MIGHTY Monday!

www.BuffMother.com I feel MIGHTY today, lol!!  I have been very productive already and I am ready to keep that up!!! Yesterday was great~ I rested […] Read More

Flyin’ by Friday!!

www.BuffMother.com Where in the world did today go??? I started the day with a “wake up” by my early rising daughter, GG…she was backpack on […] Read More

Do you love yourself?

www.BuffMother.com Are you in love with yourself? You need be! You have to realize that it is vital for you to treat yourself with love […] Read More

I believe even thistles have beautiful flowers :)

I believe thistles have beautiful flowers 🙂  Isn’t that amazing…that a horrible icky weed like thistles can have VERY beautiful flowers?!  I was running outside […] Read More

April Is “Shower Encoragement Month”!!

Well Happy APRIL everyone~ Each month I like to pick a theme…for instance November was I am thankful Month, March was positive Mental attitude month […] Read More

SUPER Saturday!! LEGS!!

Checking in with a workout to report: Legs Warm up u-bike 6min Leg Press(hip sled) 90×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 180×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 270×12 narrow,calf […] Read More

Hi!!! 12 days left till the contest is time to RO…

Hi!!! 12 days left till the contest is time to ROCK IT! I did tonight(a marathon workout): warm up bike 10 min 70×12 lat pull […] Read More