ups

full extension sit ups

I’m gonna do a good back workout today and hopefully run a bit on the treddy…my butt is so sore though I may have to do some other kind of cardio

Hope you have a stress free Saturday like me!!



HI! I Just got home from church!! My pastor had a GREAT message about DECIDING, DECLARING and taking ACTION~ I am FIRED UP!!!

I also found out that my church has a new website New Life Christian Center where you can watch and listen to messages from my pastor~ I am excited about that!

I feel so much more rested today~ and am getting very excited for the week ahead. I have 49 days to go until my birthday and I’m going to rock it!! Yesterday I went to Sam’s Club and bought a bunch of yummy things to eat: tomatoes, salmon, chicken, talapia, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, pineapple, strawberries, etc…I plan to eat healthy this week!

My plan of attack for my second week of boosting looks a little like this:

Monday-Chest, run



Thurs-Upper body, run




I also have a bunch of work to do this week~ IT’s time to ROCK and ROLL!! time to TAKE ACTION!!!


Beach Legs!

I worked on my beach legs today~~

warm up r-bike 10 mins


No weight bulgarinsx10 reps x2 sets

Dead Lifts

Calf raises
Seated yellow- 90×10, 115×10
seated white-140x10x2

45degree hack squat

Knee extensions

Leg curls

Knee ups on roman chair
45, 35, 15straight legs+15

Smith Lunges
90x10x2 sets
90x10x2 sets on step

Walking lunges
55# on back x30 stepsx2 sets

That was it…earlier today I got my hair done ~ it feels and looks soooo much better~ then when I got home the school called, Gracie was on her 3rd visit to the nurses office, so I picked her up Poor thing! ANYHOW…she rested and seemed fine so Travis and I were able to workout together today. Now that we are used to working out together it stinks when we don’t get to~I love him so MUCH!!!

I am going to work on packing a bit tomorrow~ thanks everyone for the GREAT suggestions on what to bring!!!
Love ya,

Relentless, Relentlessness ~ Works!!!

I woke up down 3 pounds today…to 124.4~ which may be a slightly dehydrated number, but I’ll take it!!

It is c-day 15 for me and I am sore, but feeling good! My workouts the past two days have been GREAT~ here they are:

Monday’s workout-

Warm up r-bike 20 mins

Cybex lat pulls 130#x10 for warm up

Assisted pull ups
20×10 under hand
20×10 over hand
20x 8 under hand
paired with upright rows with DB’s

Rows- seated
paired with DB bicep curls
25’s with twistx10×2–all very hard!
25’sx6 no twist

Lat pull downs
paired with one arm at a time lateral raises (alternating arms)

Standing “W” DB miliary
paired with hanging sit ups
3 sets to failure

Barbell bicep curls
paired with knee ups
15to front+10 each side x 3 sets

intervals on the stair mill
3 min warm up
1min hard;1min easy for the remainder of the 20 mins– total floors 118

I was dead at the end of that!

Then todays:

Warm up r-bike 11 mins

95#x10–back pain so I stopped

One leg at a time- Hammer Seated leg press
80×8– this is a pb for me on this…about a month ago 45# was very heavy!!
paired with seated calf raises

45degree squat
140×10×2– very happy with this also, my pain is gone for the most part on these
paired with laying side leg raises- very slow
20each legx3sets

Smith Lunges
paired with
one set side lunges-no weight 20 reps
and 2 sets walking lunges

Leg Extensions
110×10 toes out really focused on VMO, short ROM
paired with leg curls

Then I tanned…

For eating so far
PPPP (boca, salmon, eggs)
CC (strawberries and 1/2 slice of pb&jelly toast, carrots)
FF(salmon, eggs andI woke up down 3 pounds today…to 124.4~ which may be a slightly dehydrated number, but I’ll take it!!

Stay Relentless, It works!!

Legs or Taxes?

Would you rather work on your legs or taxes?? I chose LEGS, lol!
I spent the entire morning working on my taxes, then I went to Wal-Mart to get a ton of stuff, and then I chose to go work on my legs instead of continuing on with the taxes.

So the workout went like this:

r-bike 10 mins warm up
leg press
Just machine x25 reps for warm up

seated calf rotation machine

smith butt squats

smith lunges

Leg curls- one leg at a time bent over version

Leg extensions

Tonight we get to decorate Valentine’s boxes and I need to gather just a few more items that I have questions about for my meeting with the accountant in the morning.

We’ll I’m gonna catch up with all of you now!