A million and 1 things

How come I want to do a million and 1 things all at the same time? It is a constant struggle for me to “FOCUS” […] Read More

Good start to week 2!

HI YA!! Today’s been another busy day!  I’ve managed to fit in my workouts each day this week. Monday Bike in am then Chest/Tris/Run in […] Read More

Mojo is on the rise!

HEW!! I’ve had a weird week…It’s been very busy, very good and bad all at the same time, lol!! The GREAT part of my week […] Read More


HI! My resolve today is to work all day on my taxes…But first I wanted to share a couple links with you about the MTHRF […] Read More

To WIN, no one needs to LOSE

~I believe… To WIN, no one needs to LOSE~ I read that statement somewhere last a while back…and it STRUCK me! I am very competitive, […] Read More

Focus on your STRENGTHS!

HI Ladies!! I have got to say that week #1 of our contest has been AMAZING!! There are so many new faces that I’m having […] Read More


Sounds like everyone is off to a super start to the contest!!! YAY!! Great job. It’s so fun to have so many new faces here […] Read More

4 hours of dancing burns fat!

Hey ya ladies!! I went out dancing last night and 4 hours of it really does help you burn calories, lol.  I also had my […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 24

“Get Buff”- Day 24 Workout: Day #24 Sprints! Run 10 mins 4x100m sprints run 4 mins Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins Sprints EXAMPLE- […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 19

“GET Buff”- Day 19 Workout:   Day #19 Sprints! Run 10 mins 4x100m sprints run 4 mins Full recovery 2-5 mins between sets.  Push hard […] Read More