S2S Winners!

Congrats to the winners of our Six weeks to SEXY CONTEST!!

All throughout the contest I was amazed at the insane encouragement and participation~ thanks so much for your effort and participation in this contest!!


1st place~ $100 cash+ A starter pack BuffMother products (HT book, Ab Book, DVD’s, Bands, HT Pills+ dispensers, 2 shirts of your choice, and eBooks)

Our 1st place winner~


Crystal, you are one sexy woman!! You totally took this contest by storm and were 100% involved the entire 6 weeks!!  The encouragement you gave each and every person here in the rally room catapulted you to victory in that TRULY what you GIVE is what you get!!

Thanks so much for your effort and I am confident that your results attained in the past 6 weeks will give you mojo towards your next goals.  STAY SEXY MY FRIEND!!

2nd Place~ a BuffMother starter pack+ a “BuffMother!” shirt of your choice

Our 2nd place winner~


Leslie!! congrats on being more sexy than ever~ your final photo-shoot spoke volumes to me about how you are getting more and more sexy each passing month.  It has been a true pleasure to be your friend over the past SEVERAL years!! You continually inspire me to be a better person!

6 Runner ups/Finalists– free BuffMother shirt of your choice

Our finalists~


Jenny B


Heather H




Congrats to each one of the 6 remaining finalists~ your entries were so fun and inpirational to read!!  I love how SEXY each one of you’ve become!! Let’s show the world that we can be sexy, confident and classy after children!!

And I must also say congrats to all the remaining entrants– you may have not won a shirt, but you certainly have won a prize that will keep on giving! CONFIDENCE is a magically quality– don’t let it slip away!

Stay sexy my friends!!

Love you all!!


MakeOver March!

Last month’s FAVORITES FEBRUARY was such a fun success so,  I declared this month to be MAKE OVER month!! It should tie in perfectly for our “Six to SEXY” contest!! I blogged once already today about that~ MORE CONTEST INFO!!

Yesterday’s “Make-over” experiment was not impressive-  I used a cinnamon/honey mask on my face. It only irritated it~ Maybe it’d be fine for someone with TOUGH skin, but mine is too sensitive.  At least now I know!

Today’s “make-over” is about body hair removal, lol!! Thankfully I am blond and have fine hair … I have it “easy” compared to many~  How do you do it??  Shave, wax, laser removal, “no no”, electric shavers?


I shave my legs with a MAN’s razor…Gillette fusion- I like it way better than the women’s ones I’ve tried. The annoying thing is that I can’t shave in the shower–I’ve got now skills when it comes to doing it like that.  I shave with shaving cream in the tub.  For special areas- I use an electric shaver– it helps keep razor burn the the minimum.  I’d love to get laser hair removal on the bikini line, but as a blond I’ve been told by my Dr. that is not effective.   I’m also very curious about the “No No” hair remover, but not curious enough to spend that much money!


Yesterday,  I got in a good workout with my Mother in Law, Mary.  I trained her and fit in my workout at the same time.   We did Lat pulls, rows, shoulder press, bicep curls and just 1 set of cable flys. Then hit the treadmills for 20 mins~ I ran but it wasn’t the best run.  I was very distracted.

Here’s our #workoutproof picture:


Today’s workout will be legs again~ and OUTSIDE work!!


This is going to be a GREAT DAY and MONTH~

I’m loving March already!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Grand opening and CONTEST!!

It’s been and exciting past few weeks for TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! We have a NEW RALLY ROOM!! and New Contest!! Http://
7 years ago Tomorrow, March 1st, we launched our original Team BuffMother Rally room!!  It’s been an AMAZING 7 years! It was only natural that March 1st would be our official “GRAND OPENING” the new Rally Room please JOIN US!
Once you join the site, please visit this POST for a special GRAND OPINING Coupon code that will get you 50% any order on!…t/313871913813089021
IN addition to the GRAND OPENING Celebraion, we have he “Six to SEXY” contest starting Monday, March 4th. Participation is free and completely within the new rally room!!
Contest details:…t/312464485498560678
Thanks so much for all your love, support and encouragement. You are the reason TEAM BuffMother is AMAZING!! Love, Michelle Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Terrible Tally!

I am TOTALLY failing at my attempt to TALLY my workouts and other stuff for the year, lol!! I’m glad I only committed to test trying to do it this January.  It’s just not my personality to be able to tally, lol!! I am too much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type girl.  ALTHOUGH I do love journaling and keeping track of things in my notebook by using lists etc… I just can be on regime to do certain things every day like tally, lol!

This weekend was a good 3 days off official workouts and I am OK with it because I was really active and I knew my hormones were high…Saturday I was in a terrible mood 🙁 cycle day 23 this month.  And my cycle ended up only being 25 days this month.  Not sure I like that???  Anyhow, It’s cycle day 1 today and I’m gonna hit the weights for a chest workout and a run.

I’ve been thinking more about us doing a contest here in the rally room to prepare for our “VEGAS” trip– I think it’ll be similar to the Six 2 Sexy contest we did a couple years back~ Check it out:


Congrats again to Kim for her win in the 28 days to Christmas contest~ her prize is a BuffMother STARTER PACK~ I know she’ll put it to work!!

Have a great day,



Hey BABES…I am boosting here and HATING my hormones already~
anyhoo~ I did have a good boosting chest/tri workout

Warm up- r-bike: 7mins
Bench 45×25

Incline Flys
45×0!!!  I tried!

Incline Hammer Strength press

Between sets:
knee ups on roman chair – 1 set of 40
Sit ups- 2 sets to boredom, lol

Tricep extensions

Cable Flys

Tricep push downs

Posedown cable curls

Bench dips
2sets by 10– up to angle plank at finish of each

4min ellipitical

I took pics on Saturday after my leg/booty workout– Here’s the link to them on photobucket.

We have just 2 weeks left on the SEXY contest…I sure hope I can rev up my sexy over that time…I think trying on a bikini every day this week may help me feel sexy :)!!

Be back later,