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Lovin’ on the LEGS!
I feel like each and every one of my leg workouts is an act of LOVE toward them.  It is my way of letting them know that I want them to be their best, work correctly, stay firm and lean, stay young and shapely and stay SEXY!!!  Legs to me are the MOST important body part to work and to lift with.  They are are what separates the truly fit from the POSERS and what keeps my metabolism ROARING!! I am always starving after a great leg workout~

Here is how it went:
Warm up tanning and r-bike 7 mins
Leg extensions


Dead lifts

Between sets-
2 sets of 15 walking lunges  no weight…these are the first walking lunges I’ve done since my knee issues
Ab knee ups on bench 3 sets

Smith Butt Squats

Smith lunges

45degree hack squat

laying side leg raises 15 each side- very slow

That was it!!

After my workout I took the kids– my son Mostly- to check out the new MMA gym in our town.  It looks really nice, so Gunner is going to try out a couple classes next week.  Then it was time for supper, homework, and watching the WEC event and TUF!!  It was a good night!!

ANOTHER NICE day in the books!!
Now to make today nice– I’ve been a little naughty already– yelled at my kids this am when trying to get them motivated to get ready for school– I blame it on TIRED Thursdays~
Be Back Later,

I desire to be DESIRABLE…
I desire to be DESIRABLE= I wanna be SEXY!!!

First and foremost I believe that God created every woman with the ability to be sexy~ He made us with a deep desire to be DESIRABLE!

I wanna be Sexy for my DH…I want him to look at me and be PROUD!

I also wanna be sexy for myself– sexy to me is about confidence and self-esteem.  When I feel sexy…there is NOTHING stopping me!  Sexy to me is not about showing skin or being overtly sexual…it is about being secure in knowing I’ve prepared for life’s situations by taking care of myself both physically, emotionally and mentally.  Being sexy is about being confident that I am bringing my BEST to every situation in life.

Confidence= Sexy
Body awareness= Sexy
Social Intelligence= Sexy
Keeping life fun= Sexy

I am so exited to spend the next six weeks digging into my SEXY SIDE!!

Today- I lifted legs then this afternoon went to the doctor for my MRI follow up…it seems I have a small cyst in my knee, but not much degeneration showing– so he gave me the first of 3 shoots of a synvisc treatment to see if that helps minimize my knee pain.  I am excited to see how it affects it!!!

Well, I am off to watch some “Las Vegas” that we DVR’d…
Have a great night!

Wild Day~ great leg workout!!

green shirt/boots


I feel like I am in Hawaii, suddenly it is almost hot here…seriously it was close to shorts weather here today!!
My day started with an hour of driving: to school, to the car shop, to Trav’s work, to preschool, home–a break then off to the gym–then the reverse of that this afternoon!
While I was home today I was on the phone working, making travel arrangements and getting PUMPED for my trip to NYC–which will be next week–oh and did I tell you?? It is my first time there

Okay, enough complaining, lol! I really need to stop that habit

This afternoon, I got my package of cool clothes from VS for my trip to NYC…a couple things were too small and neither pairs of my shoes fit, so what does a good girl like me do? Order more stuff!! I still need to get some good shoes, but maybe those will be easier to find at Dillards here? of all shopping shoe shopping is the BEST, plus I could hit Finish Line for a new pair of SHOX…
that may be a good plan!

I had a GREAT workout day at the gym today, legs–my most favorite body part–hot sexy legs–BOOOYAAA!
Warm up r-bike 7 mins
and 2 sets of 90# leg press about 30 reps each set with some calves afterward

45×15 full

Dead lifts
135x10x4 all conventional really focused on using glutes to explode the weight up

Seated rotary calf
135×20 knees slightly extra bent
180x10x3 legs more straight

Walking lunges
60’s on back x15x2 up and down posture

went tanning…so I look GOOOOD in NY!!

Knee extensions* paired with core work

hanging sit ups- 2 sets, the first super concentrated on slow eccentric
lower back extensions- 1 big set of about 50

More walking lunges
60#x15x2 leaning forward posture (called Russian lunge) to stretch/activate butt even more

That was it!

Keep on shooting for the stars~