Burning lungs

Well…I did it, I got a little exercise today. Rode the bike for about 15 mins then went on a short walk outside.  My lungs were burning from the bike…I didn’t overdo it– Hoping it was just enough to get things moving forward.

So far I haven’t taken any medication today a good sign I’m on the mend– thinking that by the weekend I may have some energy back.

Tia was home sick with me again today– but she’s expecting to go back to school tomorrow!! YAY!!

I sure hope no one else gets sick


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Focus on your STRENGTHS!

HI Ladies!! I have got to say that week #1 of our contest has been AMAZING!! There are so many new faces that I’m having a hard time keeping track   I know that within a few weeks, I’ll have a better understanding of who each of you are… So please keep posting, so that we all can get to know each other more. 🙂

I ran across a great quote the other day- “Your fully exploited strengths are of far greater value than your marginally improved weaknesses.”- Andy Stanley

It’s so true!! What are your strengths? focus on them and use them!!!


My personal week #1 started off GREAT.  But, by Wednesday I knew I was a bit sick.  I still pushed through it to keep my mojo rollin’, but I expect to have a much better week #2!! Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I’m on day 3 of my z-pack today and already feeling much better!!!

Here’s my consistency report:

Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete last week:

M: runHills + back T: chest tri + full body weight workout w/client

Wednesday: OFF,

Thurs: took pics, stats, video boosting wo’s +a short run(buring lungs!!) then legs F: tiny upper on fri – started Z pack Saturday: light hiking outside

Basically 5 ish, workouts

How many intervals training sessions did I complete last week: Hills monday, bike 13mins on fri, short run on thurs prior to legs (burning lungs); light hike Sat

Only 1 true interval workout- the other stuff “counts” a bit

How many days of the week did I workout: 5

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? Being sick Who did I encourage this week? Loads of people, but specifically my acting coach KIM

MY POA (Plan Of Attack!!!!) for this week #2- Date:1-27-14
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? regain energy from being sick; keep joints healthy

What is my main goal this week in my diet? Keep it clean no chips! and focus on drinking water!!

antibiotics are very dangerous to lift heavy on because they attack the good bacteria found in your Joint’s lubrication system.  If you are on a antibiotic, be VERY careful in your lifting so that you don’t injure your ligaments, tendons and joints.

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week? Sunday: run outside I’ll be careful with this, but it’s sunny and 60+!!

Monday: on antibiotic  (

antibiotics are very dangerous to lift heavy on because they attack the good bacteria found in your Joint’s lubrication system. If you are on a antibiotic, be VERY careful in your lifting so that you don’t injure your ligaments, tendons and joints.

and long day for work, just light lifting (buffing workouts from book- get on video) Tuesday:  On antibiotic Another BUSY work day– Interval run only Wednesday: Return to REAL workouts~ Legs Thursday: Back/Shoulders/biceps + intervals Friday: Chest/triceps Saturday: Legs Sunday: off or maybe a run??

That may be a bit of an aggressive POA, but I tried to  make it “do-able”…we’ll see.

As I mentioned today is gorgeous outside, so I must get off this computer now and get into the sunshine again today. I was out in it yesterday and I KNOW it’s helping me feel better!!

Your friend, Michelle,”Ellie” Berger

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


No more “Pussy-footing” around for this lady.  I’m sick of how I’ve been so lax about my workouts since the middle of October….Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working out, more than the average human, but I’ve been cuting myself too much slack by missing workouts, putting them off and SKIPPING items I just don’t “feel like” doing.  NO MORE!!

I’ve set some very SOLID goals for myself to attain by Feb 14th, 2013~

  • Workout 6 days a week on a 3 days split
  • Run at least 2 times a week
  • Play tennis 2 times a week
  • Goal weight 123

I may add to the list but that’s the main focus… I’ll be starting today, with legs!

Off to get it done!

xoxox~ Michelle


Shine in 49: Day 25~ Conference Call Recording

We are now halfway done with the contest!!
I’m having good success but also know these final 24 days will bring the most results for me!!  As I shared on our call my biggest success from the first half  of our contest has been that I finally feel “in shape”!!  I have been struggling since being sick in October/November of last year to get that feeling back!  It had seemed for months that I was PLODDING along pushing hard just to regain some sort of fitness level- always PLANTING ENERGY, but not getting any back.  NOW I feel like I’m harvesting energy from my workouts~ I feel the energy coming back to me finally after 6 months of PLANTING!! YAY!! I can’t wait to see where I can take it!! I’m going to the next level baby– right now I’m shining like a 40 watt bulb, but by the end of 49 days I’ll be at 100WATTS!!


Our conference call today was about measuring success and also why the scale goes up sometimes even when we think we are doing everything right.  One of the key points I must share is,  “you MUST be thankful for the success you have in order for you to blessed with more!”

If you missed the call- here’s the link to listen:




Sorry the call had some rough audio…that happens sometimes. I am thinking next week, that I may do a video chat instead of our call??  Not sure, but it’s an idea- I really enjoyed the interaction at the end of the call~ so maybe that’s what the whole call should entail??  Any input would be great!

Okay- my workout for today is: full body lifting and a run– I’m looking forward to it!!
Have a great Thursday!!



I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts lately…do I sound like POOH bear?

Anyhoo…Thoughts about my mission, my current existance, my goals, my frustrations, etc…  Overall this October has been filled with un-rest…stress…contemplation…and SICKNESSES!  ICKY!  I know the mental really affects my physical. I also know that the definition of INSANITY is to continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Thus…my blog about CHANGE on Tuesday.

I am sick of the unrest and sick of the lack of peace…So where do I start?  I KNOW where to start…with GOD!  He is the start of it all and my #1 priority, my first love.  I’ve been neglecting HIM for too long, taking HIM for granted and separated from HIM due to my own stupidity. 

The past 3 days I’ve been pouring into who I love the most~ God, Travis and my family and guess what…I feel better both emotionally and physically.  I’ve listened to several amazing messages from pastors I HIGHLY respect to fill my heart and mind with wonderful thoughts about my Jesus, my KING, my Father, my Love!  And that love has spilled over to my DH…I had a GREAT date with Travis yesterday~ The first in a long time!   Because God is LOVE, I need HIM and HIS love in order to have love to give to others.  He holds a stockpile of Love and gives it to us when we give HIM LOVE.  It’s so wonderful!!  God is GOOD!!

I plan to keep going after God; Keeping HIM my #1 priority in life above ALL else…and YES even above my husband and above my children.  HE has to be FIRST!  Becuase I know from horrible past experiences that when HE is not #1, everything else falls apart!!  I want HIS love so I can GIVE MORE LOVE and have more passion for the all those looking for true LOVE!  I want to really make an impact on this world and there is no way I can do that if I don’t have massive amounts of LOVE! 

Thanks for reading this!  I love that I have friends who love me~ I LOVE YOU too!!

God Bless us all!!


Weekly Q! Week 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday today…so that means it’s “Weekly?” TIME!!!
Our question for this 3rd week of 2009 is….Do you have pets? …or have you had any in the past?(Week #3-2009)
I was amazed last week when EVERY news station in the world was covering WHAT kind of DOG the new president should get?? It is amazing how much value is placed on pets in our society! Pets are fun, they bring joy, laughter and love into our lives…plus they also help teach responsibility and often times provide helpful services in the lives of owners (security, assistance)
So…with that said. Please tell me about all about your pets!
Currently the Berger household has NO pets! We have 4 small children and I look at adding pets to our home as seriously as adding more children~ I have too much on my plate already without adding more. However, I do expect that we will have have pets in the future. We’ll probably start with a Dog, then depending on how that goes…add other animals to our life from there.
I have had pets in the past. When I was 5 my parents got us a dog- SMOKIE was his name~ he was fun, but CRAZY. We ended up giving him up for adoption about a year later and I didn’t have a pet until I was in college. We got a ferret names SQUIRT and then a few months later a cat, who got sick and passed away, then another ferret name BRUTUS. The ferrets were fun for that “season” in our lives, but they were a mess and in the end we moved and gave them away.

Do you have any pets? or have you had any pets in the past? Do you have any funny, heartfelt stories to share about pets?
let’s have fun by sharing~

Sore Bod!

I have a sore bod! I think the only part of me that isn’t sore is my biceps–they hardly EVER get sore…those tiny little things are so durable, LMAO!

Thus, not being able to visit the gym due to my DD being sick has been a blessing in disguise. WHO, by the way, she is doing much better…I think she will go to school tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers!

I am giving some of April’s TOFFEE to a few people…that is if she can get it to me in time with her on vacation this week and all….I think it will be a great gift for some teachers and some co-workers — it is YUMMERS!!… if you are curious.

Okay, so my workouts and POA have been a bit modified due to my soreness and no gym the past 2 days. I did manage to keep my momentum though by doing “something”

Last night I did:
40 sit ups
10 pull ups
35 sit ups
*missed my lunges…I feel bad about that, but my BUTT was and is still very sore!*

Then tonight I did
120 lunges YAY! I think I’ll be able to do some with weight again tomorrow!!
5 sets of 7-8 bicep curls- 60’s on curl bar
Bent over rows with the same bar- 4 sets

That’s it!

In other news I spent all day Sunday updating and imputing addresses into my outlook contacts, now if I could just figure out how to merge those addys into labels I would be so HAPPY!!…I tried today to mail merge- NOT!
I can’t believe how hard that is! I am clueless!!! how frustrating~~

BUT, I think I will try again tomorrow!

Well, I am off to finish some Christmas Cards for my TEAM BuffMother! friends….
Love ya,

14 years!!

Today is my 14 year anniversary!!
my poor DH is sick…he came home from work even. So…I have no clue if we will go out to dinner as we had planned or not. No biggie, but it would be nice to do something~ maybe we’ll do it this weekend instead!

Okie dokie!! I have not gotten much done today yet, just messing around with tax stuff, etc…YUCK! I totally need an assistant to do that for me. In other news one of the twins, LAYLA is going to be in a pageant as a little MISS for a teenager in the HS pageant. SHE has the perfect personality for it and will LOVE it!! I expect it to be VERY CUTE!!!

Nothing much else to report, but that I am getting off this computer RIGHT NOW!!

Love ya,
p.s. I hope to get more details on the upcoming contest posted soon!! We’ll plan to start SEPT 10TH!!!

A heavy, high volume “buffing”leg workout

My leg workout I did this evening:
Warmed up with 8 min on the r-bike with 4 1 min. intervals
Seated calf raises
Leg press
200×15 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
Hack Squat
focus on butt
180×10 full 10 short for butt
Smith lunges
Dead lifts
one set of 10×115
low back tightened up, yikes!
Leg extensions
135×15 out/in
165×12 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
Leg curls
90×8 + 60×6
Calf raises (standing)
260×20 (straight and in)
345 x 15 +8 out
Walking Lunges
2 sets w/ 30# DB’s of 15 per leg

This was a good workout, it took a total of 1hr15min! Even though I was sick last week I can really tell that I have gained strength during my “building phase”. Lifting without creatine is not as much fun, but my waist is already much smaller (the lifting belt is too big again).
I was very hungry all day. And I really didn’t eat much less than usual, it is my body knowing that I am trying to make it smaller! I think that after a few more days like today, I will get in a groove.
I will be sore tomorrow!
I will sleep good!

-Sweet dreams, Michelle

We all get sick sometimes.

Sorry to have been gone so long…I have been sick 🙁 with a terrible sinus infection. But I am back with a vengeance and have a lot of work to do to catch up for last week’s time in bed. I wanted to share a couple more photos that I took last weekend of me and my little twins .
They are so sweet!