Sunny Saturday~ HI Girls!! It is such a beautiful sunny Saturday here~ I love it!!! I’ve been keeping busy today with cleaning and soaking in the […] Read More

Success SATURDAY~ I feel that I am at a turning point in my life….all the effort, blood sweat and tears of the last 15 years of […] Read More

BACK workout on a Saturday~

Happy Saturday~ a quick hello!! I am crazy busy today for a Saturday…I guess cuz there is just a lot going on right now with […] Read More

Saturday NIGHT OUT!!

Well, we are going out as a family tonight! It should be fun and busy out on the town. Not sure where we are going […] Read More

Busy Saturday!

I got a great fasted cardio workout today on my u-bike–I did 20 mins of hard intervals. Then I also did some fun standing ab […] Read More

Happy Birthday Saturday- 16 days’till Santa!

Well today is Gracie’s Birthday Party- so I am “prepping” for that experience, lol! I just got the cake from Wally World–Oh MY it was […] Read More

Squatting Saturday!

I am proud of myself today for doing 135 squats! Before I go into my workout…. I have to tell you all the interesting people […] Read More

Saturday Talk

I am proud today because I have learned to “slow down” a bit and enjoy life a bit more. This morning I got in a […] Read More

SUPER Saturday!! LEGS!!

Checking in with a workout to report: Legs Warm up u-bike 6min Leg Press(hip sled) 90×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 180×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 270×12 narrow,calf […] Read More

Happy Saturday

Just wanted to pop in an say “hi”… I had a wonderful night last night, my sweet MIL is here visiting and she let me […] Read More