Bonus Saturday

Hi Ya, the kids were off school yesterday so it seemed like SATURDAY.  Today is my “Bonus” Saturday! Too cool! Today’s contest post~

BE SURE TO READ CRYSTAL’s Arcicle too~ Confidence = SEXY


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Yesterdays recap~ *had parent teacher conferences– didn’t go for Gunner, but did for the 3 girls. They are AWESOME! Super loved and adored by their teachers!

*Went to the gym- did Squats and Lunges on smith machine


*tanned *to the grocery store *home to work outside (1-5pm) moving rock piles and got sun burnt *cleaning/cooking *shower *Bikini proof pic

*Softball game- for the twins, It was their first experience at being thrown a FAST PITCH…the girls were in shock at how fast the ball came at them and how weird the pitcher looked delivering it! At practices the coach has just pitched to them a more standard under hand pitch.  I’m not sure why they hadn’t been exposed to the “real thing” until the game last night??  Oh well, they are the coaches NOT ME!  The team was winning until the last inning…so they lost, and were really sad about it. The game was way more fun to watch than the “coach pitch” ones we had last year.

*to the grocery store AGAIN! (had a request for CHIPS!)

*home for some R & R with the hubby

*Sleep– then NIGHT TERROR (I think I see someone at the side of my bed and half sleeping FREAK OUT!–I’ve had these for many years and they seem to get worse if I get “over tired”~ this time it was really bad and combined with a super bad calf cramp- It was horrible- my calf is VERY sore today from it!


Today’s plan is to get outside again, plus get in my “long cardio” day.  I think I’ll start with a fasted bike ride after I get done posting. I haven’t ate just yet and may as well get it done.



My journal: 6 Daily Goals–
  1. Cycle day– my cycle day is 21 and feel the hormones starting to rise, but really I feel good overall.  Consistent workouts and a controlled diet really seem to help me keep the symptoms low.  I’ve also been GREAT at taking my supplements.  I am currently taking: an organic whole food raw multi, calcium w/D, acidophilus, NO2, creatine, biotin, mega red, PS and aloe Vera juice and my Boosting Pills
  2. Weight–tues I was 128. wed 130…thurs 129My weight is going down!! I’m happy about it~ 127.8 was the scale’s report yesterday!!

    Today’s number is…127.2!!

  3. Sexy To do’s-  GET My BIKINI ON!! and do some “dancing” during my workout time– I should do it in my bikini?
  4. Workout–Fasted intervals on upright bike, Run outside a bit later + lots of outside work.  Yard work galore is on tap!  I may also add in some Squats with DH, he’s got them on tap today– I did a smaller than planned leg workout yesterday.
  5. Meal POA– Burgers for lunch and not sure about supper? Salads have been tasting so good to me!
  6. Sexy Actions- be on purpose about hanging out with the hubby…some days when we are both working outside, we tend to do our own thing.  NOT TODAY…today I’m going to be his shadow, lol!!

Well, I am off to get this day rollin’ with my bike ride~

Have a wonderful day you sexy sisters!!



p.s. I didn’t get this one posted~ it’s bikini day 4’s proof pic:

My son too the picture, his name is GUNNER.  So I posed with a gun!

It was very late at night, so I cut off my head due to my “tired eyes”, lol!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Trail Run Done!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday here in AR (that’s ARKANSAS)…and I hit the trail on my property for a good KILLER run!

We have a trail that is probably about 600meters+ in length all down hill!  Today I ran up the entire thing twice with running down the hill in between– then afterwards ran r 4 “striders” each one getting progressivly faster and jogging between them.  It was a great workout in preparation for the Kansas City Warrior Dash…I need to be sure I have some sort of an endurance level built for it!

Now it’s time to shower and primp myself up for “DATE NIGHT”!!  G’ma is taking care of the kids for the night and we are spending the night in town~ whoohooo!! I can’t wait to hang with my baby!!

My little puppy is gonna miss us:

She hates this shirt…poor thing!

Yesterday was a good day, I felt better and my body weight is finally responding to my relentless fitness quest! I am getting stonger, leaner and LIGHTER! I weighed in at 129 again…but I feel 128 in my near future!

Funny how life changes and how Friday Nights are not so exciting anymore, lol! At 9:30 and we were prepping for bed.

My plan was to do a big 10 week contest starting on Feb. 6th, but I’d like to have my new website done prior to that contest. It doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen~ things always take longer than planned. Anyhow…I’m thinking that we may have to start it later or do a short challenge instead…I’ll keep thinking on it this weekend and let you know.

The workout for Friday was legs…and MAN! i’m really missing a squat rack at my new gym– the smith machine is not a stellar option for me to hit my legs the way I need. I actually went against my own better judgement and put a bit more weight on the smith than usual and strained my knee a bit                         I think it’ll be fine, but I seriously must find a way to get in a better leg workout at least 1 time a week.

So it went like this:

Squats and Lunges on Smith
Leg Press
Knee Extensions
Leg curls
Seated Calf raises
Abs between sets and some side lunges and stretching also

Gunner is getting stronger~ fun to see!

See you tomorrow!!



Confession Time!

I ate a bunch of JUNK yesterday!!!  Pizza, coke, rootbeer, ice cream, waffle bowl, choc and carmel syrup and a smore to top it off!  The only thing halfway decent I consumed yestrday was a pre-workout apple.  I honestly don’t know if I even got in 2 servings of protein for the day…What’s up with ME??  Seriously I have one of the worst diets sometimes~!  For those of you who can eat “clean” day in and day out, I am in AWE! I say that because even my BEST days are usually not what anyone would consider “clean”.

The good news is that I did get in my leg workout! Last night at 7pm-8pm- very late for me!

Here it is:

Warm up stair mill 5mins

Stretching, high knees and bw bulgarinas between sets

Seated calf raises
70x15x3sets (toes out, toes in, toes straight)

Dead Lifts
45×15 warm up
95×10+5 conventional x2 sets

45degree hack squat- just machine weight
30 reps various foot positions and emphasis on glutes alternating between rt and left leg x 2 sets

Leg curls

Smith butt squats- a new smith machine it has an angle to it
no weight x 1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Smith lunges
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Knee extensions
140×10 + 5 VMO focus

Roman chair knee ups
25 reps

I was tired so I called it quits…

Today we played tennis again for about 2 hours- it started raining right at the end.  We had fun!! I was laughing so hard I could barly hit the ball and I choked on my drink, lol!

My eats have been better today- more protein!!  I gotta go find some more food!!

See ya later!!


My Favorites


Favorite body part to work: Chest

Ideal vacation: Tropical paradise

Least favorite food: soy cheese

Ideal Man: Athletic, Smart and Funny

Relationship Status: Married

Personality: I am very outgoing, driven and friendly

Things I hate: Cleaning and stuff the smells

Things I love: Jesus Christ, my family, my friends and fitness

Favorite animals: my 4 little kids 🙂

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite movie: Legends of the Fall

Favorite shoes: Nike R-4 running shox

Workout wear: Short shorts and a tank

Favorite Spots Team: Vikings or any UFC fight

Favorite thing to do: Play

Favorite diet food: Asparagus

Favorite music: I like popular rock music, some of my current favorites are Pink, Rhianna, Lady GaGa, All-American Rejects,Killers and Allison Krause

Turn-ons: Nice Butts

Car I drive: Mini van

Favorite Dessert:  Cheesecake

Favorite Cardio Work out, why: Running Intervals, it is fast and very effective

Favorite Cardio Equipment, why: Elliptical, non impact but very effective

Favorite exercise equipment, why: Smith Machine, I love doing lunges and butt exercises on it and you can do your entire body with this one machine.

Favorite Exercise, why: Bench Press, because it was the first lift I really ever did and I have continually improved at it over the years.  Plus bench helps give my entire upper body stay beautiful.

Favorite Book: “Hormonal Timing” by MICHELLE BERGER (me!)

List your Website:

40 days to FIT~ Day 40!! Congrats!!

Congrats!! We made it through the 40 days to FIT challenge!!!
..I honestly BELIEVE you can reach your goals and you need to BELIEVE it too!! Believing in your dreams is the very first step towards attaining them! Know you can LIVE your DREAM life, Have your DREAM Body and CREATE a DREAM legacy for yourself. God wants you to be HAPPY!! Believe it!! The choice is yours; It’s up to you!! JUST BELIEVE!!!

Today is my 16th anniversary; thank you for all the sweets congrats!! I am very proud and thankful that I’ve been able to stay married to my sexy man for 16 years! WOW! We are continuing yesterday’s celebration by spending the day together. But prior to more “FUN”…I got in a good workout:

warm up elliptical 6 min
Smith Maching butt squats
no weight -25 reps
50×10+10 normal squats
knee ups on bench
paired with push ups 35, 15, 20

Smith Machine Lunges
90×3 sets- 2 on step
paired with more push ups 15reps x 4 sets


CONGRATS!! You are now more FIT (in mind, body and spirit)than 40 days ago!!!
Love, your friend,

Wing Work

My workout today was back, bi, shoulders and intervals:

15 min r-bike
Cybex lat pulls

Seated Hammer rows (one arm at a time)

2 sets knee ups on a bench

Seated machine rows

3 sets Fully extended sit ups on hyper extension machine

shoulder press (seated backwards)

bicep curls on hammer machine
55x 5 full and 5+ short x 3sets

shrugs on smith machine

2 sets Incline oblique sit ups

Intervals on stair mill- 15 mins
then tanned a bit

vacuum total for today:
2 at home
3 in tanning bed
3 in car

that was it for my WING work today~

Eat a ton, workout, run AWESOME, pig out

Well that wraps up my afternoon and evening…I totally forgot that I was planning on doing a trial run on my pre-contest week and at way more carbs than I was supposed to today. OH WELL 🙂 I’ll start that tomorrow or the next day or maybe the next, lol

My Workout:
I was inspired by Toni on her workout for tomorrow, so I thought I’d try to see how many sets of pull ups I could do before I’d give up on them I did 5+
Set 1: 11 underhand*active rest time shoulder press and abs
Set 2: 7 overhand wide*shoulder press
Set 3: 8 straight hand*sp
Set 4: 4 overhand +15 inverted pull ups on smith machine
Set 5: 6 straight grip*s.p.

for Shoulder press weights

Behind the neck military press
60x10x4 paired with
Free motion Lat pulls

Arnolds(one arm at a time) paired with hammer curls
25# hammer curls x 8 reps then arnolds x 8 reps
30# arnolds x6 reps then hammers 25#x6
30# arnoldsx8 reps then 5 reps

Bicep curl machine

Rows free motion
80×10+5 singles

Rows close grip on cable

Bike 5 min for warm up for run
Run 5 min warm up @2%
2 easy intervals
up incline to 5% then run 6 min @10 with one of those mins at 11mph
1 min recovery at 8 mph
incline to 3% 6 more min at 10 one of those at 11

Total time 22 min average speed for entire time 9.2mph 3.35 miles. I was amazed at how good I felt, but it was still hard 🙂

I am tired now, so good night!
Thanks for all your super posts here, I will catch up(if it is possible) tomorrow 😉