My husband said something this weekend, “I want to live EXCITED”.  Initially I thought that was a good thought, but as it has sunk in over the past 2 days I think it is an AWESOME thought!
I want to live EXCITED!
I want to be like a kid, my kids get excited about the simplest things:
They are fired up when Daddy walks in the door
They get excited for macaroni and cheese
They yelp with excitement about getting to go to the park
Every little thing in their life is exciting~ what has happened to that in us adults??

So today with being excited in mind, I was excited to go to the girls’ dance class, to the bank, to my accountant, to the gym!!!
But, then one of my DD’s POOPED on my excitement, by pooping her pants~ why on earth does a 5 year old girl thats been totally potty trained for 2+ years poop her pants?  NO CLUE, but she manages to do it about once a month :hehe:

I did manage to get in the following tiny workout before the crisis:
warm up 10 mins
pull ups
10, 8
Bicep curls
Standing military BB press
inverted pull ups 10

Hi lat pulls (hammer machine)
45each armx10x 1set…then I had to go home :(

Anyhow, Now I am recovered from it and excited to be here online with you~
And excited to bring in the dry cleaning, go to Gracie’s soccer pictures and game, come home and eat, relax a bit, watch a bit of AI, watch the GSP fight preview on spike and  by then I’ll be very excited to SLEEP!!

Live EXCITED, It’s fun!!

a Perfect Push up~

Well I got about half of my Christmas Cards sent out~ the ones to Ya’ll!!
and I also sent out a bunch of book promo stuff….So that feels GREAT!!!

I also did my workout today 100 “Perfect Push Ups” in 5 sets of 20 reps. …Have you seen the infomercial for The Perfect Push-UP? I’ve been using mine for the past 3 months and I love them!! They make my push ups so much more effective and comfortable. The ones I did today were standard push ups…not like the girl style that I am displaying in this photo
and 100 lunges with 60# on my back, again in 5 sets of 20 reps It was a good one!
my plan is to finally get to the gym again tomorrow :yay: and do a killer leg/butt workout!!

I am giving several items to 2 Christmas Angels through our church…Gunner and I are going to shop for those on our date tomorrow too! We have a busy morning of shopping planned, followed by a workout, followed by hanging Christmas lights outside and then the UFC TUF Final on SPIKE!!! I am excited to see Huerta fight and to see who wins the TUF finale– Mac or Tommy…I am rooting for the MN boy Tommy 🙂 (he is probably the underdog)

Anyhow… I cooked a turkey today– YUMMY!! I can’t wait to eat it

I love you guys, have a fun weekend!!

UFC Thursday!!!

it is Thursday!! and the UFC is having a fight night tonight and the premier of my favorite reality tv show THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 5 (TUF)…
I love it!! So that’s the plan for tonight….

I am a slight bit injured…I hurt left side of my neck/shoulder yesterday afternoon doing shoulder presses with 30#dbs ***DON’t lift heavy weights with shoulders until you are warmed up and strong enough to***

I should have known better, but I was distracted and tend to forget that I am not as strong as I was just a few months ago, lol! on rep #4 of my set I felt my spine go “out” and like a dummy just kept on going with the rest of my workout…needless to say I was in pain last night!!

BUT today I got into the chiro and he put it back in place…now I am just sore, so I took the day off of lifting– tomorrow will be chest and triceps.

Well, the BOOK is really taking shape!! Gotta go get more done on it~

Feelin’ Great!

Yesterday-I went to the gym and had a stellar cardio experience

First I rode the r-bike really easy for 10 min
then tanned Smiling

Then looked at vogue and people while cruising on the elliptical for 20 min

I hopped on the treddy and here is a summary:
all at 2% incline
min number@mph
30 sec @9
30sec @10
30sec @11
1 full min @12mph
Then down to 9 mph
at 15:20 I decided to run a mile at 9 mph
So that brought me to 3.1 miles total at 22 min…then I thought I wonder if I could do another mile at 9mph…so
I did so at 28:40 I was done with more than 4 miles –BUT I was so bored I almost didn’t make it.

When I was done I cooled down with walking and doing 3 sets of the abductor and addcutors–inspired by you booty babes!!

This weekend is going to be TUF!! THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER THAT IS!!

All day Saturday is the marathon on SPIKE and the final fights are Sat night–I am so pumped!

Have a super afternoon–and my booty is sore is yours?