The ONLY way you are going to see results in your diet and fitness efforts is through CONSISTENCY!  One of the main reasons Hormonal Timing and TEAM BuffMother work is because they help you stay more CONSISTENT!  Try using this “Weekly Consistency Report”– it’s easy to copy+paste into your blog posts every weekend to help you stay consistent! Be Accountable to yourself!



Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete last week: How many intervals training sessions did I complete last week: How many days of the week did I workout:

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? Who did I encourage this week?



MY POA (Plan Of Attack!!!!) for this week #___________- Date:___________
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? What is my main goal this week in my diet?


How do I see my workouts shaping up this week?

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

SSS Week 02: Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video)

SSS Week 02: Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video)

LEGS– Beginner Buffing workout (from phase 1 log)
Barbell Squats
Step ups
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
Calf Raises
Summary of Buffing Phase:

  • Do something Every OTHER day
  • 2 lifting workouts per week
  • Workout is a circuit: do exercises in order a total of 3 times
  • Very little rest between exercises
  • 2 interval sessions and 1 active rest day each week
  • Focus on dieting and losing weight
  • Simple 7 for 7 AB routine every time you workout

FREE BuffMother! Gathering- November 11-13th, 2010

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FREE BuffMother! Gathering- November 11-13th, 2010

Don’t miss out on this chance to train with, socialize with
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November Thurs. the 11th, Fri. the 12th and Saturday the 13th- the main gathering
is on the 13th @ noon.
We’d love for you to come the entire 3 days weekend, but understand if
you can only come 1 or 2 days.

Main EVENT- free for all…open to all women!!:

When: Saturday November 13 @ Noon

Where: Pleasanton, CA

How: Dressed casual eager to
learn and inspired

Why: You deserve it!! And it is

For more info email Teresa Williams class=”liinternal”>

alt=”” height=”569″ width=”591″/>

Marriott of Pleasanton, CA-


For a discounted rate please book under “BuffMother”

BuffMother! Events:

All Team BuffMother! members staying at the hotel for the
weekend will be meeting up for FUN informative
FREE Team BuffMother sessions  and events starting Thursday
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In the evenings of the 11th, 12th and 13th we will gather for dinner
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PLUS….**PHOTO-SHOOTS!!** are open to anyone
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Challenge = Change


Our bodies are master adapters. The more we challenge them the more they
change to accommodate those demands. The good news about this is that if
you continually challenge yourself, your body will change. The bad news is
that if you don’t continually challenge it, it will stop changing and may even

5 main ways to change for more challenging workouts:

How hard are you pushing? Do you push yourself to the MAX
each workout? Do you only ever “go through the motions”—social exerciser?
Do you vary your intensity to get different results? Do you like to
take your time? Do you like to “get it done”?

How often do you work out? How often do you lift each body
part? How often do you do intervals? How often do you do other fitness

How long do you workout at a time? How long are your lifting sessions?
How long are your intervals? How much other time do you devote
to fitness activities?

What type of activities do you do? Do you cross train? Are you training
for a certain sport? What lifts do you do for each body part?

#5-Rest intervals
How many “rest” days do you take? How much time between
each lifting set/exercise do you do? How much time between hard intervals
do you “rest”? How much time do you “rest” each day? Do you purposely
take time to “de-stress”?

“The path of least resistance leads to a poor reflection in the mirror.”

40 days to Fit~ Day 29…Wild thoughts!

I’ve been dealing with some wild thoughts the past 2 days…what if I was pregnant? My DH got “fixed” about 5 years ago and I’ve had consitent 27-28 day long cycles for the past couple of years,but today is day 30! I welcome the longer cycle, and back before kids I had a LONG cycle 36 days sometimes…so~ it is not completely weird for my body. Having a longer cycle is much more possible than me being pregnant… BUT STILL~!! Wild thoughts will always arise when hormonal cycles run a bit long and possible pregnancy is involved! I think almost every woman knows that WILD feeling! LOL!!

Other than that~ I had a great long weekend the kids had Friday off of school….Travis took Gunner out to the woods and Gunner got to shoot an armadillo~ AND I took the girls to the mall and out for pizza and then we watched movies. Saturday Gunner when to his best friend’s house and Travis, I and the girls played tennis! It was fun and the first time Travis has played in about 15 years! He was just rusty enough to keep it fun for me, lol!

Then yesterday we just “hung out”…I did some housework and got in a leg workout at the gym.

It was GOOD~ now I’ve been making a really good “to do” list and getting things DONE!!

My POA for workouts: is to do “something” everyday this week….I just need to fit in what I can. This week I am not planning the “days” out…I am just setting GOALS- The goal is to get in at least the following- 2 runs outside; 2 other interval sessions; 2 Leg workouts; 2 upper body workouts~ and ABS daily! So 2-2-2-2 🙂

Be sure to set your goals!!
AND settle for nothing short of accomplishing them!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Your friend,


40 days to FIT!! Day 9 & 10~ a fourth of the way there!!

Back in the day…when I was in sports the way I got through nasty training sessions like “otters” in basketball, “hills” in cross country, “laps” in soccer or “400’s” in track was to break my training sessions into fractions.  If we had 10 hills to run after 2 done…I’d think in my mind~ “wow, we are already 1/5th done.”  It was a good way for me to get through it with a positive outlook~ SOOOO… on our “40 days to Fit” Challenge I am taking the same approach.  I am already a fourth of the way done with the 40 days!!!  AND I DO think I am at least a FOURTH better than I was when I started 10 days ago!!!

FYI~ if you haven’t joined the challenge yet you still can…and PLEASE invite your friends, relatives and others to join us! “40 days to FIT” join the challenge!!!

Today is my Day 10…and let’s just say Day 9 didn’t go as planned for my workouts, I didn’t do one! …but that’s OKAY!! I had a great day and refused to let missing my workout spoil all the fun we had as a family.  With this being the last week of summer vacation I knew I’d be busier than usual.  We went to see G-Force in 3-D yesterday afternoon~ neat to see a 3D movie…but I didn’t think G-Force was very good, which doesn’t matter much because the kids liked it!  then we went out to eat~!  IT was GOOD!

I resolved last night that I’d get to the gym first thing today to do my leg workout and I did it!! It was a good one~

Warm up- 15 mins r-bike

Knee Extensions
Squats (up to 115#x10 for 2 sets!!)
Lunges-one set w/ 45#Bar
Seated Calf
Leg Press
Walking lunges- one set only- my knee was hurting
Leg curls

Now we are getting ready to go bowling for our “fun” today~ I hope to at least break 100 🙂

Enjoy your day!!!


Back At It

I got back at it yesterday with 2 sessions of cardio/intervals that added up to over an hour!!!

My first session was fasted: a run and 6 killer 20 second intervals (Tabata style)
then some abs too…

Then later I went to the gym and rode the r-bike for 15 mins…the last 4 mins of which were 8 Tabata style intervals. Then I hopped on the stair mill and did 20 mins of intervals (10 total)…In 20 mins I climbed 117 floors and decided that I’ll challenge myself to get more floors climbed each time I do them.
After the stair mill I did 3 sets of walking lunges and the hip abduction machine.

Today, I am gonna get to the gym with DH and do some upper body lifting and maybe some intervals after it. THEN I am supposed to take pics and measurements~ eeek!!! I am not tooo excited about that because I ate pizza last night…Which was STUPID! I had a tummy ache from it and ended up breaking my NO DAIRY challenge. It’s c-day 19 here and yesterday I could feel my hormones starting to ramp up….soooo I plan to JOURNAL my eats this week. Hopefully that will help me keep in check!

Tonight the UFC event is on Pay-per-view TV~ so you know what I’ll be watching!!!

Bye for now~

Fab Friday!

Fab Friday to you!!!

NO matter what’s going on Friday always seems to be the BEST day of the week!  I am on fire today and happy~
But my plans had to be adjusted a bit today~ DS is home sick.  Poor guy has a bad sore throat and a bit of the body flu.  He is almost never sick, so it is odd for me to have him home today.

Anyhow, since I am home bound, I’ve spent a bit more time cleaning today than I wanted and working to return some e-mails.  I figured since I’ve been answering a bunch of questions in e-mails, that I’d share a couple of those “Q and A’s” every now and then  with  you (btw- names have been altered for privacy):



I received your book and of-course I love it…but I had a questions about my situation.

I want to get a program from you in the future, I want to compete again in some physique competitions. I trained for a show for 12weeks and won my competition but I lost my period about  1 1/2 months into it. Well I have not gotten it back. I am not sure where to start on the vitamins….do I start with the buffering or the boosting? Please help me to understand a little bit more?


HI Reba,
Training the “regular” way for a contest is so very hard on a woman’s body and her hormones.
I’d suggest that you start by adding more fat into your diet- at least 30% of your calories.  And if you are doing any more that 3- 20 min sessions a week, cut back on your cardio.
Then I’d recommend trying my HT pills.  they will help support your natural hormone production.
And give your body TIME to recover…be sure to get plenty of sleep and fuel your body properly with food.

I hope that if you consider doing a contest again that you will utilize Hormonal Timing when training, I’ve trained several ladies very successfully for contest with it and now have a couple clients who are taking on theirr own training clients:
Lisa Staudt, Deb Gray and Julie Laughery.

As for starting HT now with no period, in your case I’d start with 2 weeks of boosting then 2 weeks of buffing.  Once you get your period you can adjust accordingly.  I am confident you’ll feel much better once you get your hormones regulated again.
God Bless,
p.s. for some additional insight about supplements you can take to help with your hormomes, see this article I wrote (please note the HT pill includes plenty of b-6, so don’t take any extra of it) ~ What Makes A Woman Special.

Hi Michelle! I’m truly inspired by your story, but as a mother of 3 I have to ask…no stretch marks…do you cover your c-section scar with makeup or did you at some point have to have surgical intervention just for the skin issues? I ask only because I face extensive stretchmarks and lax skin myself and wonder even if I get back into great shape if I’ll still have those to contend with. Thanks!


Hi Beth,
I’ve had no surgery on my stomach other than my c-section.
My scar is under my suit and God blessed me by sparing me from stretch marks on my tummy.
I do have a lot of lose skin, but I can’t complain at all.
God has really blessed me!

You will be amazed at how well your stomach can recover from your pregnancy.  I give a ton of focus to my stomach and that’s why it looks the way it does~!
Have you had a chance to read my book “After Baby Abs!” it holds all my secrets~

Merry Christmas,


Hope you have a fun, productive and FAB Friday like me!!
Let’s strive to be FABULOUS,
Love~ Michelle