Crazy Days!!

OHHHH! Man!! I am so glad yesterday is in the books…things were crazy Smiling

I did get to workout with DH, but he had a flat tire, so I had to pick him up from work. SO I am car-less this morning.

Our workout was like this:
warm up on r-bike 10 min
135×6(with some help)
I felt really strong on bench…becuase it had been over a week since I really did it, rested muscles are stronger,lol

Incline Flys
one set of bench dips to failure

Incline press machine
70×15 – don’t like this machine

Incline smith
50×15 wasn’t happy here either…chest is fried Sad

Cable flys
one arm at a time
17.5 x10x3sets

Tricep extesions
over head…paired with on arm cross over pull downs
3 sets

run on tredmill- 4 min…stomach cramps…ate too soon close to workout…I need about 3 hours from eating to running, I have a very sensitive tummy Sad

So I did my intervals on the upright bike…they were hard since my legs were tired from legs the day b4

So there you have it…here at noon my DH is gonna come get us so that we can go do back, shoulders and bi’s and then I plan to run outside later.

I am leaning up very visibly…my abs are showing better daily…this morning my weight was 128, only 4 weeks to go!
Practicing posing is paramount for me at this point, I gotta showcase the goods the best way possible.

Well gotta go, I just heard a crash in the kitchen!!!
p.s check this out

TNA My theme for the week so far!!

Well yesterday was the chest part and today was the A** part 🙂

So here is the slightly different workout I did today
10 min warm up on elliptical focus on booty
Smith lunges
50x12x4 sets
100x10x2 sets
120x8x6 sets
100x10x2 sets

Butt Squats

Donkey calf

Seated calf
205 x 8 x5 sets

Bulgarian Squats

Froggy leg curls (my hammies are so sore from sun and running yesterday)

Walking lunges
65#on back x15 big steps

back extensions with butt thrusts 25 reps
deline bench sit ups full motion

So as you can see, I went lunge crazy…It was great! I love every kind of weighted lunge…they rock my A**!!

So another SUPER workout in the books, no one can ever take it away!!


I was Attacked!

EEEK! I was attacked and had to use my mace last evening on my run. I was attacked by a dog. Thank God it was just a dog and not a man. BUT-
Always remember saftey first when you are outside walking, biking, running, etc.
Always carry mace. It is light and easy to cary during your outdoor activity and could save your life!

Stay Safe,