I broke into the 120’s!

HOLY COW, I finally, finally saw 129.8 on the scale today!! It’s been since August that I’ve been trying to get a reading in the 120’s!!  YAY!!

I’ve got 2 things new that I’m doing to THANK for the weight drop:
1- Thyrocare supplement– started taking this again this week

2- PH9 Generator water- it’s a cool invention check out the info

Fun to see some FLUFF coming off!!

I ran last night, harder than a couple days ago– went up to 9mph for my intervals and decided to be done after I hit the 2 mile mark at 15:40 due to some DIZZINESS– must not be getting enough OXYGEN just yet


Today, I’m not sure how I’ll get a workout done. I’ve got a meeting at 2 for my Diabetes charity event

Then we have dinner at my SIL’s at 6…hmmmmm….. May have to get creative.


Time for me to roll!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Happy Friday

This week has flown by! I can’t believe it’s Friday??  I want to congratulate so many of you on your KILLER first week in the transformation contest. You are inspiring me with your awesome reports of lifting hard and being sore!!


I have had a decent week of workouts, I’ve not been lifting as hard as I had planned but I am getting good running workouts done and am lifting some.


Tue- ran hard hill sprints

Wed- did my lower body buffing from my book

Thurs- ran outside 12 loops plus 3 1 min hills– good longer type run


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Here’s a little video from yesterday–Sunshine in my eye energizes me ‪#‎gymangel‬ for my Gym time. WHAT ENERGIZES YOU?! Tell me and I may send you a tub of Energy Angel ‪#‎preworkout‬. Contest is through 1-20-15, 5 winners will be announced 1-21-15

As you can see, I’ve taken a bunch of pics of my NEW and improved HT PILLS!! Watch for a big “sales” announcement about them coming next week!


We’ve had Gracie home sick now 3 days this week. She’s had a fever and sinus/cold type symptoms…Stayed home Tues and Wed– went to school yesterday and now home again today.  Hoping she’ll get feeling better now that she’s got the whole weekend to recoup.


Today I have to run some errands into Bentonville.  Then pick up Grandma so she can come hang out with us again.   She splits time between here and my SIL’s house during the winter– in her escape from MN!


Okay, time to roll!!

Love ya’s,


Miss You!

Holy Cow, I miss you all sooooo much!! I have been the busiest that I can remember this week! I have a million and 1 things going on, it’s been fun and great, but has left me with NO time or energy to be able to spend on the computer with you!

Just to update ya, I’ve been filming my movie “phone in the attic”…the past 3 days I was STRIPPER DIEDRA– which means a ton of dance practice, wearing hells, awkward moments and limited clothing.

The 2 days prior to day that I was LOVER DIEDRA, filming a very flirty scene and a bedroom scene— HOTTTT!!!

Previous to that I was BAD DIEDRA who loves to do evil! I can’t reveal the secrets  of that portion of the movie, But let’s just say it includes Blood, suspense and FIGHTS!!


It’s been a TON OF WORK!!

In addition to that I’ve become a GREAT Aunt for the fist time, I’ve helped celebrate my MIL’s 70th birthday, I’ve had a bunch of remodeling work done on my house, worked on my taxes and also today I’m helping my soon to be SIL shop for a wedding dress while her an my BIL are in town from MN for the weekend~ Add to the mix 4 kids, a DH and a Puppy all wanting my attention too!

I have missed a few workouts, but am keeping up some running, and I consider much of my “activities” as workouts!

Gotta go get caught up a bit on my emails!

Love ya, Ellie (DIEDRA)

Here’s some FRIDAY HOTTIE eye candy for you– Travis Femmel from the show “Vikings”

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

March and beyond goals

New MONTH, time to write about My goals and a few thoughts:

  1. First off~ I ‘ve posted in the forum are theme for March…it should be a fun good goal for us all!!  “KISS-ABLE March” Rally Room theme
  2. Start a track club here in town: I am working towards this right now. I have a long list of TO DO items and have to go to Tulsa on the 21-23 of March for a Level 1 coaching certification course.  I need to get registered by March 7th. Prior to that I really need to talk with the local Athletic Director, City Rec dept. and Track coaching staff about my plans just to be sure I am “allowed” to pursue the idea
  3. Learn and compete in a jujitsu meet sometime in the next year or 2:  this goal goes hand in hand with my love for MMA. About 4 years back, I started training some MMA in a women’s only class.  It was fun but that was when my BUTT/Sciatic flared up and got the worst it has ever been.  So I had to quit. Since then I’ve realized that kicking with my left leg is 100% off limits!  Thus, kickboxing is a not an option.  BUT the grappling/jujitsu part is a “safer” option.
  4. Continue on working towards my new years resolutions-MY TOP 4 New Year Resolutions/Goals!!
    1. Take more pictures and videos of my kids.  They are growing up too fast.  I must make an ON PURPOSE effort to capture them!
    2. Attack my Financial Goals, It’s my “Golden” year so this only makes sense
    3. Learn more about my Heritage.  I am on a quest to find out more about my family tree and my Scandinavian and German heritage.
    4. Attack some “scary” goals again!! I’ve gotten a bit conservative with my goals recently.  I expect that to change this year!
  5. Do a bit more modeling and acting.  I was invited to a casting for another movie last night…I couldn’t due to family obligations. However it did raise a curiosity in my head about the idea of doing more projects.  The current movie (which starts shooting again next Saturday) is taking more of my time that I had expected.  But the reality is that most roles would not be this time consuming or intense!  I would like to complete my updated resume/headshots by the end of April.
  6. Work on my business goals.  I have a few really amazing opportunities right now with BuffMother LLC and some potential partnerships.  I need to attack the BIG things.
  7. Work on my BODY goals.  I decided this week that part of my recent self-sabotage issues has been lack of a clear measurable goal.  I’ve changed my mindset about that this week and it’s working!  My goal is to be 128 by Sunday!

Seeing all this written down is a bit overwhelming!  I have lots to do and need to manage/leverage my time more efficiently!  I guess that needs to be another goal of mine….


Maybe if I get really “KISS-Able” this month I can lure a bunch of Minions to do my work for me, lol!!


Time to go…this afternoon my niece has a baby shower, the first GRANDBABY for my SIL and the first GREAT GRAND BABY in our family…So it’s a BIG TIME celebration!! The perfect time to give out some kisses!! and be KISS-ABLE!!


Love ya’s,




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

No Driving Day?

Today is a much needed NO DRIVING day, sorta…

  1. I may drive to the gym as I’ve realized 3 weeks into it that working out at home isn’t going well with the kids are home for the summer! Too many distractions= no so much the kids themselves as the MESS the kids leave behind!
  2. We may also drive to go pick up my CHICKEN COOP!! I had a friend of mine score me one for FREE!! It’ll hold 8 chickens~ I can’t wait to eat my own eggs!!
  3. AND I may drive my tractor– that though is FUN, It’s like therapy!


Yesterday was a nice day– I took the day off and drove to town for lunch with my SIL. She treated me to a late BIRTHDAY meal and My son came with to hang with his cousins at the pool


I did manage to get in a short leg workout– my sciatic has been flaring up a bit the past couple days (too much sitting/driving, ovulation and inconsistent workouts).  SQUATS seem to really help it, but yesterday it got irritated a bit from them– so I tried to be nice to it.

Warmed up on bike for 10 mins, squatted: 45×20, 95×10, 135x10x3 deadlifts: 135x10x3 plus some abs and booty stuff between sets. It was a shorter workout than I wanted but it was also close to 7pm when I was done.  TOO LATE in the day for this CHEF…I had a 5 hungry mouths to feed.

Have a FRIENDLY FRIDAY ladies!!



Pretty Pink

Yesterday turned into a highly productive day!! I love it when things get accomplished!

I started the day with “work time” –adding a ton of videos to You Tube. I’m still a bit behind on the booty workouts though.  If you’ve ever posted HD vids to the internet with a super slow connection, you would understand why. It takes forever!

After/During that I did my chest lifting workout and also packed up a bunch of MY DVD’s with Band workouts to ship out


Then I got dolled up and headed out to lunch with my SIL, Heidi

She gave me the most beautiful pink gem necklace!


Then I got my nails done, ran a few more errands and even got my puppy groomed.

Once I got home I brought Gunner to the DR for his physical and then hit Wal-Mart for food.  We spent the night doing some “target practice” and finished the evening off with a “night hunt”.


VERY good fun day!!

Today is Day 19 of our Hot Hiney contest~ and I will be working MY BOOTY off today~ I’ll be taping the TUNA and the MELT today!

Here’s the post for today:


I’m off to have another productive day!!


p.s. check out my new feature on Pinqii…-disagrees-explains/

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Day 1 ~S2S Bikini Week~

HI ya’ll…Today is DAY 30  Please read today’s article:
AND… Darice’s Featured SEXY Article”
Well life around is finally getting back to normal after our spring break 2 weeks ago and Easter last week– at least normal for a couple days, until Friday when for some reason my kids have the day off?? What’s the deal with that?!


I am really going to have to figure out some sore of a solution for us during the summer months…bored kids at home= MESSY, stress!
My massage yesterday was really interesting. I went to a massuse who has been working with my SIL for the past several months.  Tandee is her name. She’s got some really exiting, different techniques and has a huge belief that many of our issues stem from our CORE. Specifically our PSOAS muscles which reside in on the sides of our inner tummy They connect the hips and spine and in essence are our body’s “hinge”.  STOMACH massage is her “specialty”.
She also does some active release stretching techniques to assist in releasing the muscle tension.  Very interesting stuff– She also spent time on my neck and shoulder– deep in my armpit.  My tummy was amazingly sore yesterday afternoon do to the massage.  I’m excited to see how visiting her every couple weeks will help my neck and also some of my lingering sciatic issues.
My workout last night was a tiny leg workout– I felt kinda weak and didn’t want to do too much.  Just playing it safe for my neck.  I warmed up on the Upright bike- then lifted- then rode the bike for 20 mins during which I took a break to do sit ups 3x’s~
 Here’s a picture of Gracie an I after I lifted:
Then after my workout I slapped on one of my all time favorite suits and snapped a pic for you!
I have to say– It made me feel sexy to be in a bikini and heels– It WORKS!!



It’s super fun to see your bikini proof pics, thanks for sharing!! Keep up the SEXY!!

Love, Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

8 days to GO!


We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest.
I certainly hope you are focused and ready to finish this challenge strong.

Today’s task, workout ideas and tips are located here:

Time to FINISH this!!  Make yourself PROUD!!
Here’s my leg workout:


Warm up r bike 10 min
Free motion Squat- 100,160×25 warm up
45 warm up
95×12 felt great
135 1 rep-ouch

Leg Press

Smith Lunges

Knee Extension

Abductor(first time in years on this machine 🙂 )

Ab machine

Calf Machine


I am so ready for a great next week, let’s do it!!


8 Days to Go!! …Efficient

BuffMother's picture

Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:45pm — BuffMother

8 Days to Go!! We are two-thirds done…2 weeks into our 3 week contest.

How are you doing?  I hope you feel closer to BREAKING your habit!

I have lost a little bit of focus this past week, but I am ready to be RELENTLESS and finish this final week STRONG!  I expect to have my habit of eating junk carbs broken and have established a clean kitchen habit!!

I’ve identified that too much computer time really derails my efforts to take action towards my goals.  This week I’m going to focus on being very effective and efficient with my time online.

I encourage you to join me on this task:

Complete Online tasks during just one session each day. Check your mail once daily and complete all other online tasks quickly and efficiently. Let’s combine all online time into one small daily ritual–I plan to even set a TIMER so that I don’t slip and go end up wasting my energy and attention.

My online to do list for this week:
Check my email inbox and write quick responses- 30 min
Write blog- 30 min
Comment on 5+ friends posts in Rally Room- 10 min
Update Facebook status- 5 min
Surf the web-10 min

1:15 mins is very do-able and much less than the tally has been for me recently!!

If ONLINE time is not a problem for you…maybe there is something else hindering your focus- could it be TV time? spending too much time on the phone? Spending too much time cleaning?

Focus on finding ways to be more efficient with your time!!


Today’s workout suggestions:

Beginner- walk for 20 mins…get your arms pumping and heart beating

Experienced– Lift Legs, again!! Paired circuits– do the blue exercises as a circuit and then the pink…keep moving it’s supposed to be hard and fast!


Calf raises
4×10 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Dead Lifts
Laying side leg lifts
Knee Ups- to front and sides
Lower Back Extensions

Remember that focused effort is always more effective than just going through the motions. Let’s be effective! -Michelle

9 days to go!!

9 days

Good Saturday Morning everybody!! day 13; 9 to go

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 9:33am — BuffMother

Birthday Month for us is finally over!!  I love, love, love birthdays and I love, love, love my family–BUT 3 birthdays in a matter of 1 week + Valentines Day wears me out!

Thursday was a total off day for me- it was Travis’ Birthday and he played hookie from work so we could hang out all day.  It was really an awesome day and he had a very nice birthday.

Friday morning was all about throw up, lol….my little lady Layla was super sick with the tummy flu and so was my dog.  What a mess!
Today is a new day and we are fired up to have everyone mostly healthy and we have Softball tryouts today for my 10 year old.  It should be interesting- She’s never played!  Last night we hit wal-mart for some gloves and a bat.  It was so fun to see GIRL colors…when I played there were no pink and purple options– Love it!! :love:

Yesterday, I did manage to get in a good back workout and my diet was much more in check.  I am ready to kick in this contest– just a bit over a week left and I plan to be RELENTLESS!!

My workout plan for today is to run outside 2 miles and do some plyo type stuff after along with abs.  Should be a good one!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!


p.s. for my diet…I am on a maintenance calorie level of about 1800-2000 right now…5-4-3-2-0…once TOM arrives then I will be leaning hard 🙂

Blessed JOYOUS Birthday Week

I had such a blessed JOYOUS Birthday week!!  I feel refreshed and ready to rock 35!! 

The week started with a smooth trip to AZ where my entire focus was on spending quality time with my sister and to do NOTHING! and for me doing NOTHING  is very difficult!!  I think I was rather successful at it and I know that’s exactly why I needed to go to AZ~ for R&R! It was fun to slow down and find that Joy is in RESTING and RELAXING sometimes/ I spent time at the pool, a tish of shopping, some cooking with my sister, playing  tennis and with my sisters dogs,  hitting some golf balls at the range and a ton of time just talking with my sister- and of COURSE eating!  We hit a few really neat restaurants- I had the most fun eating ribs, gellato (Angel Sweet) and chimichangas washed down with homemade lemonade.

Once I got home it was Saturday afternoon and almost time for CHURCH~ we had a great time there worshiping God… and soon after that  it was time for UFC 115~ FUN!!!  I was sad to see Liddell get knocked out again, but happy for Franklin’s luck to win with a broken arm.  The rest of the birthday week finished off with a party at my SIL’s house and my actual Birthday yesterday!  It was a SUPERB day!!

I’ll  write more about the rest of the Celebration and share some pictures in another blog…but for now I wanted to say THANK YOU!! Thanks for all the hundred of wonderful birthday wishes!! I am truly very, very blessed to have so many amazing friends!! I love you all and I know God has BIG things in store for all of us this year!! WooHoo!

Today’s been a busy first day back~! I actually just got home from my son’s field day~ and have yet to workout or shower…

I KNOW I owe many of you a response via e-mail, pm or txt….I’ll get to you soon…but it may be a few days.  I get behind really fast if I don’t do anything for 1 week.   I lam so JOYFUL  that I do have the freedom to take some R &R time! I love it!!  I love being busy and being needed 🙂

Toddles for now!!