SSS week 03- Mini Challenge: 100 Lunges

SSS Week #3 Mini Challenge- 100 lunges a day!!  Your mini challenge if you choose to accept it is to do 100 lunges each day this week!! That’s 100 total, so 50 each leg.

This week’s mini-challenge is one of MY FAVORITES!! To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical determination~ BUT I know you can do it!!!!

the way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the first few days of the week  Most days I will opt to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days I’ll add weight for sure.

For example:

  • On leg days- I HIT my lunges hard with WEIGHTS
    Weighted walking ones- weight on back or holding DB’s
  • Barbell Lunges
  • Smith lunges
  • Super booty smith lunges
  • On non-leg days – I do body weight lunges mostly of the walking or stationary ones.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary Lunges
Walking Lunges
Jumping Lunges
Side Lunges (including Skater and Jumping Side)
Box Lunge with Dumbells
Box Lunge (3 variations) body weight only
Forward Lunges
Backward Lunges
BB Foward Lunge (includes Russian variation)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
Starter style Walking lunges no weight

A key point to keep your lunges working your booty is to focus on using your front leg for the majority of the movement.

And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown to be WALKING lunges :)
You will feel them TRUST ME!!Laughing

To get more emphasis on your butt rather than your quad, remember to use your front leg for the motion and also leaning forward (chest to knee) adds extra booty emphasis.

have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!

~~~~Here are some example workouts and how I fit in 100 lunges on this Mini-Challenge~~~~

Did my lunges just now~ 100 for today
also, a chest/tri/running treddy intervals workout at the gym

yesterday- ran outside and 100 lunges

Keep up the GREAT attitude about The LUNGES- it is more of a MENTAL exercise than physical–GET IT DONE, prove to yourself that you are a BUFFMOTHER!!

Love ya,


Booty workout day~

Warm up
r-bike 5 min
Squats (push through heels, focus on using glutes to lift weight)

Walking Lunges
60# barx15
60# barx15

One set walking calves

Butt Squats
110x10closer stance

Smith Lunges (alternating starting leg)

Bent over leg curls

Keep up the GREAT focus,


As for my workout, I Got it done, despite…feeling like I was a big weakling. I have a photoshoot tomorrow and I typically deplete myself for shoots because I like looking ripped and small…since we all know the camera adds 15 pounds

Here is my measly workout:
warm up 13 mins r-bike
lat pulls

Hammer bicep curls
45×8…I hate bicep curls!

Pull ups
7, 6.5

Standing Military
in front 45×10
behind 45x10x2

Barbell bicep curls

lower back extensions 2×12
knee ups on roman chair 25
knee ups on bench 30

Seated rows
80x10x2 full extension
90×10 super squeeze at end

13 mins on elliptical- high resistance focus on glutes – only 2 hard intervals in there. Ran out of time
I still have my 100 lunges to do today~ I will get them done, just not right now, lol!

Have a super Thurs night~~



Well, I did legs today~ boy I love a good leg workout….My favorite workouts used to be chest, but these last few months~ LEGS totally rule my world.

I love working legs (and BOOTY) because of the RESULTS!! The positive changes I’ve seen in my legs over the last 2 months are UNREAL!!! The time while I was training for my 800m race, I couldn’t lift much with my legs for about 2 months and it ended up showing…don’t get me wrong, my legs looked great, worked great and felt strong…but they were different than they were prior to slacking off from my workouts. Now from LIFTING HEAVY and close to twice every week, I have less cellulite, less fat, more shape to my booty,etc….now than 2 months ago and I am SO EXITED!!!!

I only had an hour so I did the MOST important moves~
5 min warm up elliptical
45×10 plie

Walking lunges
60#x30 steps
60#x30 steps…some extra BIIIIIIIG :)

Seated calf raises

Dead Lifts
135×10 stiffer legs
135×10 more bend in knee- romainian

Kneeling leg curl

Leg press
180×20- super booty squeeze
Calves betweens sets :)

Smith Lunges
70x10x4 on step
Leg ups on R-chair
Booty back extensions

Time was UP!!

Errand Day

Hey all, I hopped out of bed this morning and got going on a ton of errands. Felt good to get things crossed off my “TO DO” list.  Lots of driving and finally getting home at 3:45 this afternoon, just in time for the kids to come home!


At about 5 I started my workout:

I did a good warm up of lunges, high knee grabs walking and side lunges.


Dead lifts

Hip ups

Knee/Leg Extensions


Then it was time to leave again to bring Gracie to guitar.

Just got home now and I’m exhausted but feeling accomplished.

Really looking forward to a slower “stay at home” kind of day tomorrow!

See you then,


p.s. here’s a video from today

Post by BuffMother!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Busier than ever!  How does that happen??? I love being busy, but seriously I need my Rally Room time!

Here’s our contest post for today~

I certainly am fired up for the FINISH of this contest. I realized last night that I’ve worked out EVERY DAY in April, and I’m not even trying to!! It’s been a good streak.  NOW I’m tempted to shoot for doing it ALL THE DAYS of APRIL?  I’ve successfully completed a couple challenges like this in past years (EVERY DAY IN MAY), so maybe I should just GO FOR IT?~!

Anyhow, as I said I am BUSY and BEHIND on so many projects it’s killing me! I hate feeling like I’m not living up to expectations (mostly MY EXPECTATIONS).  I need to have a very productive next 2 weeks!

Yesterday I ended up having lunch with my MIL and SIL, then had a dentist appt, then a chiro appt, then I had to buy stuff for my bunny, got home with some food for the kids, then got in my leg workout prior to heading out of town to the twins’ softball game.  Finally got home at 9:30 to do another round of “feedings” then finally  TUCK INs and then some alone time with the hubs.

I was EXHAUSTED and kinda in pain after the crazy day!  My teeth hurt, my legs hurt, and body hurt from my chiropractic adjustment– He really cranked on my back this time!

My leg workout was the first “real” one I’ve done since my neck went out 2 weeks ago- I’ve been focusing on learning how to place the bar in a bit of a better/lower position on my back during squatting. Even old dogs need to learn new tricks at times!!

Squats- 45×10, 95×10, 135x10x2sets Deads- 45×20, 95×15, 95×20– kept this kinda light just to be safe Knee Extensions- 5 sets of these- some singles and some together…pretty heavy LUNGES!!: between sets I did various varieties for well over 100 total- side lunges, box lunges, jumping lunges (HOLY HARD!), foward barbell lunges, low sliding side to side lunges

I also did some ABS in there…overall a good workout, expecting an even better one in a couple days!!

I’m on the attack again with another BUSY day in store!!

Got my TO Do list written and am planning to hammer it out before I have to go to town again today for an orthodontist appt and DATE with my DD in celebration of her ALL “A” report card!

My weight is back up a tish to 128, but very good considering it’s HORMONE TIME! Cycle day 24 today

I’m going to end this now in order to take some time to catch up with all the AMAZING BLOGS from my SWEET BUFFSISTERS here!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Snow Day on Spring Break?

Snow day on SPRING BREAK?? What’s up with that??? It hasn’t started just yet, but we are expecting it to be a snuggle day for us here in Arkansas.

I’ve posted 2 items today already~ please check them out:

S2S VIP Conference CALL?

S2S~Day 18: Branded your SEXY!?

Now onto my recap–

yesterday I ran and did a short leg workout.

the run was hard– 6 hills on our trail–it takes about 1 min up and 1.5 mins for me to get back down the trail– i run the entire time

the lifting wasn’t so bad– It was cut short due to a few reasons, but mostly because it was getting late and we needed to eat supper

Squats warm up 45×20, 95x10x2sets, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 Deads warm up 45×15, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 plus some–knee ups, knee extensions3GuOtbSn53b5i2DUNgwD014z
Today, I’ll probably add in a few side lunges and other leg work between sets of my Back/Shoulder/Bicep and Ab workout

SOOOO….last night coming home from my daughter’s guitar lesson we drove by a lady selling bunnies– and I bought one, lol!  It’s our Easter bunny!

The kids love it and my dog is obsessed with it.  She wouldn’t go to sleep last night because she had to smell it/see it.

We’ll keep the bunny outside once it’s warmer and once it’s not a “baby” anymore, but for now I certainly hope the dog gets used to it soon.



My diet was better yesterday, but today “buffing” starts so it’ll be even better. I am NOT doing well on our challenge for the week– It’s seems I’ve been eating more cheese than ever– and I even ate a tortilla last night with my taco.  I haven’t had one of those in ages!

Oh well…maybe I can have the next 4 days be BREAD and DAIRY Free (minus my coffee’s half-n-half– i can’t seem to ever cut that out!)

Have a marvelous day 19!!



The "Hubby Push"

I’ve been working out with my hubby each night…he’s actually pushed me to get going to the gym the past 2 days!!  I love that… We are going to Cancun in 2 weeks!!!  Both of us wanna be BUFF!!
Last night we did a leg workout, mostly squatting…I also did bulgarians, side lunges, hack squats, leg extensions and calves.

Tonight, I plan to run a couple “SPRINTS” up the hill with my son.  I also think I’ll do a DB circuit workout with him too.  He’s ready to have me help him get in shape for football.  I have yet to take my starting stats/pic due to the crazy busy life I’ve had this week… but the good news is I’ve already lost weight down to 125.4 this am on cycle day 4~ Buffing begins for me officially tomorrow, but honestly I’ve been buffing all week!  The goal is for me to wake up weighing 122 on the day we leave for Cancun.  Then I’ll have a little under a week to “re-lose” the weight after vacation before the end of our contest!!  I expect I’ll finish the contest the size I am now.

p.s. If anyone needs some mojo…A great idea for you right now is to follow along with my “Thin in 30” contest.  Here’s the link to the sign up~ you get daily workouts and diet info:

Diet info:

Workouts: Day 1-

Hi from me!!!

Hi!! I’ve had a busy day…even busier than expected.
my dentist check up turned into a filling and a day of numbness- My mouth was numb for almost 4 hours!  But the worse news is that it hurts more now than it did before the filling- I am guessing I’ll have to go back becuase I can’t eat without pain!  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Okay so once my numbness was gone, guess who showed up FIANLLY- the ATT Service man.  He was great and fixed my U-vese problems, but he delayed my eating and by the time he left we had to go to dance. Then after dance we finally ate!  Got Gunner to football and I headed to go SQUAT before his game. 

Warm up-rbike
Hip rotatations, raises and stretching between sets

Deads 135×10-12x4sets
paired with
Knee extensions
150×10 toes out focus on VMO

Leg press

Calf Extensions on leg press 2 sets
side lunges and hip stretches between sets
knee ups on roman chair

Here’s a little video of our upcoming get together. I am SO fired up for it!

See you in the morning!! Love, Michelle

Sore Booty JOY!

I have a sore booty today~ OH JOY!!  I love a sore booty…it is a sign that I accomplished the goal of my leg workout!  Glute muscles have always been a challenge for me.  My natural body has a very small booty~ the booty I have is manufactured by hard work and tons of consistent effort!

Here’s a quick run down of yesterday’s leg workout- the smith lunges were the finishing touch that got me sore.


Warm up ran 5 mins on treadmill
175×8 (most reps at this weight in recent past)

Dead Lifts
55×15 warm up set

Seated leg press- 2 sets
Hack squats- 2 sets
Calf rasies- seated- 2 sets
Smith Lunges-

some between set stuff:
Explosive bulgarians
side lunges
Cat/Dog stretches
Roman chair knee ups- 1 big set
Lower back extensions
Calf streches
Hip flexor stretches


P: Chix (2), protein powder, hamburger (taco meat), Slim Jims
C: Rasins, Chips (corn), Carrot
F: Dressing, Olives, meat fat, pumpkin seeds
G:Salsa, Lettuce (romain)
T: 0!!

totals= 5, 3, 3.5, 3, 0 ; Grade A for the day!

Monday’s hormone report: Cycle day 5, weight- 130, small bloat- from bad eating on Sunday, good mood, great focus, low stress, high energy, some pain in abs- sore from sprints and quads, sciatic a bit worse which means time for a leg day, during workout no sciatic pain- a bit of lower back tightness and rt. hamstring tightness, Yes I was hungry in the evening and as I tried to fall asleep, slept GREAT, good libido, a few zits

I’ll be back with Today’s report later 🙂  Tennis , a back lifting workout and a short run are on taps!
Hope you can find joy in a sore booty like I can!!

Love ya,


SX70- Week #3 MINI-Challenge

SX70- Week #3 MINI-Challenge

Hey Ya’ll What’s Up with you this week?? I am on fire and ready to get after it. ARE YOU?

Summer is just a few short weeks away…are you ready? I know I’m ready in my head for it, but my body has a little ways to go. Let’s keep the visions of us in our bikini front and center in our brains so that we STICK to our diet, workouts and supplementation routine. The COUNTDOWN to Summer is here!! Let’s rock it so we can really enjoy those HOT summer months in skimpy clothes.

Today marks the start of week #3 for me and I just noticed I have 57 days until my Birthday. That’s so MOTIVATING to me!! I want a rock hard, tight, cellulite free booty for my birthday this year and100 lunges daily this week will surely help me attain that “present”!!

This mini-challenge is one of my FAVORITES, lol!! To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical determination~ BUT I know you and I can do it!!!!

The way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the first few days of the week. Most days I will opt to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days I’ll add weight for sure.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary lunges
Walking lunges
Side lunges
Jumping lunges
Skater lunges
Jumping Skater lunges
Starter lunges
Box/Step lunges
Smith lunges
Forward lunges
Backward lunges
DB lunges
Barbell lunges
Russian lunges (lean way forward)

A key point to keep your lunges working your booty is to focus on using your front leg for the majority of the movement. And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown to be WALKING lunges.

have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!



Exercise Demos:


Bench Press Demo

Bench Press- How To

Back Workout

Bent over Rows

Inverted Pull Ups

Seated Row

Assited Pull ups (with partner)

Bicep Curls- 3 DB variations

Bicep Curls- 3 variations using DB’s

21’s for shoulders

Pull ups Demo

Swing set- inverted pull ups

Negatives- Pull ups


Stationary Lunges

Forward Lunges

BB Foward Lunge (includes Russian variation)

Side Lunges (including Skater and Jumping Side)

Backward Lunges

Jumping Lunges

Walking Lunges

Box Lunge with Dumbells

Box Lunge (3 variations) body weight only

Squats with Barbell (using squat rack)

Step ups

Knee Extensions (home)

Bulgarians (with DB’s)

Bulgarians or Single Leg Squats (no weight)

Leg Curls with Ball

Complete workouts:


Beginner Buffing Upper body

Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video) (Phase 1- Workout Demo)

Upper Body workout – beginner ph1


Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs (Phase 1- Workout Demo)

Experienced Buffing Chest Workout


ABS routine- 7 for 7


Charting Hormones- how to

Beginner Boosting- weight pyramid explained

Intervals- buffing with 2 min recovery

Boosting Intervals


Lower Body Stretching Routine

Upper Body Stretching Routine

shoulder stretch- behind back clasp

Lat (back) stretch- sitting down

Chest Stretch

Neck Stretching

Arm across your upper body


Side Lat Stretch

Quad Stretch

Hollywood Stretch

Touch your Toes

Touch Toes sitting on floor

Touching Toes like dead-lift

Lunge Stretching Series

Hurdler Stretch

butterfly stretch for groin


Cooking frozen veggie tips

Frozen Veggies


Intertia and Move free Supplements


Links to OTHER Videos by BuffMother!