After running ABS: “Fab Abs” Day #6

Day #6 ALREADY!!!

Today’s challenge today is to go for a run (at least a 5 min)  and the do this

“After Running ABS” workout:


In this video I coach you through an advanced ab routine that is stellar for getting you six pack abs:

  1. Old School sit ups to burning (about 15-30 reps)
  2. “Hands on Hammie” sit ups to burning (about 15-30 reps)
  3. Sit ups to each side to burning (about 15-25 reps)
  4. Labor sit ups x10 reps
  5. Ab Wheel x15
  6. Leg raises x 15reps each leg
  7. Knee ups x 15 reps be sure to focus on the eccentric
  8. Sit up with oblique twist x10 each side

After cardio/intervals/running is one of the VERY best times to challenge your abs! Take on the challenge and work it hard!!

Make me proud!!


p.s. any comments/likes/shares of my YouTube videos is such a blessing to me, thanks!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Burning lungs

Well…I did it, I got a little exercise today. Rode the bike for about 15 mins then went on a short walk outside.  My lungs were burning from the bike…I didn’t overdo it– Hoping it was just enough to get things moving forward.

So far I haven’t taken any medication today a good sign I’m on the mend– thinking that by the weekend I may have some energy back.

Tia was home sick with me again today– but she’s expecting to go back to school tomorrow!! YAY!!

I sure hope no one else gets sick


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Good start to week 2!


Today’s been another busy day!  I’ve managed to fit in my workouts each day this week. Monday Bike in am then Chest/Tris/Run in pm, Tues Bike in am then Legs in pm, Wed Bike in am then Back/Sh/Bi/Run in pm. I’ve also been killing my abs and doing vacuums~ VERY SORE STILL! Now it’s time to REPEAT those 3 days to finish out a killer week of workouts.

Today, I had 3 meetings in town, got the dog groomed and also hit Sam’s Club for some food shopping. On the way home a massive storm hit, the sirens were even going off and the kids got held at school extra long because of it! It was a SCARY drive home!

I made it and have what feels like a million things to complete prior by tomorrow.  There’s no way I’ll be able to get everything done, but I still plan on trying and all the while striving to keep my SEXY FOCUS!

Today’s post is all about keeping SEX a priority in your life!

Thanks to all of you who joined in our chat! It was an AWESOME time!! I really love how we can connect like that. Please join us next week for our next one!
Time to get rollin’ on my workouts and work for today.
I love ya my sexy friends!!


I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!!

This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it today (except I forgot about our chat)!  Typically it takes me a full week to get back in the groove after time away!

So…Summer is here and I’ve implemented my new chore system.  The kids can make some serious CASH each day if they want!  Every chore pays a dollar. They must do at least 1 a day, If they do not they owe me a dollar.  AND each day has a deadline. Today’s is 5pm, but I for-see most days the deadline being noon.

The bad thing about this summer is my son has football at 6am a few mornings a week almost the entire summer?? That means I have to get up earlier than when school was in session to get him there.  SMH (shake my head)

Our trip to MN was fun! We surpirsed my BIL for his 40th B-day and I also got to visit with my new little nephew, Johnny! He’s a doll!!

I haven’t lifted since last Wednesday– so LEGS are on tap- I have ran 3 times this past week.  Including last night on my trail–

I have 9 days until my birthday~ MY plan is to hit it hard!! My POA is simple yet intense:


W- Lift Legs

Th- Track workout F- Lift upper body Sa- Track workout Su- Lift legs

M- Track workout T- Lift upper body

W-Track workout

Hope JUNE is going well for you too~

LET’s make it GREAT!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Make it GREAT!

Another week starts….2 weeks until kids go back school- I can’t wait!! My kids have gotten progressivly more lazy as the summer’s go on and I’ve had enough of it, lol!  Prodding them to do “anything” has been wearing me out! They need school!!!

Today is also Day #21 in our 40 days to fit.  Today’s FIT tip is very interesting human experiment: Switch Hands!  If you snack with your non-dominant hand you will eat less..try it, but beware it may get messy!!

Day #21-Featured ARTICLE-

Today marks the start of “Boosting” for me- my biggest focus these next 2 weeks is to stay consistent with my workouts- lifting 6 days a week + 3 runs/week.  I’m going to build some good fat burning muscles these next 2 weeks!  BOOYEAH!!

Let’s make it great~ Michelle

What Energizes You??~ Shine in 49: Day 22

I think it’s very neat how each and everyone one of us are different~ what gets one person EXCITED can be extremely BORING to someone else.  That’s why I am wondering WHAT ENERGIZES YOU?  Will you share your answer with me by commenting here?

Some of the things that energize me are:

  1. Encouraging others- When I encourage others it keeps me energized to stay accountable myself and to set a good example~ otherwise I’d feel like a hypocrite
  2. Competition- give me a way to compete with someone and I will get intense!
  3. Performing- I like the pressure of needing to “perform”; I rise to the occasion and “turn it ON”
  4. Teaching others- I love sharing what I know with others~ I pride myself on being able to explain complicated things in a way that is not so complicated.
  5. SPORTS! I love playing and watching soooo many sports~ I used to think I should have been born a boy.
  6. RESULTS- getting results from something I worked towards energizes me to keep going!
  7. Seeing others succeed!! Success Stories are so inspirational and energizing
  8. Hormones- I am obsessed with hormones, lol!
  9. Supplementation- I love doing HUMAN exeriments on myself and learning about every type of nutrient known to man!
  10. Exercise and Sports Science~ I am a total nerd when it comes to this stuff!  I really love reading research articles, medical journals about anything to do with training and sports supplementation research, etc…I should really go back to school and get my masters or doctorate in it.

On the other hand, some things that DO NOT energize me are:

  • Handyman stuff
  • Tools
  • Crafts, Sewing, scrap-booking, etc…
  • Cooking, cleaning, housework
  • homework
  • reading for leisure (unless I have a reason to read something, you won’t find me reading)…I do like looking a pictures in magazines 🙂
  • decorating
  • shopping- unless it’s for shoes, I like shoes!
  • basic hygiene- I hate showering, shaving, blow drying my hair, putting on lotion, make up, etc…I do it, but I don’t like it!~LOL!

So what energizes you?
And how can you use those interests to energize others?

p.s. We are close to the Contest HALF WAY point~ today’s a rest day!!  Week #4 starts today!!

Oh Happy Day!

OH Happy day!!  I slept good last night (thank you!!) and I so enjoyed my morning today~ It was the coolest thing to have all 4 of the kids ride the bus to school for the first time, by 6:45 my house was empty and I celebrated by going back to bed for a bit more sleep!! Sleeping

Then once I got up I got another gift- the scale said I was another pound down WooHoo!

So today is cycle day 20 and I weigh 123…that’s 6 full pounds down since cycle day 4 and the start of the “30days to Buff”~ wild!! I know that I’ll be gaining some water weight over the next week as my body preps for TOM but for now I am at my goal for my Anniversary weekend!! YIPPIE!

I got to talk to Deb this morning- MAN she ROCKS!!! Be sure to cheer her on and keep her in your thoughts as she competes at the Bluff’s Classic- this will be her 3rd year at that show 🙂  And I am certain she’ll rock it again!!

I’ve got loads of stuff to get done- so I’ll be back tomorrow to catch up more with you all.

Love and hugs,

40 days to FIT!! Day 15…Whoohooo x 3!!!!

Today is Monday~ and the first day of School for my 4 kids, Whoohoo!!! The are in 4th, 2nd and 1st grades this year and they were all sooooo fired up for school it was GREAT! I don’t remember ever liking school, but it’s fun that my kids do Laughing

Right after I got them to school I went to the gym~ it’s really nice that I got it done first thing today! I lifted chest, tri’s, abs and finished off with intervals on the r-bike. Another Whoohooo!! for that!!!

And the 3rd Whoohooo~ is for our new and improved Rally Room Gallery!!! I am so pumped that my “Helper of Buffmother”/Darcie was able to get it up and working!!! Thank YOU!!! Be sure if you have any questions about it post them or pm one of us about it~ you’ll find it really nice for posting your progress pics etc. The gallery even allows for bulk uploads, comments and sub-albums. Whoohooo!!!

Let’s all have a super WHOOHOOO’rific week~~~!!!
p.s. here is one of my FAVORITE new photos from my last shoot:

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-19

  • Great legs=Great Abs: #
  • I feel loved!!! Thanks for all the wonderful B-day wishes!!! It's a NEW YEAR for me today and It'll be the BEST ONE EVER because of YOU! #
  • Excited to see my twins "GRADUATE' from kindergarden tonight!!! #
  • Today is the last day of Year-round- School for my kidlettes~ LET THE SUMMER BEGIN! Do any of you have kids in year round school? #

8 eyes~
My day yesterday was good, and I was NICE…except for the fact that I ran out of TIME!  It took me 2 hours to vote which I didn’t plan on…and then I had to bring all 4 kids to the eye doctor for their first eyes exams ever– which took 3+ hours of my day~
So, no workout for me! BUT, I’ll make that up today with a super stellar one here in a bit!

The reason I took my kids into the eye doctor was because Tia, one of my 5 year old twins…didn’t pass her eye screening at school.  I figured that I may as well get eye exams for all 4 of my kids to be sure no one else was in danger of needing glasses. To my surprise it turned out that Tia’s eyes are perfect!  and so are GUnner’s– but my little Gracie and Layla both need glasses and some patch therapy. So, now I have 2 little “4 eyes”= 8 eyes!

Keep striving to be NICE (not Naughty!)…Love,