Bonus Saturday

Hi Ya, the kids were off school yesterday so it seemed like SATURDAY.  Today is my “Bonus” Saturday! Too cool! Today’s contest post~ S2S~ Day […] Read More

Trail Run Done!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday here in AR (that’s ARKANSAS)…and I hit the trail on my property for a good KILLER run! We have a trail […] Read More

My Favorites

Favorites Favorite body part to work: Chest Ideal vacation: Tropical paradise Least favorite food: soy cheese Ideal Man: Athletic, Smart and Funny Relationship Status: Married […] Read More

40 days to FIT~ Day 40!! Congrats!!

Congrats!! We made it through the 40 days to FIT challenge!!! ..I honestly BELIEVE you can reach your goals and you need to BELIEVE it […] Read More

Wing Work

My workout today was back, bi, shoulders and intervals: 15 min r-bike Cybex lat pulls 130×10 150×8 160x6x2 Seated Hammer rows (one arm at a […] Read More

Eat a ton, workout, run AWESOME, pig out

Well that wraps up my afternoon and evening…I totally forgot that I was planning on doing a trial run on my pre-contest week and at […] Read More