Burning lungs

Well…I did it, I got a little exercise today. Rode the bike for about 15 mins then went on a short walk outside.  My lungs […] Read More

Focus on your STRENGTHS!

HI Ladies!! I have got to say that week #1 of our contest has been AMAZING!! There are so many new faces that I’m having […] Read More


No more “Pussy-footing” around for this lady.  I’m sick of how I’ve been so lax about my workouts since the middle of October….Don’t get me […] Read More

Shine in 49: Day 25~ Conference Call Recording

We are now halfway done with the contest!! I’m having good success but also know these final 24 days will bring the most results for […] Read More


I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts lately…do I sound like POOH bear? Anyhoo…Thoughts about my mission, my current existance, my goals, my frustrations, etc…  […] Read More

Weekly Q! Week 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday today…so that means it’s “Weekly?” TIME!!! Our question for this 3rd week of 2009 is….Do you have pets? …or have you had any […] Read More

Sore Bod!

I have a sore bod! I think the only part of me that isn’t sore is my biceps–they hardly EVER get sore…those tiny little things […] Read More

14 years!!

Today is my 14 year anniversary!! AMAZING~ my poor DH is sick…he came home from work even. So…I have no clue if we will go […] Read More

A heavy, high volume “buffing”leg workout

My leg workout I did this evening:Warmed up with 8 min on the r-bike with 4 1 min. intervalsSquats45×1595×15135×10135×8145×10Seated calf raises3x70x15Leg press200×15 followed by calves […] Read More

We all get sick sometimes.

Sorry to have been gone so long…I have been sick 🙁 with a terrible sinus infection. But I am back with a vengeance and have […] Read More