Sunny Saturday~

HI Girls!!
It is such a beautiful sunny Saturday here~ I love it!!!
I’ve been keeping busy today with cleaning and soaking in the sun!!!

I also made time to get to the gym for this workout:
Warm up 20 mins r-bike
then this mis-mosh of exercises…I didn’t do them in this exact order, lol

froggy leg curls 4 sets
leg press
smith lunges
leg curls
seated calf raises
walking calves

Intervals on treddy:
15 mins total
4 at 9.5 hard;7.5 easy
2 at 10 hard; 7 easy

finished with 2 sets walking lunges and 1 set light deadlifts

Now we have a BB game and a graduation party to attend, so I’d better scoot.


I feel that I am at a turning point in my life….all the effort, blood sweat and tears of the last 15 years of my adult life are finally paying off!! I can taste SUCCESS!!  What an amazing feeling~  It is true that success is not a destination but a journey…however there is a place in life where you need to step back and say~ “I have succeeded” and SMILE!  In no way am I satisfied with a mere TASTE of success though…I am hungry for MORE, MORE, MORE!!  God has a SUPERNATURAL life in store for me and I plan on living it!!!

My BuffMojo this week totally rules!!
I have really felt a huge amount of progress in my attitude and fitness level~ I think I am BACK!!  I’ve not had any bread this week…just  a tish of grains.  AND I’ve done all my lunges so far~ just tomorrow left!!

Here is my workout from today:
run 5 min warm up

dl’s 45×10–these really bug my back…I am just trying to get the “movement” back

Hammer leg extension
45×10×2 toes in
50×10×3 toes in out st

leg press
90×15 + 20 butt clench + 1 set calves 15 reps or so
180×10 +15 butt clench
270×10x2sets- could feel my back after these

Leg curls
70#x15 slow reps, very focused on eccentric

Smith Squats** paired with butt squats (same sets and reps for both)
50×10×2 of each exercise
70×10x3of each exercise
**completed my 100 lunges for today**

roman chair knee ups
40 w/8 st leg ones
45 w/ 5 st leg ones
paired with calves
2 sets walking calves followed by
seated calves

Well I’ve gotta go!!
Focus on you SUCCESS!!!

BACK workout on a Saturday~

Happy Saturday~ a quick hello!!
I am crazy busy today for a Saturday…I guess cuz there is just a lot going on right now with school starting, Travis’ BUSY up coming work week, still catching up on my “work stuff” from last week, and HOUSEWORK too!!

I did sneak away to the gym though for an awesome back workout…I felt strong 🙂

Here is a quick recap:
One arm hammer rows
assisted wide overhand pull ups
med ball torso twists
lat pulls
wide cable lat pulls
1 set of db shoulder work
Walking lunges 100 outside (now)

I think the creatine I was taking was “old” and ineffective…so I started taking NOXCG3 yesterday and woke up weighing 3 pounds more today!  I think it works, lol!

Well, back to work~ keep rocking those bootys and stay focused on how Buff you will be in a year!!

p.s. I’ve been working hard on my workouts all week…I’ve been absent cuz my modem blew up last sunday and I just got back online on Friday–MISSED YOU ALL!!

Saturday NIGHT OUT!!

Well, we are going out as a family tonight! It should be fun and busy out on the town. Not sure where we are going to eat yet, but I plan to eat whatever I desire, lol!

Oh by the way–I cut Gunner’s (GUNZ’s) hair last week–and finally uploaded a couple pics–he now has stripes on one side of his mohawk:

Today I am taking off from workouts, just trying to save my energy for another track workout tomorrow or Monday–we’ll see how it shakes out. So, my day was spent working on programs and prepping for my trip. I am getting so EXCITED!!

Well off to shower to go out!

Happy Birthday Saturday- 16 days’till Santa!

Well today is Gracie’s Birthday Party- so I am “prepping” for that experience, lol!

I just got the cake from Wally World–Oh MY it was busy there! Now all I have left to do is wrap and get myself and the girls beautified. Then we will be heading to our fav b-day spot Chuckie Cheese!

This morning I went to the gym with DH, he has been taking some time off to rest his injured ribs…and guess what – he has lost 19 pounds in less than 6 weeks– I think that is CRAZY! 199 to 180

Here is my workout-
Lat pulls
Bicep curls

High lat row
120×10 together and 10 each arm
140×10 together and 10 each arm x2 sets
Reverse crunches on bench 3 sets

Seated rows
Military Press machine

Hanging crunches 2 sets
Hammer curls with 25’sx10x2

knee ups on roman chair 25reps

pose down cable bicep curls
shoulder rotations laying on side

That’s it for today–and YES my booty is SUPER SORE!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Off to get ready we have to leave here in 1.5 hours–the countdown in ON!!

Have a super Saturday!!
p.s. I got a ton of BuffMother Christmas cards thanks!! I hope to get mine off this week!!

Squatting Saturday!

I am proud of myself today for doing 135 squats!
Before I go into my workout….
I have to tell you all the interesting people I saw at the gym today:

1. Blue smurf man- baby blue shirt and shorts, a NO, NO!
2. Grey sweats lady- this is just ugly
3. anorixic big boob lady- she is 5 feet tall 60 pounds and d boobs, lol
4. bicep man- only works biceps and they are BIG!
5. old man rocker (long curly hair with earings)- this man did not look right in workout clothes…he’d been better off wearing leather pants to the gym
6. jeans/birkinstock girl- she was having a blast playing on the elliptical next to me

Here is how my workout shook out:
10 min total -3 intervals of a min each levels 11, 12 &12
Warm up
95x20x5* sets for a total of 100 squats
*i had an active recovery of 25 stationary high knees on each leg between each of these sets

Then on to 100 lunges (50 each leg)
45×10(each leg)
65x10x4 sets*
in between 3 sets of these I did hanging knee ups 10-15 reps each set

Then I ran on the treddy
min1- warm up 4mph
3-7 mph
4-9 mph
6-9.2 mph

I was very happy with this since my knee has been giving me fits lately!! It was GREAT!

now home!
I’ve eaten (green pepper a bit of chicken and beef jerky) and now to shower~
Have a GREAT Saturday,

Saturday Talk

I am proud today because I have learned to “slow down” a bit and enjoy life a bit more. This morning I got in a tizzy rushing to the gym, feeling the pressure to rush in order to get it all done in time to get a present and a Gunner to a b-day party by 1:30. BUT DH gently reminded me to “relax” and I was able to “slow down” and have had a GREAT day since!

We had a good workout-

Warm up r-bike 5 min
Lat pulls
push ups 15
pull ups 10

push ups 15

Hammer strength over head pull downs
push ups 15
Hammer strength Iso lateral shoulder press
push ups 15

core stuff-
oblique work
ab wheel
hanging sit ups

Then off to the store, roller rink, fitness store- we are getting an upright bike finally- and MOE’s restaurant.

in a couple hours I will go for a hard run and can you believe my hammies are still SUPER sore from Wednesday’s workout??? That’s what happens when you take “a break”…SUPER soreness when you come back.

Have a GREAT Saturday and don’t forget about being proud of yourself today!

SUPER Saturday!! LEGS!!

Checking in with a workout to report:

Warm up u-bike 6min
Leg Press(hip sled)
90×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide
180×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide
270×12 narrow,calf raisesx20,12x wide
360×10 wide***start paired set with leg curls
360×10 wide
270×12 wide

***Bent over leg curls (one leg at a time)

45×10 regularx7 ATF
145×8 no rest

Walking Lunges***paired with seted calf and sometimes abs 🙂
25#db’s- 4 sets: 30,30,30,30 =120 total

Seated Calf Raises

Knee ups and crunches- in between sets of stuff
40 kneeups /50 crunches
20 crunches
40 crunches

That’s it, now it is time for me to shower!!

Happy Saturday

Just wanted to pop in an say “hi”…
I had a wonderful night last night, my sweet MIL is here visiting and she let me and her son(my DH) go out! Whooohooo! I love going out with my baby. The picture here shows the green dress I wore last night! We had a wonderful time, stayed up too late, etc…

So I am in recovery mode today. And guess what, my buffing is going GREAT! I weighed 124 this morning! BUT, Due to Severe dehydration, YUCK!!! Real weight is more like 127. I can now see that my last bulking phase has added some more muscle to my butt! FUN!!!

I have a very busy weekend, lots of work to do and a family get together tonight. We are planning to have pizza and I think I will give myself some freedom diet wise today since I still have this week of “buffing” and I am already within 1 pound of my weight goal.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep all the great words of encouragement flowing.