Fight for it!

I wanted to get DAY 4’s post UP for you HERE:…sexy-day-4-get-tough   Fight for it! My Wednesday was 28 mins morning fasted bike then […] Read More

Shine in 49: Day 16

HI!! It’s Day 16 and time for LEGS once again–We switched up workouts this week to a more traditional lifting routine.  Be sure to REST […] Read More

100 Lunges daily!!~ Shine in 49: Day 15

Our “SHINE in 49”  Week #3 Mini Challenge is 100 lunges a day!! Your mini challenge if you choose to accept it is to do […] Read More

Hi from me!!!

Hi!! I’ve had a busy day…even busier than expected. my dentist check up turned into a filling and a day of numbness- My mouth was […] Read More

Bulgarians / Single Leg Squat

BuffMother — September 18, 2009 — How to do a Bulgarian or Single leg squat by BuffMother, Michelle Berger Category: Howto & Style Tags: […] Read More

Costume Carnival Day!!

Oh my word…My kids have been fired up for their costume carnival at school the ENTIRE MONTH~ and It’s finally tonight!! I’m so happy because after today […] Read More

Weekend CatchUp

SATURDAY GHEESH! I feel like a sloth today…I am moving slow today because my booty is SORE! and my BRAIN is slow today because I […] Read More

Beach Legs!

I worked on my beach legs today~~ warm up r-bike 10 mins Squat 45×20 95×10 135×10 155×8 135×10 No weight bulgarinsx10 reps x2 sets Dead […] Read More

Relentless, Relentlessness ~ Works!!! I woke up down 3 pounds today…to 124.4~ which may be a slightly dehydrated number, but I’ll take it!! It is c-day 15 for […] Read More

Legs or Taxes?

Would you rather work on your legs or taxes?? I chose LEGS, lol! I spent the entire morning working on my taxes, then I went […] Read More