Join the ABS April (fab abs) challenge!

APRIL will be ABS APRIL!!! so since it’s the last day of March, Today is Day 0 in our ABS APRIL (fab abs challenge)! During […] Read More

After running ABS: “Fab Abs” Day #6

Day #6 ALREADY!!! Today’s challenge today is to go for a run (at least a 5 min)  and the do this “After Running ABS” workout: […] Read More

Isolation Ab Crunch

Isolation AB CRUNCH by BuffMother! Category: Howto & Style Tags: abs six pack crunches effective ab exercises   Outline: Right side Quality vs Quantity […] Read More

Holy abs

Get a FREE!! Six Pack Strap~ the BEST AB product EVER and ABS 8 week to “HOLY ABS”!! COMING SOON!!! Tentative LAUNCH DATE= October 5, […] Read More

40 days to Fit!! Day 8~ Another Productive Monday!!

Monday is almost done and I had a PRODUCTIVE one!! My workout was a quickie, but effective one: Chest/Tris/ABS and intervals run warm up r-bike […] Read More

Scales are STUPID!!

Okay–You’ve heard it before and you will surly hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!! As you may know I have been “buffing” now officially for […] Read More